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Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 15)

Let’s begin

In cafe
San is waiting.. He them sees swaragpi approaçing him.. He was mesmerised see rag.. He finds an angel is approaching him..


SW: hi..
Pi: hi San
San: hi.. He was lil disapointd..
SW noticed it..
SW: any problm
San: no.. He was starting rag SW notices dis..
SW: ok.. Then y u called di.
San doesn’t know wat to know wat to say..
SW some wat feel that san likes rag

San pov
I wanted to meet rag.. Bt she came with these 2.. If she came alone too wat would i do..i don’t know sign Lang
Pov ends

SW pov:
I don’t know.. But somewat i feel that he like no he loves di
Pov ends..

They casually talk..
Then swaragpi takes leave..

He message s now wat we shld do..
It’s not we it’s only you..
Ok. U already give me idea
His mobile beeps.
He smiles evilly..

Rag to raj:u lõve piy right
Raj: why r u asking
Rag: i questioned ü answer me
Raj: yes
Swpi looks confused
Rag: then take her out
Raj: y
SW laughs: bhai she is asking u to go on date
Raj pi blushes
SW: we didn’t said to marry now itself we just said u to go on date that’s it..
Rag: u born vl go t today that’s it
Raj: ok..
He leaves

San was lost in thoughts..
Lak comes
Lak: bhai..
San: ya
Lak: we were u lost.
San: no
Lak: i think it’s abt Rag
San stays silent
Lak: tell watts bothering u
San: i want to be with her but i dont knew sign lang
Lak: hmm
San: now wat shld i do..
Lak: u Cn study na
San: nt who vl teach me
Lak: Raj
San: no
Lak: ü r ryte.. Pia no swara
San: no lak
Lak: i think swara can help you..
San: r u sure
Lak: yes he then calls swara
Swara: kaun
Lak: ür husband
SW: wat
San widens his eyes
Lak :lak hoon
SW: never make these kind of jokes
Lak: ok coming to the point.. We need ü r help

Precap: night fun.. Some romantic moments

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