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RagSan- Teri Meri Kahani.. CH–1


A Bunglow is shown. Inside it in a room. Two ppl are sleeeping. A Kid & a man. The kid is sleeping on his stomach & he is cuddling kid like a most precious thing in his life. (They are non other then Sanskaar & Ridhaan.)
Just then a Lady comes out of washroom. She smiled seeing the way her husband & son were sleeping. (She is Ragini). She goes near dressing table & starts combing her hairs. Some drops of water falls on Sanskaar & Ridhaan. Ridhaan opens his eyes. He sees his mother getting ready. He gets up.
Ridhaan- Good Morning … Mumma…
Ragini- Arrey my prince has woken up..
She goes to him & kisses him on cheeks.

Ragini- Kk … Ridhaan , now go to ur room & get fresh, & then i will make u take bath…
Ridhaan- Ohho mumma… Now i am a big boy… I can take bath my self… U know i feel shy when i have to bath infront of u…
Ragini makes her mouth in O shape…
Ragini- Accha bacchu, she tickles him…. He laughs…
Ridhaan- Haa haaa haaa.. Mumma… leave na.. Haa hhaa…
Ragini leaves him & he runs to his room.

This all was seen by Sanskaar. who was awake. He smiles seeing them, after all they were his lifeline, his family & his most precious ppl.
As Ragini turns towards Sanskaar he closes his eyes. Ragini looked at him. He had smile on his face… Ragini knew he was awake… And acting…
Ragini- Sanskaar, wake up… I know u are acting..
She tries to go… But Sanskaar holds her hand & Pulls her towards himself. Ragini falls on his chest. They have an eye-lock…

Screen freezes on RagSan….

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