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Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 7)

Lets begin

At baadi
Swaragpiaj enters the baadi..after the tiered dayout
Bt still..rag was hiding her feelings in front of them
Rag:i m tiered i vl go to my rm
Sw:lil worried..no di i vl also cme
Raj:shonu…let her go..
Sw:no bhai
Raj:u go and tk rest ragu
She leaves..and closes the door
Sw:bhai i m worried for her
Piya:ha raj wat hv u done..nw di..
Raj:wat i hv done..y r u worried
Sw:di vl take her angriness with her itself
Raj:wat r u saying i cant understand
Piya:she gets some attacks wen she is stressed that too wen she is alone
Raj:wat u r saying nw
Sw:i tried to sy u bt u..
Raj:wat nw he runs to d door he tries to push bt its locked

Inside rags gets attack..she holds her head and sees some people abusing her there(it was jst her imagination)
Raj feels restless
He left wid no other choice bt to break the door
He then breaks the door..he gets in..he stops swpi
He sees in it was dark
He call ragu..ragu..then he ons the line..
He cant see her any where the room ws mess
He then searches her bathrm bt she was nt there..he comes out and sees her she was sitting in the corner..she was sobbing..he then sees blood near her he runs to her..
He bends and cups her face..he then sees that her legs blood..she suddenly pushes him..
He gts shocked..he again holds her shoulders and shakes her..
Rag then gets up and runs frm there..she runs out..
He too follows her
Sw pi too follows her they had tears..
Rag stands in the middle of the road and closing her eyes and remembering the insult
A car was coming in full speed
Swarajpi sees this and runs towards her and raj pulls her and slaps her & hugs her and cries with her he feels her pain..
He then pulls her and walks straight to their house
Swpi follows them..

Scene changes

Sanky room…
Sanky:who r u anamika..y i feel so connected to u..and i feel u and she (rag)r same
He touches rag painting

Scene changes to baadi

Raj:in words and sign lang too..hw could u rag.. before taking the step u thougth of any body

At the time dadadida comes they r shocked to see a boy scolding their rag..they angrily moves forward..bt swpi stops them and says all recent incident they gets shocked and had tears in their eyes

Rag:bhai i m burden to u all..

Raj gets more anger hearing this: u knw wat..i thought that i got a sister..as i always wanted a sister like u..bt no i was wrong..u wanted to leave me..ragu i knw that u felt bad abt d incident..even we all felt bad..i thougt that i got a brave sis bt no u..u were going to suicide..did u thought wat vl hpn to ur fmly..who wants ur happiness in their happiness..did u thought abt me..hw can i forget i m nt ur bhai..bt a stranger

Rag cries : i m sorry..i cant handle dis anymore..
U knw wat..my life is like a hell..i cant hear ur voice i cant talk to u..

Raj:basss..listen to me…if u hv no voice then also i feel ur voice..i cant even spend a min nw without seeing ur expresn..

Rag cries:sorry bhai..i was selfish..i only thought abt me..

Dadi:laado u r thinking that u r burden to us..no beta u r our life

Dida:v cn forget to live bt nt u..ok

Dada:u r also going to take all our life

Swpi:di i think u never loved us

Rag:goesto them hugs them and says sorry i vl never do this again
She tgen goes to dada dadi dida asks sorry and turns to raj..goes to him he turns back
She goes to his frnt
Rag:sorry bhai i vl never do this again
Rag:promise they hugs and cries hard
All gets happy seeing their bonding

All:hum bhi join ho sakte hai
Both smiles..all has a grp hug

Raj den takes rag to room he then makes her sleep
Seeing this dadadida gets happy they goes to him says tankyou beta
Raj:mein aapka kuch nahi lagta?
All:smiles tum tho humare laadla ho
They hug him

Scene changes to sanlak
Lak cones to san room
Lak:bhai meine use dhoond liya
San:wat?is it?
Lak:i only got her number actually i didnt got their address..there were 2 no bt manager told that one us of her sis so i took it..
San was happy and shocked
San:tu kabhi nahi sudrega
Lak:ye li numbr..cl karo baat karo
San:no..nw she must be sleeping
Lak:ok bhai..gud nytee he leaves

San:smiles seeing her numbr

End of this chapter

Sorry..ragsan meet vl happn soon..i jst wanted to show love is great in any relation nt only..life partner….

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