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RagSan–cute love story (3rd shot)

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Sanskar’s pov…


“Our relation confirmed love doesn’t have any reasons to start. Day by day love in between us increasing but not decreasing. It has been six months, half of year that we have been married. Till now, there are no disputes between us. Because, there is no time for us. As we are busy in love.

I was on a scientific mission. Our team is busy in preparing a satellite. From past three days, i have been working in home also. I didn’t talk with her properly these days. I think, she sat alone in that balcony those evenings..

I was doing something with my machines. Suddenly, i saw her.

Me: ragini…

She: hmm..you have seen me now. Science is ur first love right.

I smiled. Took her near by waist.

Me: I’m sorry ragini.. u were alone all these three days right..

She: no…i was in this room only. Just watching you…but you were busy with ur first love…

I was amazed. She was here… hmm, she is true i think. Science is my first love. I took her near to the machine plan. I was showing her and explaining everything.

Look at that sky Ragini..there are many stars and only a moon we can see. But there are many more stars and moons..planets..which we can’t see. It’s a secret, this universe is a big secret. It has many things, but it’s null. The infinite null ness. Till now, we went on moon and mars. But not beyond that… my ambition is to cross this solar system…know more…and see another world, where there are another Ragini and sanskar..

But she, is not listening..just looking at me.

Me: hey, are you listening..??

She simply came near me and sat on my lap. Our eyes were locked. I kept my hand on her cheek. She touched my hand.

She: Sanskar, what are you going to give me if I say a good news to you?

I just kept looking at her expecting something…she bent her head down in shy. I understood what she is gonna say. I raised her face by chin. I nodded my head saying is it? She too nodded her head.

I felt ….hmm, that’s an unexplainable feeling…i just kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly..I raised her in my arms and made rounds till we are dizzy.

After that i made phone calls. I said that good news to shekar papa, maa, dadi, dadaji… swara jumped like anything. A new baby is going to step in our home, they excited.

But, i was little worried. I have to take extra care on Ragini now. I shouldn’t let her do any work. I made all the rules clear. I will cook and i will wash vessels. She didn’t agree. But, i made her to agree. I became the cook. I started looking after her as small baby. And, she is stubborn sometimes, she will do what i say not to do.

Our project got succeeded. We launched the satellite. I may be promoted as senior scientist now. But, the unexpected thing, the government has even declared that they will award padmasri to our team. Why my happiness will have limit??

Five months have passed, she is bearing her 8th month.

Me: Ragini, you have to better go to your home now.

She: why, did i became a burden to you??

I patted her cheeks.

Me: not like that. There should be great care towards you now. Even papa said to send you home.

She: I won’t go…

Me: why..??

She: I said no..

I got anger with her stubbornness.

Me: why tell me…in anger.

She was surprised at my anger. She has never seen my anger face. Slowly tears fell down from her eyes.

Oh my newton, those are my heart stabbing tears. Which I didn’t see in her eyes till one year. I first saw them, when we met first. And after 12months, I’m seeing them again. Those tears melted me like anything. I scolded myself several times inside. No science is going to excuse me for making my pregnant wife cry. She is stubborn too..why can’t she understand..? I’m telling for her good. Actually, I wanted to send her when she is carrying 5, then also she did same thing. Again now..!

But, I couldn’t bear those tears in my moon’s eyes. I went near her, took her face in my hands. Wiped those tears.

Me: ragu..ragu my beta..don’t cry. Plz…i can’t bear ur tears.
She pushed my hands. My moon’s face turned red. Even I’m seeing her anger first time..

She: I don’t want to go because, i want you beside me during delivery. I want you to see my baby as soon as she comes to world. I want to see that happiness in your eyes. My life is waste if I didn’t see that…

She cried continuously…. i hugged her gently.

Me: I’m sorry ragu…. I didn’t understand you… but plz don’t cry. It’s not good for you. My newton will not excuse me if i make you cry.

She suddenly laughed. My heart became light. I wiped all her tears and slowly made her sleep. But, I was seriously worried about her.

Next morning, she woke up and surprised to see swara, her mom sumi maa, dadi around her. She is still surprising….

Swara: didi, jiju has called us and asked us to come here…

Sumi: y don’t we come for you..?

I stood at door and saw her happiness in eyes. Those eyes are telling me lots of thanks. Even, Shekar papa and dadaji came. I’m relieved. I gave her whole family support to her and even I’m beside her.

That day, I’m at the institute. They are giving us awards. Attending to it is mandatory. Not attending to it means, dishonoring it. I went to office.

Ragini and all are seeing in t.v. The program is going on. I was on stage. Then I got phone call…

Swara: jiju, didi is getting pains. We are taking her to hospital.

I was worried. It was not the delivery date. But, anything might happen. I got up from stage shocking everyone. My friends tried to stop me, it is not correct to go away in middle.

But, my Ragini needs me. I remember her words. I didn’t care anything…i just ran to the hospital. As I expected, she was just calling my name…Sanskar…..call sanskar..

This stupid girl, why do she love me this much??

I ran to her and held her hand. She was suffering with pain, but her eyes are showing a secured feeling because I’m with her. My eyes were becoming moist. She was taken into operation theater. I closed my eyes.

I never prayed to any god. But that day, I have prayed to every Indian god. Then We heard a baby’s cry. My heart became light. Doctor came… baby and mother are safe. I’m happy. Shekar and dadaji hugged me and said congrats.

I’m a father now. I went inside. I took my baby into hands. It’s he. Ragini is unconscious. I sat beside her.

Me in tears: Ragini…open ur eyes. See our newton.
I don’t know when she has opened her eyes. She bet on my hand gently.

She: stop ur newton bhajan here. He is my Raman.

Me: u already named him?? Ok, i wish he should become scientist c.v.raman…

She doesn’t have patience to have jagada with me then. That’s why, she simply smiled and closed her eyes. I kissed her eyes. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

Me: thank you Ragini….

She: I have to say that Sanskar…

We held our hands together..and my champ is looking at us laughing with naughty smile.

We all became busy with new baby welcome and i got memo from my institute for disgracing prestigious award. I was removed from job from ISRO. I was shattered. But, i didn’t let my family know my sadness. But I could see sadness in my moon’s eyes.

My chota raman is sleeping in cradle. My moon Ragini is sitting on bed. I came near her.

She in tears: I’m sorry Sanskar…it was all bcz of me.
I took her to my heart. She was weeping silently at my chest.

Me: i need some change in life Ragini. I was always busy being scientist. But, i can do job as normal lecturer now. I can talk in phone to you whenever I want. I can come to lunch to home. I can play with our champ…

But she was weeping still. Really, those tears are falling as rocks on my heart. My urgent mission is to make her laugh.

Me: and… I can stop newton bhajan.

She laughed at once. Then I tickled her in foot. She moved her legs back suddenly.

She in shock: sanskar…!!

I continued that..now she started laughing asking me to stop. I like seeing my moon always laughing like that. She hugged me tightly so that I will stop. I stopped it and hugged her back. But, i have tears in my eyes. I looked at the stars sadly…bcz, I couldn’t complete my goal.

Later… I have joined as lecturer in a college. A science professor. Job doesn’t have any satisfaction. But, I got the chance of spending time with Raman and Ragini.

As I said her…every afternoon I came to lunch to home. I got the chance of eating lunch with her. She, is my wife. But spending every second with her is a diamond for me. It was one year, that we have married. A kid is also born.. but she is still a new bride to me. I couldn’t forget that first time when I saw her. That freshness is always like that only. How much time would I spend with her, that’s very less for me. But I feel the relation between us is for many lives…

A year has passed. It’s Our Raman’s first birthday. I’m 26 now. She is 23. And we have one year old son..! I never thought I would be married that suddenly, I will have a kid.. and today I’m celebrating his birthday.

Shekar uncle and all came. Everything was alright. But still there is a slight disappointment… I’m no more a scientist.
Ragini….can read my mind and heart. I don’t know when she has observed my sadness.

To be continued…….


Tatadai…..!! Hello my sweet readers…! My best friends…! So, how was today’s part..? I’m really excited with the overwhelming comments yesterday.. they all dipped me in ocean of happiness… Tomorrow’s part will be the final shot…. don’t miss it… thank you all….

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