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RagLakSan (ShortStories) (The End)

Sanskar: oh so you don’t want any grandchildren henaa ma
Sujatha: no
Ragini: why ma
Sujatha: I’m too young to have grandchildren
Sanskar: okay then man we wouldn’t have grandchildren anymore: p
Sujatha: no, no I was joking I want grandchildren
Laksh: maaa stop disturbing them lets go
Sujatha: Ragini Honey come quickly we need to go to your house
Ragini: why maa
Sujatha: just to visit and you too Sanskar all of us are going I know that my baby girl is missing her family…
Sanskar: yes ma okay

They all get ready and got to the GM (except Laksh)


They all welcomed Maheshwari family…
Mishti: where is Laksh?
Sujatha: I don’t know he said he has some work and went out
Mishti: will he come?
Sujatha: yes, I told him to come back when he is finished his work
Mishti: okay

All were talking, all of a sudden Laksh came drunk and Took Ragini’s hand

Sujatha: what are you doing? Leave her hand she is you Bhabhi
Ragini: leave me Laksh
Laksh: no ma I want her I love her
All were shocked
Ram: what are you speaking you are drunk you are not in you state
Laksh: no pa I am
Sanskar: leave her Laksh
Laksh: you be quite you took my love away from me even though you knew I loved her
Sujatha: what is going on Sanskar? You knew and didn’t tell us… and Ragini
Ragini: ma… (Interrupted by Sanskar)
Sanskar: yes, ma let me tell you… do you remember when Ragini said that she wants to talk to me when you asked for hand in marriage for me?
Sujatha: yes
Ram: what’s that got to do with this?
Sanskar: wait pa, and we met the next day
Ram: ha, yes
Sanskar: I fell for Ragini when I first saw her… She wanted to talk because she wanted tell me that she was in love with a guy…
Mishti: Ragini?
Sanskar: ma listen, then she told me that she was in love with Laksh and told me their love story then she told me that her and Laksh are not together as he broke up with her for papa, because he sent Laksh to the US for higher education he told her that their relationship would not work out and they had and argument over this and Ragini said she does not want to see his face ever again then you guys brought my alliance for Ragini so she was feeling guilty that if she does not tell me that she was in love with my brother she will be cheating me so she told me everything she is being true to me if she was still in love with Laksh I would have rejected her and told you guys to get her married to Laksh but she was over him as he broke her heart and I know that she truly loved me over the one year before our marriage we got to know about each other our likes and dislikes… so that’s the whole story and their relationship only lasted for 6 months and they didn’t get over their boundaries.
Mishti: Ragini you didn’t even bother telling us and you kept this all to yourself and all the miseries
Shekar: ha Ragini you could have told us
Ragini: it’s okay dad and mom and Sujatha ma I’m sorry for not tell you my past
Sujatha: it’s okay beta at least you told Sanskar and you haven’t hid anything from him that’s all okay for me…
Ram: I’m sorry for this beta because of me you lost your love once and now I will not let anybody hurt you…
Ragini: it was not your fault leave it…
Laksh: you guys forgot me? Papa because of you I lost my love what are you going to say now
Ram: sorry beta we will look for a good alliance for you
Laksh: NO!!! I want my Ragini back would you give her back?
Sujatha: Laksh what are you speaking she is your Bhabhi how can you ask like this just forget get and if you have told you that you was in love with a girl we would have fixed you mirage with her and then sent you over board with you feeling safe that she is your and no one else’s but you hide your feelings from us and broke up with her no stop this non sense and go home
Laksh no ma I want Ragini she is only mine…
He pulls her and takes her to the entrance when Sanskar stops him
Sanskar: what do you think you are doing with my wife where do you think you are taking her?
Laksh: Bhai sorry but she is mine no one else’s
Ragini: Laksh your hurting me leave me please
Laksh: this is how it hurts me to see you with my Bhai now come with me
Just then Sanskar came and slapped him and he falls down
Ram and Sujatha takes him home and makes him sleep…
Later Ragini and Sanskar came to the house from GM
They went to their room quietly, they entered and Sanskar latched the door…
Ragini: sorry Sanskar because of me you had to slap Laksh I’m really sorry
Sanskar moves towards her
Sanskar: it’s not your fault Ragini since when I know the truth nothing is your fault…
They slept in each other’s embrace…

Next day morning
Ram and Sujatha was present in the dining table except Sanskar, Ragini and Laksh, after a while he comes down

Laksh: ma my head feels really heavy can I get something to drink?
Sujatha: obviously your head will hurt if you drink so much
Laksh: what happen last night?
Sujatha narrates everything to him…
Laksh: I’m sorry ma I was just too upset that she is not mine anymore and it just hurts to see her with Bhai and she is happy without me it just irritating and something big in my heart is stopping me from moving on…
Sujatha: just try to move on with your life, look at Ragini she has moved on… you are the one who broke your relation and now look she is happy with your brother they just love each other.
Just then Ragini and Sanskar came down
Laksh could look at them for what he has done…
Sanskar: I am sorry for slapping you
Laksh: actually I am sorry for all the doing last night I’m really sorry forgive me Bhai and Bhabhi
RagSan: it’s okay don’t worry.
Laksh: mom look for an alliance for me please I want to move on
Sujatha and Ram nods…

Couple of weeks later they got an alliance the alliance …
They told Laksh and he said your wish
They got happy and fixed their engagement dates and everything

It was the engagement day the bride and groom came face to face…
The bride was none other than ……
Krystal D’Souza

Laksh and Krystal wanted to talk to each other and they got to know about each other they told both their love stories and know they got married… and Laksh moved on… they are living happily…
On the other side our RagSan…

Ragini was in the kitchen was preparing food for everyone with Krystal (Bother their bonding are really good and they bond like they are sisters)

Ragini was meant the cupboard to get flour out to make chapatti’s suddenly she falls down and Krystal screamed everyone comes down running Sanskar comes and picks her up and take her to their room and calls the doc and she told them to stay outside and she comes out…
Doc: voo… voo
Sanskar: what happen doc?
Doc: voo…
Laksh: voo what doc?
Doc: vo
Sujatha: doc???
Doc: vo
Krystal: doc can you please tell us what happen
Doc: vo and starts Laughing
Ram: why are you Laughing and tell us
Doc: actually you guys face are so funny
Sanskar: please tell me
Doc: okay, okay… she is pregnant and I want you to bring her to the hospital tomorrow and we will do all the checking that Is needs to be done…
Sanskar: was just standing there like a statue… when all of then congratulates him he was surprised and said thank you to all and was happy he ran inside his room and look at Ragini who was not in her sense …
Sanskar: I am the happiest man in the universe right now you gave me the most beautiful thing that a man would want their wives to give them… I love you Ragini
Ragini: I love you too and what happen
Sanskar: I’m going to be a papa
Ragini: what? Who is the mother?
Sanskar: what??? What sort of question are you asking? You are going to become a mother stupid girl… I mean mama
Ragini: Sanskar? Really we are going to be come parent?
Sanskar nods his head and they hugs…
All come in a congratulates them and were happy

A leap of 9 months
Ragini was in the ICU giving birth
Everyone was tensed they hear a baby cry they took the baby outside and tells then that it’s a girl all were happy then they heard another baby crying again the nurse comes out she gives the baby to Sanskar again and says congrats it’s another girl all were confused and shocked how can this happen he asked the nurse said sometimes the scanning machine would not show everything and also this common when you think it is one but you get double promotion…
After a while Ragini was moved to the normal wards and everyone visited her and congrats her… saying that is two girls and she was confused… then Krystal explains everything to her…

After a couple of days it was the naming ceremony of their beautiful angels they named them Ria and Nia…
They were a happy family

The End.

Thank you guys…
Hopefully you guys liked it and see you in another ff…
I will soon write RagLak – our wired relationship as I am busy right now it’s difficult to do so, so I’m sorry hopefully next week.
Please everyone whose reading comment and silent readers too please comment…

Thank you xx

Love you loads

Shana x

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