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Reborn Love Story {Naagin and Sath Nibhana Sathiya} Epi-11

The episode starts with ahem recalling rithik’s words,apologize to that woman.

Ahem: OK! sorry please.


Gopi thinks: when he is apologizing so sweetly, then I think…

Ahem says please forgave me,I’m sorry. I was in anger.

G: OK!

Both smile seeing each other.

Rithik comes. Shivanya sees him.
Rithik is happy.

Kokila says I come just now. She goes to mandir.

She says hey Krishna bhagwan! I’m today happy that you make meet two lovers, FlashBack,

Child Kokila is shown, She is going to some where. She sees A man and woman running. Man asks kokila to hide them in their house as they have marry against their parents’ will. And they will not spare us. Kokila agrees and takes them to Her house. Man introduces himself as Rishi(Sharad Malhotra) and tells she is her wife,tanu(Kratika Sengar).
Tanu says she is very genius. I don’t know, if villagers and our parents find us.
Kokila says my parents has gone for some work you can stay here.
Meanwhile, Some men beats door repeatedly. A voice comes open door, otherwise we will break door.
Kokila tells them they can leave from back door.
Tanshi leaves.

Men breaks door and asks koki for telling about tanshi. Kokila refuses to tell. one of them come running to them and tells he has see both running out.
All men leave.

Tanshi are running in forest. Men are running towards them. Tanshi can not see forward in hurry and falls from cliff. Tanu says rishi,promise we will be one in every birth. Rithi promises. They die.
Some days later, koki comes mandir when a mala falls on her. A poojaran comes wearing black dress(same as in kasam) and tells koki that the man who die in his love will be born by her womb. Koki is somehow shocked.

Years later,
Young koki is seen, she has given birth to ahem.
She comes with in mandir for god blessings for ahem. Poojaran appears. and tells koki that he is the one, who die in love. You’ll on your own, will recognize his soulmate, but destiny has written a big game for or life.
Koki: Her one one word was true. She was right.

Shesa enters in modi mansion. Wind blows fast. Diya was to blown off but koki can not let this happen. Shesa says hello everyone!
All sees at her.

Precap: Shesa and Rithik’s mehndi.

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