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Reborn Love Story {Naagin and Sath Nibhana Sathiya} Epi-5

Kokila says Shesa! Rithik never loves you. then why you want to get him?

Shesa: Hey What I’ve ask you to do, just do that , no other thing? You understand….. You better Understand.


Kokila: I beg you to leave my son. I know I did crime, but don’t give too big punishment for me that.

Shesa: you think it is just small thing for you but not for me.
She cries.

Kokila: Please don’t cry shesa.

Shesa wipes her tears.

Shesa thinks Kokila is emotional fool.

Rithik asks ahem in which thing you’re busy from today?

Ahem: what?

Rithik: mean, from when you come from market, you are acting busy type person. Tell truly, has someone has enter in your life.

Ahem: Not Again.

Rithik: OK! Well, Maa has find a girl for me.

Ahem: And you must disagree.

Rithik: Almost. Maa has give me time. well, someone is been entered in my life.

Ahem: What????

Rithik: yes, its true. It seems to be love, I’m feeling strange for her.
After I come from hall,FlashBack
Rithik is going to his room.
Shivanya passes by his way.
Shivanya: Rithik, I was feeling bored in house. so, I think to meet you. Rivanya’s tune plays.

Rithik: I was too telling bored. let’s come in garden. But, before their hands meet, shivanya vanish.
Rithik: Shit man! it was just my imagination. but was very lovely.


Ahem: really!

Rithik: Yes.

Ahem thinks if I’ve start loving her.

Screen shifts to Gopi and Shivanya house.

Gopi: Shivanya its too much time, we’ve to sleep.

Shivanya: OK!

They sleep.

Next Morning,

Shivanya opens door.
Shivanya: take this bhaiya for milk. She is surprised to see milk man.

Gopi is in market. She thinks yesterday, because of that man, I couldn’t eat ice cream. But today I’ll eat.

She buys ice cream. Kokila passes by market.

Kokila asks Driver to stop car and thinks why I feel that ahem’s soulmate is just near me. She sees Gopi.

Gopi is eating ice cream. Just then a girl comes to her and says Didi!please give me something, I’m dying of hunger.

Gopi gives ice cream to girl.

Kokila says I too need a girl for my ahem dikra who sacrifice her happiness for others.

Precap: Rithik goes to meet Shivanya and is shocked.

Who will be the milk man?

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