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RaJi (if rashi was alive) (os)

Hello all . I am a big fan of sathiya and I think the show is not as good as it was when rashi was there in the show . so here is a small imaginary os where rashi will be alive and the family gets complete

This os starts from master ji hitting rashi with the rod . the master ji gets arrested . rashi isin the ambulance . rashi says ma , take care of the kids . I don’t thik I will live more . kokila shouts , rashi what do u think u r saying , just shut up . rashi says kaki ji I thinker scoldings will also not help me now . forgive me . gopi tie the rakhi . gopi says no rashi behn ,I will tie this rakhi only when u get alright and in front of kanha ji . rashi says pls gopi , I don’t think I will be alive . gopi says rashi behn aap chup rahiye and begs to god for rashi’s wellbeing . the doctors take rashi inside the icu . gopi cries and prays to god to save rashi . kokila comes and says , gopi vahu , everything will b alright . rashi will be fine . gopi says but maji and hugs kokila , and cries . the doctor comes out . he says I am sorry I cant tell anything right now . the operation is done but , she is still critical . gopi prays hey kanha ji , why r troubling us , hve I done anything wrong that ur trying to take my rashi behn away from me and sits down crying .


kokila says gopi doc is asking all of us to meet rashi before it becomes too late . gopi says let mami go first . then devar ji . then we all will go one by one . jigar hugs rashi and says rashi pls get up , ur jigar ji is waiting and cries . he sees rashi’s hands moving slightly . he shouts doctor , nurse , rashi’s hands r moving . doctor comes rushing and checks rashi . he says this is a medical miracle . she is responding , usually such cases go into coma r die but ur wife is responding . u pls go out , we have to treat her . jigar says gopi bhabi , rashi is moving her hand and hugs her . gopi goes and thanks her kanha ji for saving her sister . after some days it was the day of rashi’s discharge . rashi is trying to get up when jigar says rashi why r u taking trouble , I am there na and lifts rashi . rashi says jigar ji chodiye . gopi says devar ji , don’t leave rashi behn , she does not know how tired she is . jigar leaves rashi in the car and they go to modi mansion . the whole house is decorated wid flowers and meera , vidhya , tolu and molu come and give welcome home , cards to rashi . rashi hugs them and says thank u so much bacchon . then she goes to her room wid jigar .

rashi says jigar ji , I am feeling so happy to come back home , come back to my room after so many days . jigar says ya . I was also staying for these many days in the hospital only . rashi smiles and says thank u so much jigar ji and kisses him on his cheek . jigar smiles and says rashi why r telling thanks . I love u a lot and hugs rashi . rashi and jigar share a sweet talk wid their eyes . the next day rashi is going towards the kitchen while she feels a lil dizzy and is about to fall when a caring hand holds her .it was jigar . she says jigar ji and smiles and they share a romantic eyelock . kokila comes there and says rashi u don’t need to work . rashi was busy seeing jigar . kokila shouts rashi I am talking to u . rashi realises that koki is calling her and says sorry kaki ji , I will not do any work and hugs kokila . kokila says why r u hugging me suddenly rashi . rashi says u know kaki ji , many times I have misunderstood that u love gopi more than me but now I understand how much u love me . I love u too kaki ji , koki says rashi u cant make me cry ok and hugs rashi . jigar smiles seeing their bonding . rashi is in her room while our young cute meera come there wid a cup of soup .

she says rashi masi have this and feeds her soup . rashi says meeru , thank u so much and kisses meera on her cheeks . jigar who has been seeing this says rashi shall I feed u soup . rashi says jigar ji u r too naughty and runs behind him . after some days rashi becomes completely alright . it was raining and kokila asks rashi to go out and bring something . rashi goes out wid a umbrella . somebody from back pulls out the umbrella . she gets drenched . she shouts who is it and turns back , it was jigar . she says jigar ji , I will catch cold . jigar says its ok and holds her close (sanam re plays in bg ) . they have a romantic rain dance .

After one year
Jigar and the whole modi family is tensedly waiting for something in a hospital . a nurse comes out of the icu and says congratulations mr.jigar modi , u r blessed wid a baby girl . jigar says really and hugs ahem . ahem smiles and congratulates him .gopi hugs ahem and kokila and hetal hug each other . jigar says I will meet rashi and come . he sees rashi sleeping and kisses on her forehead . rashi gets up . rashi asks , where is my daughter ? jigar says she is wid kaki ji . rashi hugs jigar . then the whole family come and congratulate rashi . rashi says ek selfie to banti hai na ? koki says yeh rashi to kabhi nahi sudregi . itni tired ho , ab selfie chahiye tumhe . rashi says kya karun kaki ji mein aisi hi hun and laughs . the whole family smiles , rashi says cheese and clicks the selfie

How was it guys

Share ur views as comments . thnx a lot for reading my os

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