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Queens Hain Hum, 1st Episode, 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Queens Hain Hum, 1st Episode, 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

A woman is seen shopping for clothes and says she is Jahnvi, describes her funda of life and is hosting queen’s party today in Bay watch style. A lady salon owner Maya s introduced next who describes her funda of life and says she suggested Queens group and todays’ party to Jahnvi. Tanya tandon, punjabi house wife is introduced next who describes her funda of life is cooking, etc., she is excited about tonight’s party. Shreya is introduced next traveling in her luxury car and describing how she cannot even have pani puri due to her body guards, says she was full time marriage before marriage and after marraige full time house wife. Jahnvi’s maid calls her and asks to bring grocery if she has arranged party. Maya with Tanvi enters Jahnvi’s


house. Shreya comes next. Maya greets her and introduces he to Dhano, Jahnvi’s maid whom. She says Jahnvi got this house via her company and this is best place for partying away from city. Fifth lady Aksansha is introduced who is a social activist and she descriibes her funda of life. She gets Tanya’s message if she is attending party nor not.

Tanya and Maya help Dhano in kitchen Tanya says she never wore bikini in her life and would never wear it. Maya thinks she will wear today. Dhano asks what is bay watch theme party. Tanya asks Maya to explain. Maya tells Tanya that she has to wear bikini today. They then go to Shreya who is relaxing on beachside chair. Jahnvi enters with beer and champagne box and asks if Shreya came. Maya points at Shreya relaxing on chair. Jahnvi asks if they thought how to rag her. Maya says that is so mean. Jahnvi goes to Shreya and starts ragging. Dhano brings veg kebabs. Shreya enjoys it and thanks Jahnvi. Jahnvi says she will be evaluated only after Akansha comes.

Akansha is seen speeding her car and getting irriated when two bikers don’t let her ahead. She takes a turn and make one biker fall. Bikers yell and she gives confronts them and drives car till Jahnvi’s bungalwo. Bikers follow and start fighting with her. Maya and Dhano come out and pay bikers for broken indicator and send them. Akansha fumes that she wold have taught them a lesson. They all get in. Shreya and Akansha get very happy seeing each other and discuss about their previous meeting and how Shreya enouraged a woman to file a harrassment case, etc.. Maya says she has to do pole dance to get into their Queens group. Shreya dances sensously wearing sari and then disrobes herself into bikini and then falls into swimming pool. Everyone clap for her and say she passed their test and she is member of their group. Their masti continues. Maya ad Jhanvi discuss how to make Tanya wear bikini. Maya says she will make her agree and Jahnvi asks Dhano to bring shopping bags. Tanya sees bikini and says she will not wear it and not to force her. Rest of them wear bikini enjoy liquor party, dance swim and they all then take selfie.

Precap: Maya asks Shreya to describe her her suhagraat and how did she celerbate it. They ask if she dd not do anything during suhagraat, when did she get intimate lasttime. She says last week. One of them says her husband was out of town, then how… Dhano tells Shreya’s husband came. They all panic seeing a camera capturing them. Shreya’s husband enters. Shreya hides behind sofa.

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