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Reborn Love Story {Naagin and Sath Nibhana Sathiya} Epi-4

Rithik: Maa,how can I marry,1st number is of ahem bhai,so….

Koki: I know beta! but just once see the girl.

Rithik: OK!only for you.

Kokila: Come inside shesa.

Shesa enters.

Kokila: Shesa is my sister’s child but sad that her parents died in car accident, 2 years ago.

Rithik: I’ll tell you later and leaves.

Shesa smirks. Kokila give evil expression seeing shesa.

Screen shifts to Shivanya and Gopi’s house.

S: I’m not ready for marriage yet.

G: But Think at least once.

S: I say na! and tell me who gave you right of my marriage.

G: OK! don’t to be anger.

S: but u want to see a boy for you.

G: and what of you after me?

S: I’ll manage but….

G: I’m not agree with you.

S: But think if someone who is in your life.

Gopi reminds of ahem.

Shivanya shakes her.

S: It means I was right.

G: I’m feeling that someone is….

S: Who????

Ahem while washing face thinks about gopi. He thinks why I’m thinking about her. I don’t like her even.

Gopi thinks I don’t such type of people who haven’t humanity. Even then….

Screen freezes on Ahem and Gopi.

Precap: Kokila sees Gopi. Kokila was to fall but gopi holds her.
Rithik why I’m thinking about shivanya? Shivanya too thinks that why I’m thinking about Rithik?

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