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Ragsan – our destiny episode 2

Hi all this is Isabella back here with the update. Apologies for no updates but my internet was off due to some reasons, now I will update daily, so without any delay……. here we go you r not swara , sanskar said not leaving her alone and pulling her up close so that his breath fell up her lips. Yes I am not swara sanskar plz let me go, I ragini pleaded. He left her and yelled so you know where Swara is don’t you!

The next reaction was surprisingly well as sanskar wiped his tears and drank water. This brought his senses back to normal and he realised what he was doing. He quickly covered ragini with his coat and told., I know that you are not in a position now but if possible plz forgive me. I didn’t mean to I was drunk and thought you were swara . He sat and started crying. Ragini went near him and hugged him tight and said I know sanskar. This marriage is only for name sake. You me don’t have any relation.


And so saying they slept. Ragini has a disorder wherein she get bad dreams and sanskar is an insomniac he can’t sleep after the tragedy. At 2:30 am ragini wakes up sweating and shouting………………… No…………
I am finding some more information picture still not clear on the way to Mumbai plz don’t kill me now.

Let’s see what happens next week and I have to go guysss if you like old comment

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