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RAGSAN – Two Broken Souls (Episode-1)

Hey guys love you soooo much keep supporting me!!!!!

****Episode 1****

” Rahul presentation is ready??? I don’t want any delay understand…..” Sanskar said in bossy tone!!!!

“Yes sir everything is ready the meeting is going to start in 5 seconds……” Said Rahul

” okay Rahul let’s leave to the conference hall ……. ” said sanskar with a determined face

They both left to the conference hall!!!!!

The meeting went well….sanskar got the deal!!!!!

In a bar


A girl is seen dancing crazily wearing a black frock above her knees a light pink lipstick and black eye shadow with silver heels she was dancing in full swing enjoying to fullest !!! She goes to her bar counter and drinks wine in one go …. A boy comes there and sits next to her !!!!

” hi rags how are you darling after a long time….missed you so much!!!”said the boy

” hi laksh baby missed you too I was busy with some work …anyways how’s life going on??? ”

” oh darling life with you would go amazing only na would like to have a dance with me..??? ” said laksh forwarding his hand

” for sure baby ….” Said rags

He pulls towards him….and keeps hand on her waist ….they both dance closely he turns her round and kisses her neck sensuously

” stop it laksh I already told you we won’t cross limits before our marriage!!!!” Said rags irritatingly

” oops sorry darling….. I will not for sure!!!!” Said laksh with a smirk

” no problem I trust you right??? You’re my baby love you sooooooo much baby!!!!” Said rags hugging him

” I know that love you too!!! “Laksh said


Precap : ragsan first meeting

So guys how was it? Promo will be coming after some episodes love ya!!! 😘😘😘😊Tc guys byeeeee!!!

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