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Radha Krishna (eternal love) 23 (Radha turns evil)

The episode starts with d butterfly sitting on Radha’s hand. Her eyes turn red n she says I want gold..!
Kansa laughs n says its tym to engulf Krishna in such a maze from which he cant get out ever.. He calls his army chief and tells him something.. D army chief goes..
Sum tym later….
D same army chief comes with sum soldiers and chariots full of gold in Vrindavan. Nanda asks him d matter. He says we’ve to wait here for some time after dat we’ve to go to sum odr kingdom, bt we its going to b nyt in sum tym, ee need ur help we’ll rest here fr the Nyt and then we’ll leave in morning, till then we want u to guard d gold fr the nyt. Nanda says don’t worry everything will be Fyn, we’ll guard d gold fr d night 🌃. He asks Yashoda to arrange food fr the travellers n soldiers. She goes wid d soldiers.

Nanda tells all d villagers that they’ll have to guard the gold together. He divides dem into groups n asks dem to go and guard the border of Vrindavan, he asks the kids to guard one chariot, he says i, Vrishbhan n Upananda will guard the second chariot and the third chariot will b guarded by the remaining ppl. The females wil cuk food fr all the ppl to stay awake the nyt… Radha looks at d chariot n smirks 😏


Nanda says gud job we’ve guarded the chariot successfully. Krishna says b4 returning chariots to army chief we should check out the money. Nanda agrees and unveils d chariots. One of d chariots is empty.. D army chief comes jus den n arrests Nanda raj. He says you’ve cheated us Nanda how cum d money got vanished in front of ur eyes.? Yashoda cries n says how cn u imprison him lyk this, gv us sum tym to find out the money. Kansa says they cannot find it even in a thousand births.. Army chief says no.
Krishna says how cn u do this wat kind of king is Kansa n wat type of senapati r u? Under whose orders cn u do dis?? If u don’t give us tym it’ll be injustice n we wont let this happen. It’s not PitaShri’s mistake, nobody needs a king lyk Kansa who………… Army chief says OK OK 👌, you’ve tym till sunset 🌇..

The messenger brings a letter n says that it’s maharaja’s order if u don’t return d money till sunset 🌇 Nanda will b killed… Everyone get shocked n senapati takes Nanda raj away..
Evry1 think of a plan to find d thief, meanwhile Krishna goes away from there..
A thief wid his face covered enters Dhanupati’s house. Dhanupati is talking to sum1. D thief steals money 💰 from d safe n goes away. Dhanupati notices him n runs behind the thief shouting THIEF THIEF, CATCH HIM CATCH HIM… Balram comes there n runs behind thief. The thief holds balrams hand n brings him behind the wall. Balram unveils d thief n shouts KRISHNA YOU….!!! NO YOU CAN’T B D THIEF 😳😳😳😳😳… Krishna says no dau I’m Not at all d thief, it’s jus a plan.. “……”

A saint comes to Dhanupati’s house 🏠 asking for alms.. He says give me sum alms.. He looks at Dhanupati carefully n says sahukar Dhanupati, it’s ur name.. Dhanupati says u r gr8 sadhu ji. Saint says I know everything already. I know ur money has been stolen by a thief. Dhanupati says help me in finding the thief. Saint smiles n nods 😇 😊 😇..

Precap:- Radha tells Krishna that she has stolen d money 💰. Kriti says Radha isn’t anywhere to b found.. Krishna gets shocked.

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