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Ragini FF- Love Once Again Ch–5

Scene starts in Maheshwari mansion–
All have dinner & goes to there room. Ragini was in her room. She goes near window. She looks at moon & says “Laksh i know nothing have happened to u… Bcz if anything wld have happened to u… then my breath wld also have been stopped… Were are u Laksh… Come back…..” She closes her eyes & a tears role down her cheeks….
Scene shifts to a big Bunglow—
In Kolkata somwhere…… Scene shifts to a big Bunglow—
Its Raichand bunglow….
We see a room were a man is boxing aggresively on punching bag. His face is not reveled. He was shirtless. His whole body was full of Sweat, but still he continued to puch the bag…
Just then a mid – age lady came and says,
Lady- Rudra…. stop it… enough…

But he ignored her & kept punching… Stop for her shake Rudra… plzzz…
The man stopped… He wear his T-shirt & came out… His face was shown… (He is Shaleen Malhotra)…. And the Lady is non other then Avantika Raichand… (played by Mansi Salvi)
Avantika – Rudra… stop hurting ur self… ur pain, u anger everything is justified… But wait for the right time…
Rudra- Wait…. I have been waiting for long….It hurts me mom.. to see her pain, he tears… I wanna go to her , hold her & tell her that i am there but… And he is also there, if he hurts her na… I will ….
Relax Rudra.. Ur time will come soon.. A voice said…
Rudra & Avantika turns to the voice. A man was standing there in formals. Its Akshay Raichand… (played by Gaurav Khanna)
Rudra – Bhai… What do u mean bhai…
Akshay- Check out this file… U will gotta know….
He handover the file to Rudra….

Screen freezes on there face….


Precap– Ragini searches for a job….

Avantika Raichand- Mother of Rudra & Akshay (Mansi Salvi)
Akshay Raichand- 1 st son of Avantika.. (Gaurav Khanna)
Vijaya Raichand- Wife of Akshay.. (Shefali sharma)
Niti Raichand- Akshay & Vijaya ‘s 8 yrs old daughter..
Rudra Raichand- 2nd son of Avantika… (Shaleen Malhotra)

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