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Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 9)

Lets begin…

Scene sanlakraj mansion


Msg waala love…😊😃😄
Sanky smiles seeing anamika’s msg
Sanky:is anamika your real name?

Here rag made a scaring face..swpi laughs seeing her face
Swpi:its ur fan..nt our fan so handle ur self they leaves..
Rag doesnt rly..
Again beeps..
Hey u there..??

Rags breath heavily..
Then she replies..
S:den..wats ur name?
Rag thinks wat to do…
S:ok..if u dont want to say..
R:y r u texting me
S:i felt a lot of emotions in ur painting..so thougt to make u frnd
R:hw u felt?
S:dat u must say?wat u made ur painting to attract me?
R:did u buy my painting..
R:y u bought?
Then rag thinks wat type of ques is this?
San thinks she is very childish..hw inncent she is
S:r u going to ask all ur ques today itself o wat?
San smiles..bye..

San was smiling..ap comes
Ap:y my son is smiling?
San:no mom nthng..i hv to go..to avoid frthr ques

Rag comes
Piya:wat is his name?(teasingly)
Rag stares her anger

Sw:tum apni soch babhi(teasingly)baad mein di ke paas jaana
Piya gets shockes
Dadida:hw did piya becme ur bhabi?
Sw:if piya marries..piya pulls her
Piya:nthng dadi..she is mad
Sw:me mad..i vl tell to bhai
Dadi:why vl u tell yo bhai
Sw:di v hv to go to claim your money
Rag:no i vl nt come
Sw:if raj bhai comes wid u..then
Rag gets bored
She mesgs to raj
R:bhai vl u plzz cm to baadi
Then smeone keeps hand on her sholder
She turns smiles widely
Its raj
Raj:see u missed..i m ptesent in frnt of u..ok lets go..
Raj:to claim ur money
Rag smiles
They leaves

They claim her money..they says yhat ur painting had demands bt atlast a young man took it..so we want ur art more..

Sw explains her
She smiles

Then they leaves..

They enters a mall
They takes them to a gold shop
Raj:today my sisters cn buy watever they want
He gets scared by her ques
Sw smiles:aur piya..
Raj:she too
rag:y bhai..no need of this..
Raj:for my sis..i m buying..
Rag smiles..
Then they moves to chain section
Raj selects chain for rag

Swpi was little far
Raj was lukng at pi
Rag sees this
Rag shakes him
Rag:i want to ask smethng
Rag:do u love piya?
Raj:frankly..yes I LOVE HER
rag hugs him..wen u r going to tell her
Raj:no i didnt thought thid much?

Rag slowly turn towards sw and shows thums up
Sw jumps there itself..
Piya:wat r u doing..?
Sw:promise me
Sw:fst promise
Pi:ok promisr..
Sw:do u love bhai?
Pi:wat type of ques
Sw:u prmised u cant back off
Piya:s sw hugs her

Then they leaves frm there

Sw:bhabi jaldi chalo
Piya stares her angrily
Then they all goes in
Raj sees that he has 10 missed calls frm suj
Raj:mom’s 10 missed cals
Rag sees him tensed
Rag goes to him
She sees him talking in phone..he sees her pats her cheeks..then he cuts the call
Rag:wat hpnd
Raj:actually my mom and badi mom wanted to meet u..bt i forgot to pick them
Rag:ohh..bring them all tmrw..ok
Raj:ok..nw bye..
Rag feels sad
Raj:i vl cm tmrq..k
Rag then smiles

Then he takes blessings frm elders and leaves

San mansion
Suj is waiting for raj angrily
Raj comed
Suj:stop..u left us and went to meet my daughters
Raj sorry mom i forgot..ragu invited all of us tmrw
Suj:who ragu?
Raj:ha ragini aur swara..meri behnein
Suj:if u left us tmrw na..then
Raj:sorry mom..tmrw mrng be ready

Rag sees that she has a new msg
Its sanky
S:hi..hope i m nt disturbing u
An unknwn smile appeared on rags face..
S:dont u want to knw my name..
Rag doesnt reply
S:i m sanskaar..bt he hides a true identity
S:if u dnt mind cn we meet some where here

Rag gets shocked she runs to swpi
Swpi smiles seeing this
Sw takes phn..and msgs tmrw morng at 7 at abc park
Piya:wat hv u done swara
Sw:then gets her point
Sw:sorry di..u dnt go thats it
Rag:r u mad..he vl feel bad if i dont go
Sw:then go

At six..sanky gets ready..he was smiling
And goes to park
he was waiting
Then he gets msg cn v meet at near by xyz cafe
(There were some cafe opened at mrng too..guys )

He goes to cafe and sits there and waits..
A girl comes to him..her back is shown
Girl sees sanskar there..
Goes to him:r u sanskar

No precap

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