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Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 14)

Tankyou all for your valuable coments..

Lets begin..
Lak comes to san..
San was lost in rag
Lak:bhai..maajra kya hai..
San comes out
Lak:i m seeing u frm rag room…kahi pe khoye khoye ho..
Lak:love ka formula apply hua..kisi par
San:no..y r u asking..
Lak:promise me..u r hiding nthng
San:y promise and all
Lak:if there is nthng..then promise..wat u vl lose
San gets tensed
Lak:bhai i knw that u r in love
San gets shocked
Lak:m i rytee
San slowly nods..
Lak smiles:my bhai is in love..
San:u only asked na..
Lak:i jst throwed a stone..it was actually rytee..bt bhai..aap..voh..
Lak:girl is ragini rytee
San smilingly:yes..
Lak:r u sure..bhai..voh
San:tu phirse..i m 101% sure..and i knw that u r asking me bcs..ragini is..
Lak:ya bhai..i m asking you this is not an infatuation rytee?
San gets confused..
Lak:think abt it..its abt 2 life..
San:hw cn i find it is love or infatuation?ya i cn say one thing till nw i never felt this much for someone
Lak:bhai..even smthing hpnd wid orang dress wali rytee?
San smiles
San:u knw wat!!
Lak:if u sy i cn knw..
San:orange drs girl and rag r same!
Lak:wat?hw u got to knw..u didnt see her face rytee
San:ya..i got her one earing..in her house too i saw one earing
Lak:it cn be wid anyone..
San:no lak..i knw she is the sm girl i cn feel
Lak:bhai..i m again asking u..r u sure..?
San stays silent..
Lak smilingly:i hv one more formula
Lak:keep ur hand in ur heart and close ur eyes..and say whom u r seeing
San does same..he smiles
San shout:yessss yes
Lak shockingly:wat hpnd
San:i saw rag..
Lak smiles seeing his excitement..
Lak:ok then..
San:lak i m in love wid rag…i cant believe..i m in love..
Lak:nt u bt i cant believe..watever i m happy for u..
Sanlak hugs..lak goes..san takes his mobile and mesgs rag


Sw give rag phn.
Rag takes and sees a new msg frm sn
S:nice to meeting u..u r really a aweame painter..i m ur no.1 fan..
Rag smiles..
R:tankyou..and me tooo nice to meeting u..
San sees this..and was literally happy..
R:no..i cm to sleep jst nw..then i sw ur msg..
S:ok..then u sleep..
R:no its ok..u sy..y u texted me..anything imp..
San pov:imp tho bohoth hai..par abhi nahi..
S:no..gud nyte
R:gud nyte..
S:vl u meet me.same place same time..bt original rag
R:no..tmrw i cant..
R:tmrw my mom’s b’day..every year i & shona celebrate together..
S:ohh..ok then byee

Swarag goes to portrait of sumi..
Swarag:happy birthday mom..they cries and says we miss u..
Rajpi sees this..raj goes to them..
Raj:happy birthday mom..today is ur birthday..bt i got a spcl gifts few days back..frm..u..its ur daughters..i promise u thati vl keep ur daughters happy..this is the promise from ur son
Swaragpi smiles wid tears..
Swarag hugs him..
Pi:cn i also join..
Sw:no..this is sibling love u cant..bcs u r my bhabi..
Then she calls her..and 4 hugs..
Then all had breakfast..
Sw:bhai..r u free today..
Raj:ya..i m there wid u today..bt tmrw i hv imp meeting..
Sw:cn we play smthing..
Raj:wat v vl play..
She goes and comes with piece of cloth
She takes all 3 out
Sw:she ties cloth in raj’s eyes..
Raj:shonu this is cheating..u cn also tie ur self na
Sw:wat to do ur my cute..bhai..
Rag:no bhai u r most handsme guy in the world..
Pi:yeh kuch zyada nahi hua..
Rag:its 100% true..
Raj:shonu..ragu..jalne ki bhoo kahi se aa rahi hai..
Sw:ha bhai..
Piya stares them angrily
Sw:ok then v vl start the game..
They start the game..
Raj couldnt get anyone so he tries to cheat..
Raj:sorry sorry..
Sw gets an idea..
She pushes piya to him..
He holds her..he takes the cloth..he sees that piya in his arm..
Swrag laughs..they both composes..
It was piyas turn
Then it was rag turn..
Rag gets nobody..
Suddenly she holds someones hand..and jumps in happiness..
Its not sw pi or raj..bt its our sanky😊
She takes the cloth..and sees sanky..
Sanky smiles..he felt happy as she was holding his hand..
San:ha..me..i thought to meet my new frnds..
Raj:where is laksh..?
San:flirting kar raha hai..na jane flirting kab chodega..
Raj:ha sw..do u knw..like him no one cant flirt..daily he flirts around 20 girls..
Sanraj:na jane iska yeh flirting ka bhooth kab jayega!!
Sw smirkingly:uska flirting..bhooth hi nikalega
She shares the plan with them..they all says done..
Rag didnt understand wat they were doing..

Lak comes all smiles seeing him
Lak confusedly to rag:wat hpnd to them in sign lang
Rag nods in no..
Lak:wat hpnd to u all?
Lak:then y r u smiling..?
All:simply..do u hv any prblm?
Lak disgusted:no..smile..laugh..or cry..wat is my prblm..by the way in sign lang to rag i m hungry..
Rag smiles and takes him in..
After they leave all hifies..
Sw pov:tonight its going to be a most memorable night Mr.Laksh Maheshwari..

Precap:wat is the plan?

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