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RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 58)

Thank you so much for you positive comments and please keep commenting hopefully you guys like how my story is going so far…
please Silent reader comment want to know your opinion in my ff as well…

Laksh: no its not and remember you said you will do anything saw so want you to wear this and
this is not like this is the first time we see each other without clothes is it? So will you wear it not (with a puppy face?)
Ragini: oh please Laksh you want me to wear this and I’m pregnant you really want me to wear this
Laksh: okay fine don’t wear it! We are just wasting time now let’s just go home…
Ragini: Laksh listen please


Her gets up and goes to the room balcony without listening to her…

Tears escape from her eyes as this is the first time Laksh has ignored her…

After a few minutes Ragini goes to Laksh and hugs him from behind and blind folds him, she makes him turn and takes inside the room…
She starts opening his shirt buttons and starts giving him wet kisses on his chest and neck…

Laksh: Ragini lets leave don’t want to waste time do we people at home would be waiting for us
Ragini: but we still have 2 and a half hours left what’s the rush
Laksh: nothing lets go home
In a few moments Laksh feel tear droplets on him hand and takes off the blind fold…
He was surprised to see Ragini wearing the lingerie also awestruck…

Laksh: Ragini if you’re not feeling comfortable why are you wearing this then?
Ragini (crying): I wore it for my ever so loved handsome Husband, I didn’t know that I will hurt you I’m sorry Laksh
Laksh: no actually im sorry I should have forced you to wear this
Ragini: shhh you didn’t force me you do so much for me why can’t I do this small thing for you and
plus is just us two in this room no one else I shouldn’t be moaning to be like this in front of my husband should I?
Laksh: no Ragini you shouldn’t be wearing if you don’t feel comfortable or anything
Ragini: sshhh do you still wanna keep talking and waste the time we have?
Laksh: Ragini it’s your day so

Ragini couldn’t take it anymore she smashed her lips his lips and starts kissing him Laksh also joined her…
They break the kiss as they were too in to it and Laksh had to tell her come thing

Laksh: Ragini, I’m sorry this is the first time ever I made you cry I’m really sorry I just hate myself for that, I’m really sorry baby…
Ragini: why should you be sorry I am the one who should be sorry?
Laksh: no me
Ragini: no ME
Laksh: me
Ragini: me
Laksh: me
Ragini: me
Laksh: me
Ragini: me

Laksh held her by her waist Ragini gasped and
Laksh: in a husky voice: Ragini I’m sorry and now would you let me start my work as we are running out of time…
I also want something special for tonight think about what you will give me and now let me romance with my Queen…

Ragini didn’t say anything as she was just too in to Laksh… then Laksh started his work…
(You guys know what I mean right so I don’t want to go in to too much detail)
After consummating Laksh was careful as she was pregnant…
they were both sweating as it was too much effort :p ;D

They were in each other embrace…when Laksh’s phone rang

Laksh: hi chachii, what happen chachii
Sujatha: LAKSH where are you?? We are all waiting for you both and enough of romancing come back home
we also want to spend time with our Daughter… okay
Lakhs: okay chachii we are coming we are on our way okay just give us and hour?
Sujatha: okay hurry

They end the call….


Laksh: it was chachii she wants us to hurry up
Ragini: okay come I’ll go get ready
Laksh: okay but before you go what you will give me tonight
Ragini: in a husky voice: after everything tonight when we put our children to sleep…
we will go to our room and…
Laksh: and?
Ragini: sleep (winks at him)

Laksh: what the hell Ragini??? No tell me pleaseee
Ragini: okay, okay… we will got to the bathroom and freshen up together
Laksh: wow that’s my wife, what a great idea I didn’t even think about that…
Ragini: chee Laksh always think about Romancing remember
you’re a father of 3 and gonna be father for 2 more
Laksh: why should I be ashamed to romance with my wife?
Ragini: now enough shall we get ready to go?
Laksh: yes

They get ready to go and see the Maheshwari mansion was decorated…
they go in and there was no body there and it was full of silence…

To be continued…

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