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pyaar ka dusra namm – Sangini episode 10

ragini reached Park in their Colony… she went and leaned to a tree and was breathing heavily. “relax breath in breath out. what happened to me . how can I allow him to come so close to me. that to when he raised finger on my character. I should hate him instead I allowed him to kiss me. why I always forget what for I came here. I should not let my heart fell week for a heartless person like Sanskar. it’s just a attraction and I should be away from him, but when ever he comes close to me I lose my self in him ” ragini thought. she closed her eyes and let her tears fall. she was not able to get the reason for her tears”she was hurt for what Sanskar said or she was happy with their closeness and she thought is she over reacting on small things”
siddhant who came back of ragini saw her leaning to a tree. she is closing eyes and tears are flowing from her eyes. he felt bad though he don’t know reason and he hate her for coming into his shona’s life still he feels connected to her. he took his handkerchief and gave it to her. she realised it and turned to see who was it. she was happy to see siddhant and as well as confused what to say to him. she silently took handkerchief and wiped her tears and muttered “thanks” hiding her emotions.
“is everything alright ” he asked being concerned.”yaa I am just missing my mom” she said looking at siddhant “if you are far from your mother you will also miss her right” she completed hoping he may remember janki. but their was no change in his expressions. “Yes, but for now I am with my mother” he replied being cool. “bai forgot about us completely” she thought and became sad. “I think we should go home come I will drop you” he said. both are walking back home. ragini was looking at him with lot of questions running in her mind. “if you want to say anything you can don’t hesitate” he said bluntly. “why are you not talking to me normally” she asked. “normally in the sense. I am always like this. this is second time we are meeting so how can you say that I am not normal” he replied. “I mean to say you are behaving as if you are not happy that I came here” she said. “k ragini i can’t get around things I will say it directly I am hurt that Sanskar had not informed about you to me. before you came into his life he always used to share his everything with me and even shona…” he was cut in the middle. “not again because of that karela even you are upset. I am saying you he is stupid” she said in anger. “karela whom you are talking about” he asked. “whom do you think that sadu maheshwari Sanskar. he always creates troubles and today I will not leave him” she said. “you call Sanskar karela” he laughs “but it suits him he some times behave like that only rude and arrogant Sanskar. bitter than the bitter guard” he completed and both gave hifi to each other. “see even you feel it suits Sanskar and even Laksh also feels same” she said. “but how much he is rude more than that he is good at heart. you know he was my best friend may be more than a friend we are life line to each other” he said.
“really I know you both were friends but I don’t know you share such a good bond with him ” she said. he smiled” Sanskar told you about me ” he asked.” if I say no he may get dought how I know him it’s better to say Yes ” she thought and nodded.” Sanskar told her about me then he would have even told me then I should have convinced shona to forget him ” he thought.” so friends ” she forwarded her hand.” come on siddhant. what is her mistake in that. when actually Sanskar is at fault ” he thought and shaked her hand. ragini was on cloud as her first step got successful.

” bai what happened to ragini you again hurted her ” Laksh said coming inside Sanskar room. he saw Sanskar in anger and upset.” bai what happened ” Laksh asked.” I was stupid Laksh how can I behave like that. what might she be thinking about me. she must be thinking I am of those who takes advantage of girls “he replied.” bai first tell me what happened ” Laksh asked. he explained how she split juice over him. in anger he spoke bad to her with which she became upset and splashed water on him and asked him to be in limits. his anger increased and..” then what happened bai ” Laksh asked curious.” we shared a little moment ” closing his eyes and making a fist he completed.” wait a second.you had a little moment in the sense ” Laksh asked raising his eyebrows.” Laksh shut up and say me what to do ” he said.” k fine just say sorry. ragini will understand ” Laksh replied.” how can I face her Laksh ” he said sounding worried and thinking how he kissed her on neck and their closeness.” the great Sanskar maheshwari is not having dare to face a girl what’s the matter bro” Laksh asked winking.” shut up Laksh it’s just happened in heat of the moment nothing is their between us stop dreaming ” Sanskar said irritated.” when I said something is their ” Laksh said smirking for which he got stren look from Sanskar.
” k come lets see where ragini is ” Laksh said.” hope she is fine in anger she will behave weirdly ” Sanskar said and thought of their second encounter how she pulled his hair. Laksh was laughing inside to see his brother thinking so much.
“uttara why Sanskar still had not come and even ragini seemed to be upset may be they fought. now what will happen. hope Sanskar I fine ” swara keep in talking to uttara.” Swara you are worried for bai I can understand but why are you worried for ragini. you should hate her” uttara said. “why should I hate her uttara. what wrong she done. she don’t know that I love Sanskar. leave ragini even Sanskar don’t know about it how can I expect him to love me. it’s just that I am unlucky” Swara said being sad. “Swara cheer up now everything will be fine don’t worry” uttara said.
“as far as I know mom don’t like ragini she will definitely trouble her and make swara only her bahu. this will only make situations worse. bai can’t be happy with Swara and she can’t be happy if bai is not. but who will make mom understand. if I say this to anyone also mom will get angry. don’t how ragini will handle mom’s hatred ” uttara thought.


siddhant and ragini came inside MM. uttara and swara are waiting for Sanskar in living room. sanlak are descending stairs they saw ragini coming with siddhant. ” what she is doing with siddhant hope she had not told anything to him about what happened between us” Sanskar said which is auidble to only Laksh. “I don’t know whether she said or not but it’s better you say her sorry or else she may definitely say” Laksh said.
sujatha came their along with pari and ap. “arrey siddhant come today I made your favourite breakfast. come and eat” ap said. “wow you too like aloo paratha. even it is my favourite” ragini said excited. siddhant was laughing at her childish behaviour while all other are confused. “aunty I will definitely eat first let me introduce my new friend to shona” he said and dragged ragini near Swara. “shona she is ragini and ragini she is swara alias shona my baby sis” he said. “hi swara I will also call you shona from today saying she hugged her” while siddhant assured swara everything is fine. Swara felt happy and she hugged her back.
“see jiji this girl is turning one by one her side ” sujatha said to ap.” sujatha keep quite ” ap said.
Laksh to Sanskar” bai now siddhant and swara are also her friends ” he said and laughed.” this girl is snatching my family from me ” Sanskar said for which Laksh gave a unbelievable look.
” day by day you are becoming like chachiji ” Laksh said.
ragini saw Sanskar coming and became angry. Laksh sensed it.
” bai come on say sorry to ragini ” Laksh said smirking and loud so that everyone can hear. Sanskar gave Laksh I will kill you look.
” leave it Laksh I am not ready to forgive him ” ragini said sternly. all are watching to know what is happening.
” come on ragini at least for me forgive bai. I will assure that if you forgive him he will not ask you to join office at least for two more days ” Laksh said winking to ragini. she nodded as she understood his plan.” k I forgave you Sanskar I will not come to the office ” ragini said happily.
” Oh wow. you both think I am dumb I will not get your plan. you are joining office today only and laksh keep your stupid ideas with you and ragini i am not asking you sorry because if I mad a mistake you also equally responsible for it ” he said coming near her. both were looking at each other and lost. soon they composed themselves not letting anyone notice it.
” if she is not interested why you want her to come with you ” sujatha said annoyed.
” mom you don’t know anything please keep quite we are already late come lets go ” he said turning to ragini, uttara and swara.
sujatha got angry with Sanskar behaviour.” she will not come ” she said.” Yes I am with aunty I will not come. do what ever you want” ragini said with attitude. “k fine Laksh book Ticket for mumbai. ragini will leave to mumbai” Sanskar said in anger. sujatha felt happy while all are shocked.
“no I will come wait I will get my back “saying she rushed to her room. ” bai it’s not fair ” Laksh said and went back of ragini.
” why are you forcing her Sanskar ” siddhant said.” you don’t know anything siddhant. just leave it I know how to handle her but first say me why are you angry on me ” Sanskar asked.
swara was tensed as she thought siddhant will say about her feelings to Sanskar. she nodded no looking at siddhant.
” we will talk about it latter saying ” he left.
” what’s wrong with siddhant I need to talk to him. before that I should handle ragini ” he thought.

after dropping uttara and swara, ragsan reached office. ragini made a upset and angry face.” your tricks will not work here do the work sincerely or else I will not think once to remove you ” Sanskar said and walked inside.
” good afternoon sir. I think this was first time you are late to office ” ajay his pa said stopping him.
” you are boss or me ” Sanskar said sternly.” sorry sir ” ajay said.
ragini who was looking around walking back of Sanskar had not noticed that he was stopped and bumped into his back.
he was about to fall but she pulled him on nick of time which made her fall on him.
Sanskar was holding desk beside him with on hand to balance and his other hand is on ragini waist. both are having a deep eye lock. she was feeling butterflies in her stomach while some unknown feelings are raising in him.
they were disturbed by ajay. both composed. “sir are you fine” he asked. “Yes, can’t you see and walk” Sanskar shouted coming back to his arrogant look. “who told you to stop in front of me Sanskar” ragini shouted back.
“not Sanskar call me mr. maheshwari or sir in office. ms. dixit ” he said.
” k mr. sadu maheshwari ” she replied for which Sanskar said” you.. ” by gritting his teeth. all employees are watching them with open mouth.
” ajay she is our new employee show her desk and come to my cabin ” saying he left.
” do you know sir from before ” ajay asked confused as no one dare to talk to Sanskar like that.
” ya he is such a egoistic. karela ” ragini said.” what ” he asked.” leave it ajay I am ragini ” she introduced her self. he showed her desk and went to Sanskar cabin.
” sir shall I prepare official joining Letter of ragini along with contract ” ajay asked as soon as he entered Sanskar’s cabin.
” no need she will not be able to stick here for more days ” saying Sanskar smirked.
” sir you know her from then why you want to trouble her ” ajay asked Sanskar as he understood the meaning of his smirk.” you are boss or me ” Sanskar asked.” you sir ” ajay replied.” then do as I say. give her mehta’s files and ask her to collect data on their projects and make it a soft copy. I want it today only” Sanskar said.” mehta’s quitted from this field and their are so many old projects she can’t get online she should read all old files which will take at least 2 days and she is new how can she do it in one day sir ” ajay asked.
” that is what I want. go and say to her if she will not complete it today she may leave her job and go back I don’t want employees who are useless ” Sanskar said.

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