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Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 13)


Lets begin..


San was still holding hand..he was looking into her eyes..he was smiling..bg ankhon mein teri ajabsi ajabsi adaayen hai..plays
Rag was trying to release her hand from him..
Then she releases her hand..
San was shocked to his behavior towards her..
He suddenly leaves frm there..
Rag gets confused..
He then again comes back(i think san gone crazy😀😁)

Swalakrajpi side
Rajpi r staring each other lovingly…
Sw sees this:(hrslf):i shld do smthing..i shld leave them alone..iss laksh ko kaun samjayega?!
Sw signals lak to come..
Lak gets shocked..
Sw:lak come i vl shw u our house..
Raj:i vl too come..
Sw:bhai no its ok…piya u stay wid bhai v vl come..she winks at raj
Raj smiles

Swalak leaves..
She takes him to kitchen
Lak:mein aisa waisa ladka nahi hoon..
Sw gets disgusted
Sw:wat do u thing ur self..i called u jst bcz rajpi gets privacy
Lak:wat do u mean by rajpi gets privacy?
Sw:they r in love
Sw:dont scream..
Lak:ya..i shld knw..that wen this hpnd

Sw:today itself..
Lak:wr is dis sanky
Sw:ya..i left him to rag room..bt still nw he didnt come..
Lak:nice aroma is coming wat dish is prepared
Lak:wat u called..u chotu..shonu..
Sw:wat u called me..
Lak:didnt u listen
Lak:wat u??ha
Lak:i m hungry..
Sw(gets idea):oh..u r hungry..
Lak:wat hpnd to few mins back u wr teeki mirchi nw meeti jalebi..
Sw:u go and call sanky..i vl arrange food at table..

Rag sees him confusedly bcz he is smiling like mad..
Lak comes there searching him
Lak sees rag..
He then sees painting all around
Lak:woww..wat a painting..
He then sees san staring her..
He smiles..
He then takes the paint brush..and writes
Hi..i m laksh..and he is sansakar..

Seeing this rag is shocked
Lak writes..yaa he is the same sanskar..who msgd u..
She gets scared..
San:dont be scared..then he gets she cant hear..
He writes
Dont be scared..i m ur fan..wat a artist u r..i m jst like ur frnd..
He forwards his hand
She runs..
Lak:isse kya hua
San:i dont knw..

Rag goes and hides behind raj…
Sanlak comes..raj turns..
Raj:ragu wat hpnd..
Rag points towards sanlak
Raj:ragu they r the guest..and they r my frnd too
And we 3 live together..
San comes forward..
Rag sees him..
He again forwards hand..
Rag sees towards raj..raj smiles..
Rag hesitates..and shakes hand..

San smiles..he felt something..
San was not leaving her hand
Lak(audible to san):bhai hath tho chod do..
San leaves her hand & felt embarassed
Sw comes calls them for dinner..
All goes..all sits except swrag..
Swarag serves food..to all
Sw added chilli pwdr in laksh plate food..

She was smiling..
All then eats..
Bt laksh didnt eat..
Rag sighns lak to eat
San:who made this food..
Rag sees him..
He smiles and shows👌to her..she smiles
Rag sees lak..he didnt eat..san sees too
San:lak..it is yummy..eat na
Lak luks at sw suspiciously..
He then gets up..
All luks at him confused..
San:lak tu kya kar raha hai..

Lak then goes to rag
He holds her hand..and makes her sit..and serves her food..she smiles..
All smiles..
Sw looks at him confused

He comes to sw and gives his plate to sw
Lak:u eat..
Sw:u r guest rytee..u eat..
Lak:no..rag prepared delicious food i vl eat wid rag u eat..
Sw:no..i vl eat later u eat..
All looks at them confusedly..
Rag comes..she in sign lang
Rag:wat hpnd
Sw:tell him to eat..
San:lucky..wats ur drama eat
Raj gets irritated he takes the plate frm them and eats..his eyes gets widened..his gets water..rag goes to him
Lak laughs
San glares at lak..he stops smiling..sw closed her eyes..
Rag gives water to him..then she brings sugar and makes him eat..san smiles seeing her concern..he then gets relief..

Rag to sw:wat is dis?
Sw:i made dis plate to lak..bhai ate dis..wat can i do..?
Rag glares at sw..
Rag:y r u giving dis plate to lak..
Raj:its ok..leave it..lak didnt eat it na..
Rag:bt u ate..
Rag to sw:dont come to me..dis is ur punishment
Lak laughs loudly
Sw:di see hw he is layghing..he was irritating me so
Rag:so u wanted to teach him a lesson..
Sw nods and bows her head..
Sw:i m sorry..
Rag:ask sorry frm lak
Lak laughs..
Lak:no its ok..
Rag:ask sorry sw..
Sw to lak:sorry
Rag to lak:i m sorry on her behalf..if u knw then y u made

bhai eat
Lak didnt understand
Piya explains..
Rag:u ask sorry frm bhai..
Lak to raj:sorry..
San was staring rag
Lak sees this
Lak:bhai..dont see her like this..i caught u 2 times..
San feels embarassed..

Lak to rag:i m hungry
She smiles
She serves to lak and sw
They finish their dinner
Rag then brings rasgulla she serves one by one
Lak:for me 2..bowls
Rag smiles she gives himm
Then sge goes to san
San takes..

San pov
Rag is so cutee..her gestures..her behaviour..i love her..wat sanky..u love her u didnt said this to anyone.u didnt believe in love..nw u r in love

He smiles
Pov ends

Then they leaves

Sanlak mansion
Lak goes to his room
Sam was remembering his moment wid rag
He then goes to his room
He takes his guitar
He sings closing his he sees rag
Ankhe band karke jo ek chehra nazar aaya
Ankhe band karke jo ek chehra nazar aaya
Woh tumhi ho ae sanam
Woh tumhi ho ae sanam

Lak comes there and smiles..

Frnds hw is this part..plzz comment..
A quesn
Whom u like more in this ff

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