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Raglak one shot: Ragini’s limitless love for Laksh

Hey guys, this is Zai, many of you liked my previous os on Raglak so i decided to post another one. Hope you will like it. And this is going to be a very very long os so sorry for that.

So it starts from where the serial was before taking the 6 months leap. Laksh is missing and Sanskar is trying his best to find him. Swara is not angry on him, everything is normal between Swasan. Swaragini did not leave Maheswari house.


One week has passed but still nothing was found about Laksh. Ap was very upset and whole family also. Ragini noticed them upset and decide to do something.

During dinner, Ragini told Maheswari family that she wants to tell them something.
Dp:”yeah, beta, what do you want?”
Ragini:”papa, i want to take up Laksh’s responsibilities, all his work, everything till he comes back. I want that when he comes back, he find everything the same way in which he left.”
Dp:”but beta how will you manage all this?”
Sanskar:”don’t worry, bade papa. I will be with her for office work”
Dp:”ok, you can join office from tomorrow. And Sanskar, you will explain her the work.”
Sanskar nodded yes.

At night, Sanskar explained her all Laksh’s work. Swara was also there.
Swara:”Ragini, are you sure about this?”
Ragini:”yes Swara, till Laksh does not come back, all his responsibilities are mine. I will fulfill all his responsibilities, towards the family or office.”
Swara:”and what about you?”
Ragini:”i am fine Swara. And you are here to take care of me”
Swara smiled at her, Swaragini hugged each other.

From that day, Ragini handled all those responsibilities and on the other side, Sanskar and Swara were finding about Laksh but still no clue. One day, Dp called everyone in the hall and handed Ragini a bag. She opened it and found some clothes. Modern clothes.

Dp:”i noticed that it was very difficult for you to work in saris, that’s why. You can wear these clothes”
Ragini:”but Papa, how can i…?”
Sujata:”bhaisa, what will people say seeing her in these clothes?”
Dp:”I don’t care about them, when my sons can wear jeans, why can’t she?”

Ragini:”but papa…”
Dp:”no but. This is my order. You are free to wear the clothes you want for work. You are fulfilling Laksh’s responsibilities, so you are my son for now, till he doesn’t come back.”
Ragini nodded yes.

From that day, Ragini wear those modern clothes like jeans, long skirt to work. She has fulfill her and Laksh’s responsibilities.

And 6 months passed on. And the doctors informed them about Laksh’s death but Ragini didn’t believe it and kept hoping that he will come back. And the family too supported her.

Six months later:
A mansion is shown, a small girl is running in the house with some people chasing her. She entered a study where a man was talking on the phone.
Small girl:”Papa, see they are forcing me to eat. I don’t want to”
The man turned around and his face is just like Laksh, just a little change, he now wears glasses. He bend down and hugged the small girl. He took the plate and make the girl eat the food. He spends some time with her.

Maheswari mansion:
All the ladies: Ap, Sujata, Uttara and Swaragini were preparing the breakfast. The men came and they all had breakfast together even the ladies.
Dp:”Ragini, the presentation is ready”
Sanskar:”yes, bade papa. Don’t worry”
Ragini:”papa, Sanskar is going to present it”
Dp:”ok. Both of you work very hard on this project. Make sure you give your best during the presentation”
Sanskar and Ragini nodded yes.

Swara:”what, bade papa, you promise that there will be no business talk on dining table”
Dp:”ok, ok. Sorry”
Swara:”Sanskar, Ragini make sure you both return before noon”
Sanskar:”obviously, boy’s family is coming to see my pretty sister. How can i miss this moment”
Uttara smiled.

Uttara:”i wish that Laksh bhai was also here…”
Everyone was upset hearing Laksh’s name. Ragini noticed them.
Ragini:”Arey, your brother might not be here, but your bhabhi (sister in law) is here, right?”
Uttara nodded yes.
Ragini:”Sanskar, we should leave if we want to come back before lunch”
Sanskar:”yeah, i will just get the file and come. Swara, you kept it right?”
Swara:”come, i will give you.”

Swasan room:
Sanskar, on noticing Swara lost:”what happened? Why are you tensed?”
Swara:”Sanskar, i know Ragini is only pretending to be happy but inside…”

Sanskar:”i know Swara. But even i am trying to find Laksh but till now we didn’t find anything. God knows where he went.”

Swara:”i know you are trying your best to find him but i am not being able to see Ragini like this. So much happened in these 6 months with her”

Sanskar:”once Laksh is found, he will be punished for leaving us. I will punish him a lot” he said this teary eyed.
Swara:”now come one, Ragini must be waiting for you”
Sanskar:”but before that i want my good luck kiss.”
Swara kissed him on his cheek.

Ragini was coming back from her room, when she saw Ap crying, holding Laksh’s picture in her room.
She came to her and sat on her knees in front of Ap.
Ragini:”what is this maa? Why are you crying?”
Ap:”don’t know where he will be, if he is fine or not?”
Ragini:”maa, do you think that if Laksh sees you crying like this, he will be happy? He will be upset to himself that he is making you cry so much. Do you want that?”
Ap nodded no.
Ragini:”so stop crying and trust me, he will be back, he has to come back for you, his family, for me. He will have to.”
She wiped Ap’s tears.
Ragini:”now lets go downstairs.” They both went down.
And Sanskar and Ragini left for the meeting.

In an office:
A man came to Laksh or Laksh’s lookalike.
Man:”Abhimanyu sir, there seminars this week, you will have to go to Mumbai for that. It is for 5-6 days”
Abhimayu/ Laksh:”ok, call home to inform Avni (the small girl) and the servants as I can’t take her with me. She has school”
Man:”ok, i will inform them and also bring your bag, you will have to leave in the afternoon itself.”
The man left and Abhimanyu called Avni to tell her about the seminars.
Avni:”ok Papa, but you have to bring gifts for me from there. Many gifts”
Abhimanyu:”done, you message me what you want. Love you”
Avni:”love you too papa. And take care” she hung up.

Maheswari office:
The manager also inform Sanskar and Ragini about the seminars.
Sanskar:”what? Why did you not tell us before? How will we go now?”
Manager:”sorry sir, i forgot…”
Ragini:”Sanskar, calm down. Maybe he forgot”
Sanskar:”but what will we do now? This seminar is really important”
Ragini:”i will go there…”
Sanskar:”no Ragini, Swara will kill me if i let you go alone, i will manage it”
Ragini:”Sanskar, Uttara’s wedding is being fix, you will be needed here. Already Laksh is not here, and if you also you go then Uttara would be very upset. Plz, i will manage it and i will also talk to Swara.”

Sanskar:”ok, then i will talk to her and send your luggage here”
Ragini:”now you go. I will make the preparations for the seminar before leaving”
Sanskar left and Ragini got busy in the preparation.

In the afternoon, both Ragini and Abhimanyu left from their office for Mumbai, with their respective working team

Sanskar had a tough time to explain Maheswari to let Ragini go alone. Swara was very angry on him but then he convinced her.

All teams and companies reached Mumbai and the hotel they had to stay. The first presentation was the next day so all of them had time to rest.

Abhimanyu’s room:
He was reading some files for the next day presentation. His team was also there and they were discussing the presentation and they kept preparing it for hours.

Ragini’s room:
She was alone in her room and talking on the phone.
Ragini:”look, i have come to Mumbai for your project. This project is for you Laksh. I am missing you a lot. Plz, come back now. I will need your help in the project. But i know you will be back. And till then i will keep waiting for you. Now i should sleep, tomorrow i have meetings and presentation. So good night.”

Actually, she was recording all that. It was a voicemail. Since 6 months she has been doing these recordings so that when Laksh comes back, he will know everything that happened. He would not miss anything.

Next morning:
All the presentation were about to start. Everyone took their places in the conference room/ hall. Once all were settled, the presentation starts. Many companies present their project. Abhimanyu’s company came next. He didn’t present but one of his team member did the presentation. Soon Maheswari name was announced.
Abhimanyu grew tensed hearing Maheswari name. He wanted to leave but could not as this would be rude. But he was also happy thinking that Sanskar would present the project.

The host:”so plz, let’s us invite on stage for the project of Maheswari group, Mrs Ragini Laksh Maheswari.”
Abhimanyu was shocked hearing Ragini’s name but was smiling. Ragini present the project and everyone was impressed by the project and clapped for her at the end.

Abhimanyu (so you should have guess that he is Laksh by now) was very happy seeing Ragini and wanted to go to her but controlled himself.

The host said that there was a party later on as all the well known businesses were there. Everyone went back to their room to prepare for the party. Laksh went to the organizer to inform him that he might not be able to stay longer due to some work.

Organizer:”sorry, Mr. Abhimanyu but the seminar is for 5/6 days, you can’t leave like this. This was the first presentation for the first day, there are more presentations and if you still want to leave then i will have to remove your name and company from the list.”
So the purpose of this seminar is that the best company will be able to operate with an international one. So all businesses wanted this opportunity and they cannot let this go.

Laksh/ Abhimanyu:”ok, i am staying”
He went back to his room and thinks about Ragini. He smiled thinking that she became independent. He was happy seeing her but also tensed that he will have to stay away from her.

Ragini’s room:
Ragini, on the recorder:”see Laksh, everyone is so happy by your project, it was your idea after all. I am so happy for you. Laksh, don’t know why, but during the presentation, i thought you were here. I felt your presence here. After 6 months, i am feeling your presence. Maybe you are here, but i am not being able to see you. But no problem, one day i will find you”

She called Swara to tell her about the presentation and all were very happy for her. She informed Swara about the party and said that she doesn’t want to go there. But Swara convinced her to go as she will feel better.
Swara:”Ragini, you should go, this is for business and you will feel better. From 6 months you are just doing work and work. Go, you will feel better.”
Ragini:”ok meri maa. I will go on your saying”
Swara:”better. And yeah, take care”
Ragini:”you also and of everybody”

During the party:
Laksh didn’t want to come but due to his employee’s insistence, he agreed. He didn’t want to come as he didn’t want to fave Ragini. He looked in the hall but didn’t find Ragini.
Laksk, to himself:”maybe she didn’t come. Good, she will not see me”
Someone pats his shoulder, it was the organizer. He came in front of Laksh.
Organizer:”so Mr. Abhimanyu, here is Ragini Laksh Maheswari…” he turned him around and faced Ragini.

Ragini was shocked seeing him and was teary eyed.
Organizer:”Mrs. Ragini and Mr. Abhimanyu, we are considering your projects till now. I was very impressed by your projects”
But both Raglak were not listening to him, they were just staring at each other. Ragini was teary eyed but was also smiling that after 6 months, she saw Laksh. And Laksh, he was looking at her lovingly but was also tensed.

Someone called the organizer and he left, Raglak were now alone amongst the crowd. They were face to face.
Ragini, teary eyed:”Laksh….”
This brought Laksh back to senses and he turned away and walked away from Ragini. Ragini was surprised but then followed him. They came out of the hotel and were now in the garden. Ragini kept stopping him by calling him. She came in front of him to stop him, and hugged him tightly. Laksh felt bad but didn’t reciprocate the hug.
Ragini, still hugging him:”Laksh, where were you? You know how much i miss you. Why did you leave me and everyone. You didn’t think about me, about our family. We have been searching for you since you left”

Laksh was teary eyed listening to her. But composed himself. He hold Ragini’s hand and broke the hug.
Laksh:”excuse me, ma’am, but I don’t know you.”
Ragini was shocked:”what? Laksh, i am Ragini…”
Laksh:”i know you are Ragini, you are representing Maheswari group but i am not Laksh. I am Abhimanyu, not Laksh.”

Laksh:”yes, Abhimanyu”
Ragini:”no you are Laksh. Plz, Laksh, don’t joke”
Laksh:”i am not joking. I am not Laksh. You are misunderstanding”
Ragini:”no Laksh, this is not funny”
Laksh:”how many times should i tell you that i am not Laksh.”
Ragini, holding his hands:”Laksh, plz stop this joke. You don’t know how much i have waited for this day. 6 months, i have been waiting for, Laksh. 6 months”

Laksh, pretending to be irritated:”i am not Laksh…”
Saying this, he jerked her hands away from him due to which Ragini fell on the floor, and hurt her hand.
She looked at her wound and then at Laksh. Laksh felt bad as he didn’t want to hurt her. He was about to help but Ragini stands up herself. So he looked away as if not caring about her.

Ragini:”i am sorry… i am sorry, Mr. Abhimanyu. I thought you were Laksh. But no. You are not Laksh. Because my Laksh would not hurt me. He would not pushed me. I am really sorry.” Saying this, she run away from there.

Laksh was now alone. He felt angry on himself for hurting her and was teary eyed.

Ragini’s room:
She locked herself in the room and cried bitterly. This was the first time in 6 months that she cried. After sometimes, she wiped her tears and took a knife on the table. She cut her palm of the her left hand. Her hand started to bleed. She then went into the washroom and washed her bl**dy hand. But didn’t apply any medicines on her hand.

This was not new for her. In this 6 months, she hurt herself multiple times. She did so to stop herself from crying. Whenever she missed Laksh, she wanted to cry and she couldn’t as she didn’t want the family to see her in that state. So instead of crying, she hurt herself.

Next morning:
Ragini went to the presentation room, they all had to prepare another presentation about their company. She saw Abhimanyu/ Laksh, he also noticed her and felt bad. Ragini ignored him and went to her team. As her team consists of young people that she appointed when she joined the business, they didn’t see Laksh so wouldn’t recognize him.

Laksh noticed Ragini’s hand and thinks:”did she hurt herself?” He wanted to go to her but his employee called him to prepare the next presentation.
Laksh, to himself:”i should control myself, I can’t go to her or she will be convinced that i am Laksh. I should maintain my distance from her.”

All the teams were making the presentation and Laksh, sometimes, was looking at Ragini. He smiled looking at her and somewhere he also felt proud of her.

Ragini’s phone rang and she went outside to pick it up. Laksh went back to his team and the presentation. Ragini came back still on the phone.
Ragini:”maa, don’t worry, i am fine. And you see that when your son comes back, he will be proud.”
Laksh:”maa… Ragini is talking to maa. I wished i could also talk to her.”
Ragini:”maa, don’t worry, your son will be back and when he will come, tell him that I won’t spare him. I will take his class and punish him that he left us and went away.”
Laksh smiled thinking that Ragini and his family still hopes that he will come back.

Ragini:”why should i cry? I am not crying but you are. 4,5 tears must have come out hearing Laksh’s name. Come on, wipe them and Swara must be besides you with your medicines. Take them.”
Ap hand the phone to Swara and she drank her medicines.

Swara:”so how is it going?”
Swara:”are you fine? I mean your voice seems different…”
Ragini:”yeah Swara, i am fine. And tell Sanskar that everything is going well and he must not worry. And to concentrate on his project”
Swara, laughs:”ok, i will tell him”
Ragini:”ok, i will talk to you later on. There is still lots of work”
Swara:”Ragini, did you hurt yourself again?”
Ragini, looking at her hand:”yeah, i got hurt again.”
Swara:”Ragini, you should be careful”
Ragini:”bye bye”
Swara:”Ragini… this girl…”

Ragini:”guys, i will be back.” And she left.
Laksh thinks about his family and became sad. He remembered all his moments with them. His employee brought him back to senses.
Employee:”sir, are you fine? You are lost since a long time”
Laksh:”no, i am fine. Let’s concentrate”

After 15-20 minutes, Laksh’s presentation was over. He sent the employees to rest for sometimes while he saved the work.
Ragini came in while recording:”see, everyone is working really hard on your project”
The employees know that Ragini does recording so they also participate with her.
Employees:”yes sir. We will give our best to complete your project”
Laksh was confused as he was thinking that Ragini was talking to someone on the phone.
Ragini:”ok, now i will talk to you later on. There is still work left. Bye.” And she stopped the recording.

Laksh, to himself:”with whom is she talking to?”
Ragini:”the presentation is done?”
Team member:”yes ma’am. Only the last slide”
Ragini:”i will do it… ( she started to type) Presentation of Maheswari group, done by….” she checked her phone as it rang.

Laksh, smilingly and whispering:”done by Ragini Maheswari. I am so proud of you, Ragini. Now all the businesses will know Ragini”
Ragini, after checking her phone:”done by Mr. Laksh Maheswari”
Laksh, surprised and shocked:”what? Why did she do that?”
Ragini:”ok guys, go take some rest and enjoy a bit before the meeting”
Team member:”ma’am, i will save it on a pen drive too, in case. Then i will go”
Ragini:”ok. Keep the pen drive with you”
Ragini left from there.

Laksh went to Ragini’s team member.
Laksh:”excuse me, can i ask you something?”
Member:”yeah, sure”
Laksh:”why did she say Laksh Maheswari? I mean she did the presentation then why she put someone’s else name on it?”

Member:”sir, actually ma’am always do that. Laksh Maheswari is her husband, he is missing since 6 months and they are trying to find him. Till then Ragini ma’am took all his responsibilities, she handles his parents, his family and his office work. Whatever work Ma’am has done till now is on Laksh sir name. She said that once Laksh sir returns, all this would be his. That’s why everyone knows that puts Laksh sir name everywhere: in presentations. In every contract, she has put a clause that being Laksh sir wife she is signing but once he comes back, everything is his.”

Laksh was shocked hearing that. He didn’t know how to react.
Member:”and the recording is also for Laksh sir…”
Member:”what she was doing earlier, she always do that. Every single thing is recorded. She said that she wants Laksh sir to know what happened in this 6 months. She will not let him miss anything”

Laksh was teary eyed hearing that. The team member left from there. Laksh remembered all that the team member said to him.
Laksh, to himself:”you still love me so much, Ragini and me…. i am hurting you so much. I am sorry. You handled everything in this 6 months. I didn’t even try to know how you were without me. I am sorry.”
Ragini came there on the phone. He turned away so that she doesn’t see his tears.

Ragini, on the phone:”congratulations Uttara, you’re getting engaged. When is the engagement?”
Laksh, happy:”Uttara is getting married….” he smiled to himself.

Uttara:”in 5 days bhabhi. I am so happy. You should have been here. Everyone is teasing me here, Sanskar bhai and Swara bhabhi.”
Ragini:” if i was there, I would have teased you more”
Uttara:”bhabhi, you will come right, for my engagement?”
Uttara:”bhabhi, plz, i wanted Laksh bhai to be here and for now you are representing Laksh bhai. Plz Bhabhi.”
Ragini:”ok, ok. I might be late as we will leave on that day only from here but i will come”
Uttara:”ok bhabhi. Love you”
Uttara informed everyone behind her Ragini would come on her engagement. Everyone was happy as actually Ragini stayed away from those functions.

Swara took the phone.
Swara:”Ragini, Are you sure?”
Ragini:”yes Swara, Uttara wants that her Laksh bhai comes for her engagement so i will come on Laksh’s behalf”
They hung up. Ragini faced Laksh who was upset. Ragini saw that he was disturbed but, she left from there. Laksh thinks to find out if really Ragini and his family are still waiting for him so he decides to follow her.

Ragini went to the garden and Laksh also came there. He hides from her. Ragini took out her phone and started to record.

Ragini:”congratulations Laksh, your sister is getting married, in 5 days, its her engagement. Everyone is so happy. She wants you to there but you don’t worry, i will go from your side. I will not let her miss you. I will do everything on your side. And yeah, your presentation is also ready, everyone worked really hard on it. I hope they like it. So now, i should go. I need to prepare for the presentation. Bye”

She stopped the recording and smiled. Laksh was looking at her all the while. He was teary eyed and felt really bad.
Laksh, to himself:”i am sorry Ragini. But I can’t do anything. I have to stay away from you, from all of you. I love you too, Ragini… but I can’t tell you that i am Laksh. I am sorry…”

After several hours, the presentation were done and the host invited them for dinner. A special dinner. Ragini was staring at Laksh, he was also aware of her gaze and tired to ignore it but he couldn’t.
Organizer:”why don’t we make this dinner even more special with some dance?”
There were some couple dance going on and all the others danced, only Ragini and Laksh were at their placeb.

Ragini took out her phone and recorded the dance of the employees while talking:”see Laksh, how they are enjoying, i wish you were here but never mind…”
The host came to her so she stopped the recording and talked to him.
Host:”ma’am, plz come. You also dance”
Ragini:”no thanks, i am fine”
Host:”are you sure?”
A voice from behind:”let her be. She doesn’t want to”
It was a man, Mr. Sharma. He is from Maheswari group rival company. He doesn’t like Maheswari as he lost the contracts from Sanskar and Ragini many time.

Mr. Sharma:”she doesn’t want to dance and with whom will she dance? She has no one”
Laksh was seeing all that and came closer to hear what was going on.
Ragini, to the host:”i really don’t want to dance”
Host:”ok ma’am”
Mr. Sharma:”Ragini Maheswari is alone today? No Sanskar, no one”
Ragini:”i need to go…”
Mr. Sharma:”listen, i want to ask you something…” he said blocking her way.

Ragini, irritated:”what?”
Ragini’s team joined her and all stopped dancing and were looking at them.
Mr. Sharma:”did you find your husband?”
Ragini stayed quiet.
Mr. Sharma:”no, so sad. But how will you find him? He is dead, you can’t bring him back”
Ragini:”he is not dead, he will come back”
Mr. Sharma:”doctors confirmed his death and still you… i think you have gone crazy”
Laksh was getting angry, he clenched his fist to control his anger.

Mr. Sharma:”why don’t you accept that he is dead?”
Ragini:”and why don’t you mind your business? We here for the seminar not to discuss my private life.”
Me. Sharma:”but your private life is so interesting. Ladies and gentlemen, here is Ragini Maheswari, her husband is dead but she is still hoping that he will come back”
Ragini:”just stop it. Don’t cross your limits”
Mr. Sharma:”why do you think that he is alive?”
Ragini:”because he is…”
Mr. Sharma:”what proofs do you have that is alive?”
Ragini:”and what proofs do you have that he is dead”
Mr. Sharma:”doctors confirmed…”
Ragini:”did you see his dead body? Did you witness his final rites? No, you don’t have any proof that he is dead. But i have that he is alive…”
Laksh and the others were confused. But along with confusion, Laksh was tensed about what Ragini would say.
Ragini:”i have proofs and that proof is me, myself. Me, being alive is the proof that Laksh is also alive. Raglak is one, no one can separate them, our heartbeats is joined, if Laksh’s heartbeat stopped so Ragini’s also would stop. If that stop, then i will believe that Laksh is no more.”

Laksh looked at her lovingly. Everyone was impressed by her love.
Host:”Mr. Sharma, i think you got your answers, so better if you go on you table”
Mr. Sharma left fuming.
Ragini wanted to cry and was about to leave.
Team member:”ma’am, are you fine?”
Ragini, controlling her tears:”yes, i will just be back. You guys enjoy”
She left from there and as Laksh was feeling bad for her, he followed her till he reached her room. The door was open so he entered the room.
Ragini was sitting at the edge of the bed staring at the floor aimlessly. He thought to back off but then noticed Ragini’s hand bleeding as she was hurting herself. He ran to stop her and threw the knife away.

Laksh, teary eyed:”what are you doing? Why are you hurting yourself?”
Ragini removed his hands.
Laksh:”Ragini…” he hold her hands again.
Laksh:”why are you doing this?”
Ragini:”why? Why are you bothering? You are not Laksh, then why are you worried for me?”
Laksh, angrily:”i am L…. (he calmed down) because I can’t see anyone hurt. I mean you are hurting yourself for someone who is dead”
Ragini:”he is not dead…”
Laksh, angrily:”he is… and better if you accept it. Don’t give yourself and your family false hope. If you accept it then all will accept it”
He put his handkerchief around her wound and left from there. Ragini locked herself once he was out. Laksh went to his room and angrily threw this things.

His room became a total mess. He was feeling guilty, sad and disappointed from himself. He hurt his hands while throwing away a glass.
Laksh, looking at his hand:”this is my punishment, for hurting you Ragini. I am very sorry.”

Ragini’s room:”
She was sitting on the floor remembering all that happened earlier. Her phone rang and it was Sanskar. She picked it up.
Sanskar:”Ragini, i need the blue file, i gave you. I am in office but not finding it….”
Ragini:”i gave it to Swara …”
Sanskar:”Ragini, what happened? Why are you sounding so low and upset?”
Ragini began to cry.
Sanskar:”Ragini, what happened? Stop crying and tell me”
Ragini, while crying:”Laksh…”
Sanskar:”Laksh, did you see him?”
Ragini:”I don’t know…”
Sanskar:”Ragini, calm down and tell me everything”
Ragini told him everything and cried bitterly.
Sanskar::”Ragini, stop crying. I am coming there and we will find out. Relax, don’t cry”
Ragini:”Sanskar, don’t tell anything to anyone. I mean if he is not Laksh, then all will be upset”
Sanskar:”ok, don’t worry. I won’t tell anything”
They hung up.
Sanskar, to himself:”if he is Laksh then why is he refusing? But Ragini cannot be wrong. She would know if it was not Laksh. I must go there.”

Maheswari mansion:
Sanskar informed everyone that he is going to the seminars. Everyone was confused why he was going there. Swara asked h but he said that he was going to help Ragini as there are a lot of work there. Everyone agreed but Swara was doubtful.
Swara:”i will also come with you…”
Sanskar:”Swara, you have to be here for Uttara. Plz, and i am going to be busy there”
Swara:”ok, you call me when you reach”
Sanskar nodded yes. He kissed her on her cheeks and left. Swara was still tensed.

Sanskar reached Mumbai and came to the hotel. That day, Ragini didn’t come out of her room. Sanskar asked the receptionist about Ragini’s room and she told him.
In the room:

Sanskar knocked the door, Ragini opened it. Her eyes were red as if she cried a lot. And this was true: she cried a lot.
She let him in and again explained Sanskar what happened.
Sanskar:”ok, i have a way to know the truth. But before that, i want to see him. But he should not see me”
Ragini:”what will you do?”
Sanskar smiled at her.

During the evening:
All companies were regrouped in the hall as the organizer wanted to talk to them. Laksh was also there with his team. His eyes were searching for Ragin.
Ragini also came there with a disguised Sanskar. He was disguised in sardaar, wearing a long beard and a turban. He came after Ragini. Sanskar signed Ragini where is he. Ragini pointed him Laksh who was talking to his team. Sanskar was happy and teary eyed seeing him.

After the announcement, Sanskar started to execute his plans. He went to Ragini.
Sanskar:”Ragini, ready?”
Ragini:”do you think it will work?”
Sanskar:”sure, Laksh would never tolerate someone misbehaving with his wife”
So here is the plan, Sanskar would pretend to misbehave with Ragini while Laksh sees all this and then he will save her and Sanskar would provoke him to tell the truth.

Sanskar went near Laksk and talked to a man near the bar counter.
Sanskar, with sardaar accent:”that girl seems very cute. Look over there, the one wearing the long skirt. I heard her husband is dead. She will be broken by now…” he said it loudly.

Laksh turned around to see him but didn’t recognize him. He looked towards the girl he is talking about and realized that it was Ragini. He was really angry. Sanskar noticed him and smiled.
Sanskar went to Ragini and pulled her with him. Laksh was very much angry and followed them.

Outside the hall:
Sanskar was pulling Ragini and someone’s hold Ragini’s hand from behind. They turned around and found Laksh.
Laksh:”leave her.”
Laksh:”i said leave her” he removed her hand from Sanskar’s hand”
Sanskar, whispered to Laksh:”i will send her afterwards to you…”
Laksh pushed him away:”how dare you?”
He started to beat him. Ragini tried to stop him but Sanskar signed her no.
Sanskar:”who is she to you that you are protecting her so much”
Laksh, while beating him:”she is my wife and don’t you dare touch or say anything about her”
He continued to beat Sanskar.
Ragini:”stop it now. Laksh, plz stop it”
Laksh stopped at once as he realized what he said. Ragini hugged him while Sanskar smilingly stand up.
Ragini:”why did you lie to me? And what did you think that i will not recognize you. I knew it from the day i met you here. That’s why i made you listen to the phone conversation”
Laksh:”i am sorry, i just said it like that. She is not my wife. I said it to protect you from him”
Sanskar:”how much will you lie, Laksh?”
Laksh was confused until Sanskar removed the beard and the turban.
Sanskar:”now we know the truth. So no need to lie.” Sanskar hugged him.
Laksh:”i am sorry, I don’t know you”
Sanskar:”stop it now. You know how much we search for you. Now come on, everyone is waiting for you at home. They will be so happy especially bade maa”

Suddenly Avni came there calling Laksh Papa. Laksh picked her up.
Avni:”Sorry Papa, i was missing you a lot so i told them to bring me here”
Laksh:”it’s ok, beta” he kissed her and hugged her.
Ragini and Sanskar were shocked and confused.
Laksh:”Mr. Sanskar and Mrs. Ragini, she is my daughter, Avni…”
Avni:”hello uncle aunty”
Laksh, to his team:”take her inside, i need to talk to them”
They took Avni inside.
Laksh:”yes, i am Laksh. But now this is my family. I don’t have any relation with you Ragini because i am married to someone else.”
Ragini was shocked.
Laksh:”so Sanskar, better you take her from here and make everyone understand that Laksh is dead”
Ragini could not bear it anymore and she run away from there. Sanskar went behind her.
Laksh felt bad but couldn’t do anything.

Ragini was running, she stopped and cries a lot. Sanskar came there.
Sanskar:”Ragini, plz calm down”
Ragini fell on her knees. Sanskar hugged her to comfort her.
Sanskar:”Ragini, calm down. We will talk to him again. How can he do that to you?”
Ragini:”no, Sanskar. I don’t want to talk to him. He just threw mw out of his life just like that. I don’t want to talk to him, now”
Sanskar:”ok, we are going from here. Let’s go”
Ragini:”no, you have work hard for this project. Papa, chachji, me, all of us worked really hard on this. I don’t want all our hard work to be ruined because of me”
Sanskar:”Ragini, nothing will be ruined. And Papa and bade papa will understand why you left…”
Ragini:”no, you won’t tell them anything about Laksh to them. They can wait for him but i don’t want them to hate him. Plz, you won’t tell them.”
Ragini nodded no.
Sanskar:”ok, I won’t tell them anything”
Ragini:”and we will finish this project and will go for Uttara’s engagement”
Sanskar smiled seeing her courage and felt proud of his friend.

Laksh’s room:
Avni and a woman were there. Laksh entered all sad. Laksh saw the woman and Avni sleeping.
Laksh:”what are you doing here?”
Woman:”she is your wife, right?”
Woman:”why did you lie to her?”
Laksh:”I didn’t lie…”
Woman:”you lie that you marry someone else. You didn’t marry anyone. You still have Ragini in your heart. Why are you hurting her?”
Laksh:”i promise you…”
Woman:”i know but i am telling you that you did so much for us. It’s enough now”

Laksh:”I can’t forget that because of me, you lost your husband in the car accident and Avni lost her dad because of me. Still you saved my life. I am just returning you the favours”
Woman:”but still Laksh, what about Ragini?”
Laksh:”everyone is with her, my family, her family, everyone”
Woman:”ok, i will go to the other room, let Avni be with you”
She left from there.
Laksh to himself:”I can’t be so selfish, Ragini, because of me, this small girl lost her dad. I know you will understand but still I can’t tell you”

Next day:
The last day of the seminar, Laksh came there along with Sonia (woman) and Avni. They sat together on their table. Ragini saw them together and grew sad. Sanskar comfort her. Sonia noticed her.
Ragini gave her presentation, she tried to stay calm and gave her best but was distracted. Laksh couldn’t look at her as he knows the pain she is going through.

After the presentation, the host announced the company who will operate with the international one and it was Laksh’s company.
Ragini, to Sanskar:”i am sorry, i was distracted…”
Sansakr:”its ok, Ragini. I can understand and we will get more opportunities”
Ragini gave Sanskar a pen drive.
Ragini:”plz throw it. This is all the recordings i have made. I can’t throw it, plz throw it”
Sanskar took the pen drive.
Ragini:”i will bring the bags… then we will leave. Otherwise we will be late for Uttara’s engagement”
Sanskar nodded yes.

Laksh’s room:
He was also packing to return home. Sonia came there.
Sonia:”Laksh, come with me…”
Sonia:”just come…” she pulled him with her along with his luggage.

She brought Laksh to Sanskar and Ragini who were putting the luggages in the car. The other employees already left.

Sanskar and Ragini turned to her.
Sonia:”Ragini, i want to tell you something. Laksh lied to you. He has not marry someone else”
Sanskar:”why did he lie?”
Sonia:”he feels guilty. Six months before, he met with an accident and my husband died in that accident. He considers himself responsible. That’s why he took Avni’s responsibilities. I told him that it was not his fault but…”
Laksh:”Sonia, don’t…”
Sonia:”he loves you a lot, Ragini. And I don’t want to separate you both. Plz, Laksh, can’t you see how much she loves you. Go with her”
Sonia:”i am her mom, i will make her understand. You go with her to your family who is waiting for you”
She left from there.
Sanskar, to Laksh:”you didn’t think about is once. One call, you could have call”
Laksh:”i am sorry, bhai, really sorry”
Sanlak hugged each other.
Sanskar:”stop crying now. Let’s go, everyone is waiting for you”
Laksh:”yes, lets go…”
Sansakr put his luggage in the car.
Ragini went in the car.
Sanskar:”give her sometime, Laksh. You hurt her a lot. She is angry on you”
Laksh:”i know, bhai. I will convince her”
Sanskar:”I don’t think it is going to be that easy”
Laksh:”why bhai?”
Sanskar gave him the pen drive.
Sanskar:”you should listen to what happened in the 6 months. You will get to know it”
Laksh:”bhai, what happened?”
Sanskar:”listen to them, you will get it. Now let’s go”
Laksh was confused but sat in the car nevertheless.

In the car:
Ap called Ragini.
Ragini:”yeah maa…”
Ap:”beta, are you fine?”
Ragini:”yes maa… and you, you took your medicines?”
Ap:”yes, are you coming for the engagement?”
Ragini:”yes maa, we are on our way. And i have a surprise for you…”
Sanskar:”Ragini, later on. Surprise”
Ragini:”i will tell you later on”
They hung up.

After several hours, they reached home. During all this time, Ragini and Laksh did not talk at all. Laksh wanted but then thought about Sanskar asking him to listen to the recording first.

Maheswari mansion:
The house was y decorated as Uttara’s engagement was going on. Sanskar, Ragini and Laksh came in. Swara saw them first.
Everyone followed her gaze and was surprised seeing Laksh. Ap went to him and hugged him. One by one, everyone hugged him. Even Gadiodia family.
Laksh:”congratulations my sister, where is the groom who will have to bear you?”
Everyone laughed.
Swara noticed Ragini angry.
Swara:”what happened?”
Ragini:”nothing, i will change and come”
Ap:”Laksh, you also go and change and then we will talk”

Raglak room:
Ragini came in first, followed by Laksh. The room was full of Laksh pictures. All the walls were covered with his photos.
He was surprised seeing all that and looked at Ragini but she was ignoring him. She went to the washroom to change.

Laksh was looking at his room, everything was still the same. All his things were at the same place.
Ragini came out of the washroom, she was wearing a blue and gold lengha. Laksh was smiling at her.
Ragini, angrily:”you can change. I am going downstairs. When you are ready, you come down”
Laksh:”but you are not fully ready?”
Ragini looked at him with a questioning look.
Laksh:”won’t you put any jewelry”
Ragini:”I don’t like them now” she left from there.
Laksh, to himself:”i will have to convince you no matter what.” He went to change.

When he came downstairs, the guests were surprised seeing him but were also happy.
Soon the engagement begun, everyone was really happy and their happiness were doubled by Laksh’s return.

At night, after the engagement, everyone was talking to Laksh, asking where he was. Ragini went away to the kitchen. Swara followed her.
Swara:”Ragini, you are angry towards him?”
Ragini:”obviously, he didn’t think about me once…”
Swara hugged her.

In the hall:
Sanskar:”arey, let him rest a bit. I will tell you. Laksh, you go”
Laksh went to his room.
Sanskar:”sorry, i sent him but Ragini is very angry on him… he have to convince her.”
Ap:”i know… let him be with Ragini”

Raglak room:
Laksh searched the laptop and put the recordings. The first ones were very emotional for him and as the recordings continued, Ragini told him everything. He was smiling listening to them. But one of them shocks him.
Ragini, on the recording:”Laksh, i want to tell you something important. I wanted you to be here on this moment but can’t do anything so i am telling you through the recording. Mr. Maheswari, you are going to become Papa….”
Laksh was shocked.
Ragini:”i am pregnant, but you don’t worry, i will take car of the baby till you come.”

Laksh was shocked hearing that and confused.
Laksh, to himself:”pregnant but that’s only six months, then where is the baby?”
He put the next recording.
Ragini:”Laksh, see naa. It’s like 2 in the morning and your baby is hungry. Don’t know what he wants?”

Laksh was confused at what happened? If Ragini was pregnant then….
He put another one and some more.

Ragini came there so he put earphones to listen to it.
He listened to all the recordings but couldn’t find out what really happened if Ragini was pregnant.
Laksh was confused and thinks to ask Sanskar.
Without delaying, he went Swasan room.
He knocked at the door.
Swara opened it.
Swara:”Laksh? What are you doing here, at this time? Everything is fine?”
Laksh:”i need to talk to you…” Sanskar also woke up, and Swara let him in.

Sanskar:”what happened Laksh?”
Laksh:”Ragini was pregnant?”
Swara:”so you listened to the recordings?”
Laksh nodded yes.
Swara:”yes Ragini was pregnant from one month when you left. We got to know it afterwards. She was really happy and everyone was.”

Sanskar:”and during that time only, the doctors informed about your death… she was really stressed, and depressed at that time…”
Swara:”due to lots of stress, she suffered a miscarriage and lost her baby.”
Laksh was shocked.
Laksh:”she lost our baby because of me…”
Sanskar:”no, it is not because of you…”

Swara:”yes, Laksh, at that time, everything was messed up, everyone was taunting her that you are dead so she should stop hoping your return. That’s why she was stressed, you are not at fault.”

Sanskar:”that’s why Ragini is so upset with you, because you were not with her at the time she needed you more”

Laksh left from there and went back to his room. Sanskar wanted to go to him
Swara:”no, we should let them alone. Laksh will have to talk to her.”

Raglak room:
Laksh entered the room and Ragini was already sleeping. He went to her and bend down on his knees next to her. He kissed her forehead. And stand up again.

After few hours:
Laksh woke her up. She woke up and found the room decorated with balloons and written sorry on them.
Laksh was besides her.
She stands up and he came near her.

Laksh:”Ragini, i know i hurt you a lot. I am really sorry. I know that this sorry also in not enough for the pain i gave you. But plz forgive. And if i have to say sorry to you millions of time also, i will say. You can punish me the way you want. I will do everything. But plz forgive.”
Ragini looked at him teary eyed.

Laksh:”i was not with you when you needed my the most…. (he placed his hands on her belly) because of me, we lost our child”
Ragini was a bit surprised that he knows it.
Ragini:”how do you know it?”
Laksh:”Sanskar gave me the recordings.”

Ragini:”Laksh, i might be angry with you for leaving me but the miscarriage is not your fault. You didn’t even know about it. The miscarriage was my fault, I couldn’t take care of your baby. I am a very bad mom, I couldn’t even protect him.”

Laksh:”no… its not your fault. You are not a bad mom, it’s just happened. Don’t blame yourself. I promise you that i will always take care of you. And i am really sorry once again.”

Ragini:”sorry… what do you think that making these arrangements will be enough….”
Laksh bend down his head.
Ragini:”i will not spare you for what you did to me… 6 months, i waited for you and you… wait.”
She took the pillow and started to beat him with it. Soon, she found new objects and was throwing it on Laksh.

Laksh:”Ragini, i will get hurt…” he said trying to avoid those things.
Everyone heard the noise and came at the door but Swasan stopped them from knocking.

Ragini:”hurt? What about me? You hurt me so much so now punishment time.”
Laksh:”Ragini, i am sorry.”
Ragini:”sorry, I don’t want your sorry. Keep it for yourself”
Everyone was laughing outside.

Ap:”Ragini said to me that she will take his class when he comes back. And see”
Sanskar:”bade maa, i think we should also take his class”
They entered the room.
Laksh:”maa, save me…” Ragini stopped at once seeing all the family.
Ap:”why should i stop her? She is right.”
Ap hold Laksh’s ears and twisted it.
Sanskar also have fun with him. And they all started to beat him with pillows and cushions.

After sometimes:
Laksh:”i am really sorry once again.”
Ap:”its ok, beta. But you have to promise me that you will never do that again. And that you will never hurt my daughter like this again”

Soon everyone left the room.
Laksh:”so wants to beat me more?”
Ragini came to him and tried to beat him on his chest but then hugged him and cried a lot.
Ragini;”you won’t do that again, ok? Next time, you will not be forgiven. And i will never see your face again”

Laksh:”there will be no next time. Promise. And i promise you that we will start afresh, forgetting everything. And Ragini, plz don’t consider yourself guilty for the miscarriage, it was not your fault.”

Ragini hugged him tightly and they stayed like this for a long time.

And soon they went to sleep, Raglak slept in each other’s embrace.

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