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RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 56)

Thank you so much for you positive comments and please keep commenting hopefully you guys like how my story is going so far… please Silent reader comment want to know your opinion in my ff aswell…

Ragini was still getting ready with white lace saree with black border her blouse was shoulder off she was looking hot… Laksh came and back hugged her, he was giving her wet kisses on her neck
Laksh: you look damn hot my dear wifey
Ragini: Thank you my handsome husband can you get ready as you said that you have a surprise and look im ready and you’re not!
Laksh: okay!! Will do


He goes and gets ready…

They both came out the room and saw everyone outside their room…

Ragini: omg even I forgot my birthday
Laksh: Happy birthday jaan… (He kisses her forehead)
Sid: and one more thing guys
All: Happy Diwali too all

Laksh: we all did not wish you and we thought you would be angry but you forgot your own birthday stupid girl…
Ragini: well why would I be angry as I have a loving family…
Laksh: appa’s and amma’s I am going to take Ragini on a date we will be back in 3 hours then we can celebrate her birthday together and also celebrate Diwali okay?
All: okay done…
Roshini: but my dear brother take care for my sister in law… don’t do nothing naughty with her okay… and Ragini like how you did your hair the bun looks awesome…

All laughs
Laksh: please sister stop embarrassing me… okay now shall we leave?
Ragini: how about that children?
Laksh: it’s just us two our loving family will take care of them won’t you?
Uttara: of course Bhayia
Laksh: that’s my chotiii!!! Muwaahhh (he kisses her cheeks)

They both leave waving bye to the whole family…


They came to THE GRAND MERIDIAN… (Oh guys by the way I changed their location to London they moved and live in London now 😛 sorry for being late about that)
Ragini: Laksh why here it’s really expensive we could have just went to a normal restaurant like Nandos or Timmy’s, why here
Laksh: look Ragini you’re my wife I can do anything for you so just chup and come with me and I booked the whole building just for me and you so we are going to have lunch and I will so some romance with you as I would not later… (He winks at her)
Ragini: okay, okay on one note chee Laksh father of five and you still have no shame enough…

Before she could speak he hold her from her waist and sucks hard on the hips she wasn’t shocked as she knew it was coming and she too joined in with him… they were kissing passionately they didn’t want to let go of each other…

Ragini moved back and whispered: L…Laksh…
Laksh he too whispered: Yes, Ragini
Ragini: Shall we have lunch and then romance so we don’t have to waste time
Laksh: oh now see who’s shameless
Ragini: oh fine then we just keep talking like this and remember we only have 3 hours then we have to go home … I will not delay a single minute
Laksh: okay baba I was joking… let have lunch

They go in and the place was decorated with Ragini’s favourite things and colours. She was amazed and happy to have a husband like him…

Laksh: do you like it
Ragini: I love it… for this I would give you anything you ask… you are then best husband that anyone could get I don’t know what I have don’t in the past generation to get someone loving like you and I also have the best family…
Laksh: so you would give anything eyy
Ragini: yes
Laksh: I will ask for it later okay
Ragini: okay now come lets have lunch I don’t want to waste time and keep my handsome husband waiting now do I?
Laksh: of course you don’t come let move
They have candle light lunch

To be continued…

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