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pyaar ka dusra namm – Sangini episode 8

sanskaar is thinking about his action. “now why are staring at me am I looking weird” questioned ragini. “did I miss anything” Laksh came inside asking.”Laksh you bro is dumb I helped him but he is scolding me ” she said making a pout.” bai it’s not fare ragini is trying to help you ” Laksh said supporting ragini.” helping my foot. don’t know what this mad girl told all are angry on me, even sid is angry ” Sanskar said.” I just told.. ” ragini was about to say but interrupted by Sanskar.” enough ragini now don’t talk anything Laksh show her guest room. I am going to study bade Papa want to talk to me ” saying Sanskar left..” sadoo maheshwari showing me attitude. idiot he again said I am mad he is only mad. mental maheshwari ” ragini muttered under her breath but audible to Laksh. he was giggling by listening to ragini.
Laksh showed ragini guest room and brought her luggage inside.” Laksh what they will talk in study ” she asked.” don’t know ragini. I think it’s important because Papa take important decisions in his study only ” Laksh explained.” then come lets go and listen what they are talking. I am curious to know ” ragini said.” no ragini are you crazy. if Papa will see us then I am dear ” he said.” l am their nothing will happen. we will hide and listen. I am your friend now you should not deny me, this is rule ” she said.” and who made this rule ” he asked.” the great ragini ” she replied dramatically.” bai is right you are mad ” he said. ” I am not mad. you and your bai are mad ” she said annoyed. ” k cool come lets go ” he said.
Laksh and ragini are peeping into study by hiding behind the door. ap, ram, adharsh, pari are standing helplessly while sujatha is burning in anger. dp is looking out side the window. Sanskar is standing in front of his family like a boy who got punishment. ragini laughed seeing Sanskar while Laksh closed her mouth signing her not to make sounds. “why they are not talking anything” ragini asked. “it’s Papa way. by seeing the situation I guess it’s something big” Laksh said. “ohh now Sanskar will get punishment” ragini asked innocently. Laksh gave What the look. “k sorry I will not talk” she said.
after sometime fed up with silence finally Sanskar spoke. “bade Papa I am sorry I know I should have informed about ragini first but I thought you will not have problem with her” Sanskar said. “how we will not have any problem. how can you do this Sanskar” sujatha shouted in anger. “sujatha cool down. Sanskar do you think you done right” dp asked. “Yes bade Papa. ragini is little childish but she is a nice girl” Sanskar replied. “but we can’t accept her. let her stay here for few days then I will say my decision. till then nobody will talk about this matter with Sanskar or ragini. is that clear to everyone specially sujatha” dp said strictly. “but baisa…” sujatha tried to speak but interrupted by dp. “it’s my final decision” dp said and about to leave. ragini and laksh tried to hide but stumbled and fallen down grabbing everyone’s attention.
“oh no ragini you should be nice otherwise they will throw you out of the house ” ragini thought.
” uncle I said it’s not nice habit to listen to others convo but Laksh forced me ” ragini said pointing finger to Laksh.
Laksh widened his eyes in shock and looked at ragini while she gave a pleading look to him.
” you are useless Laksh don’t spoil ragini “dp said angrily and left.
ragini sighed but soon she saw Sanskar anger filled glares towards her and lowered her head.
“Laksh I didn’t expect this from you atleast you should have told me ” sujatha said and left sobbing.
“I know sanskar may have reasons to hide but what about you Laksh” ap said and left.
“what we expect from Laksh. bai ka chamcha ” rp said while adharsh and pari gave him unbelievable look and left.
Laksh was standing their shocked and confused by their reactions.
” now what I did why all are talking like that. I need have a shower or else my head will burst ” Laksh said and about to leave ragini who was affraid of Sanskar’s anger told ” Laksh you can’t leave your friend near rakshas and go ” ragini said pouting to which she got Sanskar’s glares.” drama queen.. it’s enough for today. I am going to my room ” saying Laksh left. ragini was about to go Sanskar held her hand and dragged her into the room.
Sanskar dragged ragini into his room and pinned her to the wall. he was holding her hands. they were so close to each other.” what you told my family that they are angry on me and laksh ” Sanskar shouted on her.” I just told them that you promised mom to take care of me that’s why you asked me to stay in your house that’s it. promise “ragini replied innocently being scared of Sanskar anger. he melted down by seeing her innocent face . but not let her go of his hold. ” hmm k but from know behave properly this is not mumbai this is kolkata ” ragini is about to speak but Sanskar said ” shhh let me complete. if you want anything just ask me or Laksh. don’t do stupid things by which my family gets irritated ” ragini was again about to speak but she was interrupted again” I told let me complete ” he told but stopped when he saw tears from her eyes. Sanskar got concerned by seeing her tears.” I am sorry if I am rude to you ” Sanskar left her, he was feeling guilty to behave like that. he saw his hand marks on her hands and he understood what she wanted to say that she is hurt. Sanskar in anger made a fist and hit it on the wall behind her.” are you dumb. always you will fight with me then when I am hurting you can’t you say it ” he shouted. ragini started crying loudly. Sanskar immediately hugged ” I am sorry ragini for hurting you. I am really sorry ” he tried to make her calm he was caressing her hair while hugging. which was witnessed by sujatha and pari who just then came to call them for dinner.
” see pari what is Sanskar doing. he is not having shame at least he should have thought anybody will see him. that ragini changed my innocent Sanskar ” sujatha said while pari gave a helpless look. pari knocked on door to grab their attention. ragini and Sanskar composed themselves.” dinner is ready. you both come fast ” pari told while sujatha is seeing them in anger.” k babhi ” Sanskar replied. ” ragini come Let’s have dinner ” Sanskar said.” you go I will come after changing ” asked ragini left to guest room.
all are sitting in dinner table. Sanskar and laksh came but no one talked to them.
” babhi where is ansh ” Laksh asked.pari didn’t replied.” ansh selpt early today ” uttara replied coldly.
” bai don’t you think all are angry on us ” Laksh wispered to Sanskar.” I am also not understanding they are treating as if we committed a big sin by bringing ragini ” Sanskar replied.” it’s not us it’s you. don’t involve me in it ” Laksh said.” how can I not involve you it’s about you new friend ” Sanskar told smirking.
suddenly all stopped eating and looking at stairs.” what you all are seeing ” asking Laksh turned to find ragini getting down the stairs wearing mini short and tee shirt..” what happened Laksh why are you so surprised ” Sanskar asked.” bai look their ” Laksh showed pointing ragini. Sanskar chocked to see ragini in those clothes and he coughed badly.” I already told her my family is traditional still she weared such type of clothes what should I do with this girl ” Sanskar thought.
dp and ram are leaving after having dinner.
” arrey uncles you finished your dinner so fast from next time I will come on time we can have dinner together. I like to have dinner with whole family ” ragini said.”sure beta. though you are modern I appreciate that you like to eat with family” dp says smiling and leaves. “see jiji this girl started impressing baisa. how much ever she try I will not accept her as my bahu” sujatha said which is audible to ap. “sujatha may be if she is right girl for Sanskar then. we should not judge book by it’s cover” ap said. “Let’s see jiji I will test her and then decide if she is suitable as maheshwari bahu or not” sujatha said determined.
“aunty’s what are you murmuring. I know you are discussing about uncles right “. ragini said to ap and sujatha. who were shocked, while all laughed Sanskar gave her this girl will never change look.
” karela, I don’t like karela. aunty from tmrw if you make karela then make another curry for me please ” ragini said.
” in our home every one eat what we make. no one will complain about it not even ansh” sujatha replied coldly. “ansh who is ansh, where is he, still I had not met him ” ragini asked. “he is adharsh bai and pari babhi son. now he was sleeping” uttara replied coldly. ragini laughed.
while all are staring at her to know the reason why she is laughing.
“ragini what happened why are you laughing ” Laksh asked being curious. “Laksh I thought Sanskar is only like that but his mom and sis also like him only sadoo and cold ” saying ragini laughed again and Sanskar coughed again. Laksh, adharsh and pari are suppressing their laugh while uttara and sujatha gave death glares to sanskar.
“do you have sense how can you talk to mom and uttara like that” Sanskar shouted as he entered guest room with ragini after dinner. “don’t shout on me. still I had not forgave you for hurting me, I just told you three are similar it’s a compliment” ragini replied.
“who want forgiveness of a mad girl and her compliments again I am warning you maintain distance with my family” Sanskar sounded annoyed. “my family my family idiot. now I am staying here it’s my family too I will talk to them no one can stop me” ragini replied in same tone. “you…” saying Sanskar came forward but his leg hit to the suitcase he stumbled and fallen on bed making ragini fall on him who tried to catch him.
ragini was on top of Sanskar. they are lost in each others eyes her both hands were on his chest, his one hand is on her waist. they are having a eye lock.
(Main toh tere dhang mein
Dhal chuki hoon
Bas teri ban chuki hoon
Mera mujhme kuch nahi
Sab tera, sab tera..
Sab tera, sab tera..) plays in background.
he removed hair strands from her face, she closed her eyes feeling his touch on her face. he moved forward lost in her angelic face. “bai” shouting Laksh came inside. both composed themselves and feeling embarrassed for their closeness. “ohhh their is something something happening between you both” Laksh said smirking who saw their closeness.
“something something my foot. nothing is happening. I can’t think of something happening with this crazy girl” Sanskar said annoyed. “as if I think of you. I am having my boy friend who is more handsome than you” ragini said. “boyfriend and you. that to handsome than me stop dreaming” Sanskar sounded with little anger. “I know you are just jealous of him. karela maheshwari. it’s suits you more. as bitter as Karela” ragini said. “if I am bitter your bf what ever is more bitter than me” he said annoyed. “not what ever he had a name adithya Roy kapoor” ragini sounded dreamily and went to washroom. “adhitya Roy kapoor or mental Roy kapoor. if he has chosen you then he is definitely mad” Sanskar shouted being irritated.
Laksh who was enjoying their cute fight got surprised seeing new angle of his bai.
“bai you are really jealous ” Laksh said following Sanskar to his room.” shut up Laksh don’t talk like ragini, she is mad ” Sanskar said.” not ragini you are mad bai. you not even realised that she is talking about hero adhitya Roy kapoor. bai admit it you started falling for her ” Laksh said teasingly.” she is talking about hero, Ishq thought she really had a bf ” Sanskar said without realising. ” I mean to say… ” Sanskar was about to say but intrupeted by Laksh ” bai no need to say anything. I understood ” saying Laksh left.” Laksh listen to me. their is nothing like you are thinking.. Laksh ” Sanskar tried to explain but Laksh left.
” this all things are happening because of ragini. tmrw she will join office. I will give her so much work that she her self will leave Kolkata and return to mumbai ” Sanskar thought smirking.

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