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RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 60)

Thank you so much for you positive comments and please keep commenting hopefully you guys like how my story is going so far… please Silent reader comment want to know your opinion in my ff as well…

Then Ragini drops the letter after reading it out loud…


She drops down and starts crying, Laksh hold her

Laksh: Ragini be careful you’re pregnant
Ragini: but our family left us LAKSH they LEFT US…
Laksh: don’t you think there’s something suspicious? Why would they leave us all of a sudden? Knowing how much we love them… and… and you’re pregnant
Ragini: Laksh I want my children I can’t live without anyone Laksh please look for them please this is my worst day ever what do you call this birthday or a bad luck day
Laksh: Ragini please don’t worry they will comeback

Just then a car arrives, two people came out of it and it was SwaSan…

Ragini goes and hugs Swara……

Laksh: what is happening Sanskar where were you two
Sanskar: we went to buy clothes and presents for the kids and fireworks why
Ragini comes and give him the letters

Tears escape from his eye
Swara: what happen Sanskar?
Sanskar was standing like a statue and didn’t reply she snatched the paper of him and read it…

Swara: what how can this happen they can’t do this to us ….
Ragini: I know even Sid Bhayia and Roshini Bhabhi she fainted
All of them too her to their room and called the doctor
Doctor comes and tells them: that she is weak and you should not give her anymore shocks and should always let her do everything she likes okay?
SanLakSwa: yes doc we will take care

To be continued?

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