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Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (part 1)

So lets begin wuth the first chapter

A girl back is seen she is doing a painting…of mother with 2 kids another girl comes there and smiles seeing her painting

Girl2:laado..i searched u every where in the house..bt how cn i forget that u vl be here in a sign language

Girl1 smiles (girl 1 is ragini)

Girl2:today is concert of sanskar maheshwari do you want to come we vl hv fun( in sign language)

Rag:wat i vl do..i dont knw wat music is!! So u go and hv fun

another girl piya(played by mrunal thakur) she is the frnd of swarag comes there

Piya:chalo na laado maza aayega

Rag:shona piya tum dono jaao mein waha aakar kya karogi

Girl2 is swara

Swara:sanskar maheshwari ko dekhne ke liye tho chalo

Rag:mein use dek kar kya karoongi

Dida comes there and says to ragini

Dida:go ragini u vl feel better

Dada dadi too joins says to her in a sign language

Rag then says ok


Swara:we hv a surprise news to u lado

Piya:till nw u didnt said to her

Sw:i forgot


Dadi dida dada:wat suprise news?

Sw:we robbed one of ur painting sent it to exhibision

Rag gets angry

She scolds them in sign languge

Rag:y u did dis..u didnt asked me once

Sw:sorry laado u do these many paintings by this u vl be popular

Rag:u knw ryte i dont like to go outside bt u
She leaves

All feels bad

Dadi:meri laado ki zindagi mein koi aaye aur andera nikal kar rang barde

Shona&piya:he vl come very soon..

Scene changes to a big mansion

Guy shouts:sanskar sansakar

Scene changes
Sw:where he must be?

Scene changes to mansion
Voice :mein yahaa hoon

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