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Rectify : Manmarziyan part 21 final chapter

Hi my friends so this will be the last chapter, enjoy…

The party was all set, the rectifier’s plan was all set, this would be the final destruction.


Rectifier knew that Shanti would hire a best security guard for her son, she wouldn’t even bring her son at the party but the rectifiers knew how to get Suraj here.

Radhika on the phone…

Radhika: “The plan is all set, Shanti Devi is coming to the party, I want you girls to bring Suraj here, there is no way he will refuse you girls.

Next scene the party house

Niki was waiting for Shanti and when she finally arrive, Niki had a big smile…

Niki POV: Once you had the upper hand, and now I have the upper hand, you made me watch my daughter get rape, now you will watch your son get torturer, and I can’t wait for the shock of your life when you finally meet Ardhika.

Niki: “Hello Shanti Devi I am so glad your here.”

Shanti: “Don’t be so excited, I’m only here because I want to know who the rectifier is, and when I fine him I will destroy him.”

Niki: “What makes you think it is one rectifier.”

Shanti: “What do you mean?”

Niki: “I admit there was one rectifier, who was destroying all your plan, but there are four more rectifier now, who will destroy you.”

Shanti: “We’ll see about that but first I want the person who started all this.”

Niki: “You will get to know soon…

Suddenly the music started, five of the rectifier were singing the song Aa Dekhein zara kisi mein hai dum, they had there mask on, so Shanti couldn’t recognize them.

Niki: “See those five dancing on the stage, they are the rectifier, and the one with the red dress is the mastermind, go see who she is.”

Shanti goes toward the girl with the red dress, but the man beside her wouldn’t let her, he takes his mask off, Shanti’s eyes pop out, it couldn’t be Raj. Shanti faints seeing Raj/Arjun…

Next scene Suraj

Suraj is tied on the bed naked and his eyes are blindfolded.

Few hours ago

There were two beautiful girls name Rossy and Sathya, they said his mother hire them to bodyguard him, he thought he was going to have fun tonight, what he didn’t know that the wine he was drinking had been mix with sleeping pills. The girls were not the original bodyguard that Suraj’s mother hire, Neil and Arjun took care of the bodyguard so that the girls can get in.

When Suraj fell asleep, the girls took him to Niki’s house. They put him on bed, tied him on the bed poll, and blindfolded his eyes, then Arjun and Neil came…

Neil: “Thank you Sathya and Rossy for getting him here.”

Rossy: “Well this creep deserves harsh punishment.”

Sathya: ” Radhika’s done a lot for us and when she called us, I couldn’t say no, this monster deserve punishment and his mother too.”

Arjun: “Oh he will get punished, Neil and I am going to strip his clothes off, you girls don’t need to see this.”

The girls leave, Neil and Arjun take his clothes off.


Suraj woke up he couldn’t see or move, he knew he was naked, for the first time Suraj didn’t feel powerful.

Suraj: “Who ever you are you better let me go, you don’t know my mother, she will not spare you.”

Someone was laughing at him, it is Teji.

Teji: “Today your mother can’t help you, but watch you get torture.”

Suraj: “Please let me go, I’ll give you money as much as you want just let me go.”

Teji: “Could you bring my mother innocence that you have stolen, could you stop Nani’s nightmare when she watched her daughter getting raped by you.”

Suraj: “Are you Nandini’s son.”

Teji: “Bingo you got that right, and now your mother will watch you get torture.”

Suraj: “Am I getting raped.”

Teji: “You would love that wouldn’t you, but sorry that’s not what going to happen to you, if you have seen how Dinesh got torture, something like that could happen to you.”

Suraj: “No please don’t…

But Teji left the room.

Next scene Shanti, Niki and the rectifier…

Shanti wakes up, when she woke up she is tied on the chair, there was a TV, she was trying to remember how she got here and then she remember she saw Raj.

Niki: “I’m glad you woke up, do you remember what you saw.”

Shanti: “Raj, my Raj.”

Niki laughs at her words.

Shanti: “What’s so funny.”

Niki: “Look at yourself your old now, he was never yours then and he’s never yours now, you want to know why? Actually I’ll show you why.”

Someone comes out of the shadow, it is the girl with the red dress, she still has the mask.

Niki: “This is the girl who is the rectifier, the one who destroy your plan, want to see who she is.”

Shanti: “What’s the suspense, take your mask, I need to know who you are and why are you targeting me.”

Radhika takes her mask, Shanti gets another shock of her life..

Radhika: “Hello ex sister, I’m back.”

Shanti: “Nnnnoooo, this can’t be, I killed you.”

Radhika: “If you remember when you killed me, that I told you I will come back for my second birth and have my revenge on you.”

Shanti: “Is…Raj…Your…your.”

Radhika: “Is it hard for you to see us together, oh too bad, because now you can’t separate us, Raj is Arjun now and I am Radhika, he is my husband.”

Shanti: “Your Radhika Mishra, but the picture I saw was different kind of Radhika,…oh no you changed the pictures.”

Radhika: “That’s right, if you had seen my and Arjun’s picture you would have known who was taking revenge on you.”

Shanti: “So you and Arjun are rectifier, who are the other three.”

Niki: ” Why don’t I introduce you to them.”

The three come out of the shadow, without there mask.

Niki: “This is Neil Malhotra, he is Prem Malhotra’s son the one your son killed, Neil is also Arjun’s brother, Arjun was separated by his family because of your son. Next is Teji Pandey, he is my grandson, conceived by rape of my daughter from your son’s friend, Dr. Chang, and this finally is Sam Khanna, Maira Dixit’s granddaughter, you do remember Maira the one who testify on your son and the other 3 that were hanged for death for raping Maira’s friend.”

Shanti: “Well at least one plan did get accomplish, Jai being murdered.”

Radhika laughed at Shanti

Radhika: “Do you think I would let anything happen to Jai.”

Shanti: “Jai is alive…”

Niki slaps Shanti, Shanti gets furious.

Niki: “Because of you and your son, my daughter suffer a lot you were going to add murder of Jai on her, thank god Radhika was there to save Jai.”

Shanti: “Where is Jai?”

Radhika: “He is safe, but your son on the other hand.”

Shanti: “What about my son.”

Arjun comes out of the shadow and say…

Arjun: “We have you son here.”

Seeing Raj as Arjun her heart beats for him but seeing him going towards his wife and giving her a passionate kiss her anger boils and what did they say..

Niki: “I guess you didn’t here what Arjun said, let me show you on TV.”

Shanti see’s her son on TV

Niki: “Today you will watch your son get torture, the way you made me watch my daughter get rape, it’s pay time.”

Radhika: “He will get torture, the way he torture my mother, when she was just a child.”

Shanti: “Maya is your mother, but I thought Mala was your mother.”

Radhika: “Mala is Maya, the one your son got her pregnant.”

Shanti: “Did she have the child.”

Radhika: “Sorry to say it died, but hey we still have a connection as your great granddaughter.”

Shanti: “Nnnnnoooooo.”

Niki: “Ready to see your son get torture.”

Shanti: “Please let my son go, torture me if you want.”

Niki: “Rectifier go take your revenge on Suraj.”

The rectifier leave the room, leaving Niki and Shanti…

The rectifier call Affaa, she has the box and give it to the rectifier, they take the box to Suraj’s room.

Niki: “Want to know, what’s in the box Shanti.”

Niki goes to the speaker…

Niki: “You can proceed, throw the mouse on him.”

Shanti: “Not the mouse, nnnnoooo.

Suraj was feeling the bites on his body, it was paining a lot…

Niki: “This is what he get for abusing the girls body. Suraj needs to be punished permanently, I think the best part would be the tattoo, the one Dinesh got and you know how that turn out.”

Shanti was seeing the picture of her son getting beaten up by crowd of people…

Shanti: “Niki I really regret what My son did to your daughter, please don’t do this to my son.”

Niki: “I remember, begging for my daughter, but what did you do, made me watch her get rape, now watch your son get tattoo.”

The rectifier with there gloves put the mouse in the box, then these girls Jessie, S.v, Dipika and Meen came to tattoo Suraj’s body. Suraj on the other hand fainted, he didn’t know he was getting tattoo.

Shanti watch the horror as her son getting a permanent tattoo , that said, he raped his daughter and got her pregnant, save your daughters from him, his daughter was 10 when he raped her, he was getting tattoo all around his body.

Niki: “Now your son will know how a girl feels when they get raped. And you will be punished too.”

Teji comes with the needle and eject it in Shanti’s arm. She falls asleep.

When she woke up, she realize, she was in the box, she was buried alive….

precap: epilogue

Thank you all for reading the final chapter, I dedicate this chapter to Rossy, Sathya, Affaa, Jessie, Dipika, S.v and Meen, for your great support, I hope you don’t mind if I have you in a cameo role as you guy were helping rectifier get there revenge on Shanti and Suraj, and for others I could always write an OS on your birthday. Please it is a final chapter, I want lot of comments, so silent reader please comment. Only epilogue is left then this chapter is done, please do read my other ff MMZ- Mother’s diary it is about a dying mother who wants her husband (Arjun) to marry Radhika, she gives her diary to her 8 year old daughter Nithika, there are secret in the diary when Nithika fines out the truth she will get Ardhika together, what those secret are read MMZ- mother’s diary. For Now got to go bye bye ta ta.

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