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Promo – “U can fall in love”… “When Life gives U” … “TASHAN-E-SHAADI” ~ Zuha

Hey guys! I am finally back!! Long time though….Anyway I have something important to discuss ; as you all know I am currently writing 3 FFs for Tashan-E-Ishq and a 2 for Swragini so it is getting tough for me and secondly I got my papers and I have found my result and marks decreasing, though I am still in Top 3 – Top 5 but I am not satisfied with my result. And I find that TU is one of the reason of the downfall 🙁 So I have decided to discontinue one of my FF and you all are very aware of the 3 stories. So vote for any 2 FFs u want to continue and the one which u are not interested in!

Also my birthday is coming this Saturday, 5th November, but I am having a hectic schedule as result in the morning, 10 am to 4 pm Public speaking workshops and competition and same workshop and competition follow the next day, Sunday 😥😥😏😏😓😓
But I will try my level best to post a gala treat on my Birthday 🙂


Now let’s get with the promo 🙂

1) When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry_Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to Smile! :

***Jasmine’s pov***

Sitting all alone in this dark room with nothing to do I was fed up and got up from bed, tying my hair in messy bun, when a bell was heard on the door. I was shocked as I opened the door….as I said, “TUM???”

***Siddharth’s pov***
Oh god this girl is driving me crazy, like anything. Why do I feel some kind of connection towards her??”

Siddharth and Jasmine are going somewhere (individually) but as fate wanted both reached the same place where Siddhant and Jasmin died 17 years back and both of them feel a different sensation there.

2) TWINJ ki TASHAN-E-SHAADI : Both Twinkle and Kunj are taking pheras when a girl comes and stops the marriage, followed by a guy, the girl rushes and hugs Kunj.

Next scene…Twinkle and Kunj are married, Twinkle is waiting for Kunj in the room…Kunj enters and to Twinkle’s shock she finds him drunk and with a girl in his arms!!


The promo for “U can fall in love many times…But it is not true always!!”is posted!! If anyone wants to read it again I will provide the link to them!!


So how was it? I know ypu guys are waiting for my articles to get posted, but I have decided only to post it on weekends and also don’t you guys dare to forget my birthday 😈😈 Hey hey just kidding 😉 Love u all!!

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