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RagLak – our lost love… (OS) (Promo) (Keep a watch it will up soon)

As you guys know all the stories from before so this will start from when he gets married to Kavya…

Laksh Durga Prasad Maheshwari / Abhimanyu Khanna: Bubbly modern guy love his family. Loved Swara, got married to Ragini then divorced her and married Kavya…


Ragini Gadodia / Maheshwari: Sweet, bubbly girl but reserved type for the dadi and papa… loved her sister Swara a lot and her family… loves Laksh to the core but betrayed … now divorced and heartbroken as Laksh cheated her…

Swara Sanskar Maheshwari: Ragini’s sister… loves Ragini a lot and her family would do anything for her sister… also loves Sanskar

Sanskar Ram Prasad Maheshwari: brother of Laksh… loves his brother but now dislikes what he has done to Ragini and the family and also loves Swara a lot

And all the other people are the same in the story…
This OS starts:
With when Kavya stabbed Ragini in the stomach and she was fighting for her life when everyone thought that she was dead Swara and Laksh were the only people who had hope that she would come back to life for her love and for her sister that she loves to the core of her heart… And she got better because of Laksh’s care for Ragini and when Swara came to the Baadi for Ragini’s Alliance Shekar rejects it and them they got married at the end (you guys know what happen)…
So guys this OS will start from when the Maheshwari’s are torn apart as a family because of Parish

So guys hope you liked the promo and would like this OS of mine just keep supporting and commenting please.
Love You All x x x

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