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Raglak…What is name of our relation…part 1

First night room..the bed is decorated with flowers..the room is surrounded with mesmerizing fragrance..a girl is sitting on bed..she is weeping..but she is even more beautiful then…

Then a guy enters…his face is sad too…he sits at other end of bed looking her…she clutches bedsheet in fear after seeing him…he looks sadly at her…but she is not dared to raise her head…


This was all of sudden Ragini. We are forced into this marriage. I’m 19..and you are just 17….and we are also forced to spend this night together…
He tells sadly.

Ragini increases her tears, her weeping sounds makes him even more sad. He comes near her and holds her hands. She keeps shivering.

Ragini..no one sees us now. Let’s act that we have completed this night. So don’t worry and sleep. I will sleep on floor.

Ragini nods her head wiping her tears.

In hall,

Durga prasad Annapurna sharmista and shekar are talking. All are sad.

I never thought this will happen to my daughter… Sharmishta cries.

She has to become mother for overcoming that disease… Annapurna says wiping tears.

This night shouldn’t get wasted. She has less time to survive. If this is successful, there are chances of her survival….. Durga prasad tells. He is doctor.

Lakshya was trying to stop this from beginning. I know,it is hard for that kids. But, we are doing this for Ragini…. tells Annapurna.

That’s why i mixed this potion in their food,so that they could accept each other. I have done what I shouldn’t do…. Sharmishta cries.

Shekar makes her cool….it is for her to be alive Sharmishta. Don’t cry… if she doesn’t consummate,she will die. Her disease is like that. We have to be happy, that we got people who understand us. They have given their own son for this….

In room,

The potion effect starts in Ragini and Lakshya. That potion raises the feelings in them. That makes them uncontrollably affectionate on each other.

Lakshya who was holding her hand sits beside her and kiss her lips. She holds his head tightly.he sleeps over her, they covers in bed sheet. Their cloths lie on floor.


Morning….Ragini opens her eyes..She sees Lakshya over her..They both are naked. She shocks and tries to push him..she successfully pushes him..he falls aside her..he has a smile on his face..he was sleeping..she covers herself in bed sheet and cries…
With her weeping sounds he wakes and shocked to see his position…he looks at her…he closes his eyes….

I’m sorry Ragini…I don’t know…how this was all happened….he says and runs to washroom.

Ragini falls on bed and cries. Lakshya wears cloths and comes out.

Ragini…I’m going out…be free….he says and goes out.

Lakshya comes out with expression less face. Their parents see him and understands the plan is successful.
He goes and sits in garden silently.

Ragini gets fresh up and comes out. She sits near window as dead object. Lakshya looks her through window…she too looks at him…both keep looking at each other…

Sharmishta come near Ragini and takes her out. Durga prasad checks Ragini’s eyes and bp. He takes a sample of blood.

The result will come by tomorrow evening…..he says and leaves.

Annapurna and Sharmishta sit near Ragini. She is silent.

Shekar sit beside Lakshya..

Thanks laksh…u saved her…

Uncle…did i save her or cheat her..??

No…you didn’t cheat her..you are married….


Later Lakshya comes near Ragini who was sitting alone in room.


I’m feeling bad for it Ragini…

She is silent.

But…i love you Ragini. Don’t know when or how… i love you so much…

Ragini looks at him.

I’m sorry…if you didn’t wanted to listen it….he is about to go away.

Ragini holds his hand. He turns back. She hugs him tightly.

Love you too Laksh….she says closing her eyes. He closes his eyes and locks his hands on her waist. Both without breaking hug, bring faces before each other and does lip kiss. She holds his head tightly towards her.

They break it due to lack of oxygen. Both start taking heavy breath. Both look each other and smile. Ragini runs away feeling shy.

That night, Ragini and Lakshya are playing chess. They are in still disbelief how they kissed each other.

Durga….. i have brought ragini blood results. The disease cells are slowly destroying. After the child birth,she will be perfectly all right.

Sharmishta and Shekar feel happy.

While playing chess, Ragini’s hand touch to Lakshya. Both look each other. He stands and sits beside her. He moves his hand over her hand. Feelings grow in her. He rubs his cheek to her cheek. They turn their face to kiss, but Sharmishta calls Ragini. She runs from there. All have dinner.

That night, Ragini and Sharmishta were sleeping in one room. Lakshya was alone in his room. He was thinking about Ragini. Someone knocks the door,he opens. It is Ragini.

Nothing…we didn’t finish chess…i came to finish it….says Ragini.

Lakshya welcomes her. Both sit opposite each other.

What’s the bet??…Lakshya asks with naughty tone.

Whatever….says ragini.

I want your dress….he asks.

Ragini smiles…if i win….i want your dress….

Both laugh and start game…. Lakshya keeps her checkmate….in fact, she looses intentionally.

She puts her head down.

Now…give me ur dress…..he says looking naughtily at her.

Ragini shy and stands….he slowly unzips her dress. He moves her dress gently off from shoulders. He removes his shirt. He holds her bear waist and pulls her. Her bear back touch his bear front. They cover themselves under bed sheet.

Next morning …..Sharmishta looks for Ragini. She keeps calling her. Ragini wakes in his embrace. Both look each other.

I’m I doing wrong…she ask…

No…we are married…in fact..our parents gave us permission….he says…

They hear the door knock. They fear.

Why are we scared if we didn’t do wrong…she ask.

Yes… wear ur dress. I will open door…he says.

Both wear their dress. Lakshya opens door. Sharmishta shocks to see Ragini in his room. She drags her out and slaps.

How could you do this shameless thing…??? She scolds.

Mom…but we already did this yesterday…and you all forced us….ragini in tears.

It was because you will die..! But, I never thought you will degrade yourself…!!! Sharmi scolds.

Ragini cries… I’m sorry mom..I didn’t think it is wrong…

Lakshya looks sadly at her.

It is not their mistake. We indirectly encouraged them..we shall put them far away from each other till education is over…. DUrga prasad tells.

Ragini and Lakshya look each other shocked. All agrees.

Lakshya will be sent to foreign for education. Ragini stays in India itself.

………….Six years leap………

Precap: Raglak hating each other…!!!

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