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Precious (Shivaay and Anika) Episode 7

Hi everyone 🙂 Thanks for all your lovely comments. Today the story is a little slow paced and some of the mysteries are unveiled. The next episode will definitely be exciting. So let’s begin without wasting time.

Episode 7: Precious


She had managed to do it again. The ‘super girl Anika’ had found the most important clue to our mystery woman case. The chip, which had fallen down from the ACP’s pocket, was a treasure of proof against him and his partner. The identity of the mystery woman was a totally unexpected one. And yet when I thought about it, it shouldn’t have been that surprising. If only I had my eyes open! Swetlana had found a way to settle scores with my family, and most importantly me. I knew that she hated me for always protecting my family from her petty attacks on their emotional space. But I did not even imagine that she could stoop so low as to resort to such activities. “This could explain so much!” I exclaimed. Anika still looked confused because she just couldn’t connect all the events as I had. She raised her eyebrows at me for an explanation. I put my laptop away and folded my right leg to turn towards her. Our closeness was so comfortable for both of us, a part of my mind noted.
“I got it. I know why she did all of this”, I told her as matter of fact.
“I know that you know. That’s why I’m asking you Billuji!” she replied in the same manner as I had said.
Should I tell her? As I was wondering, she widened her eyes a bit and said, “Billuji, please tell me the whole thing. The suspense is killing me!” And I just couldn’t deny her anything when she requested like that! But now that the mystery was solved to an extent, I felt a little lighthearted. “Don’t you have work to do?” I asked with feigned strictness. “How can I focus on anything else without knowing whether you are safe or not? I have to see this through till the end if I want to get some peace of mind!” Her concern for me was heartwarming. The worried look in her eyes and the adamant set of her mouth backed my decision of telling her everything.
So I began with how Swetlana had made Gayathri leak the video in which Bade Papa had talked about divorcing Badi Ma. Even Bade Papa had doubted her then. She must have told Gayathri about the loopholes in the security, so that she could come into the Oberoi Mansion and wreak havoc all she liked. In fact, she must have been paying Gayathri for destroying us.
“I think she wanted to snatch it all away from us at first. Or she might have some other personal grudge against us. But when her plan failed terribly and Bade Papa was no longer doing stuff according to her, she must have started plotting on killing each and every one of us.” I shared my thoughts. Looking at her face now, I realized how scared she was for my family. Her dark eyes showed her genuine and true heart. My eyes automatically went to her bandaged hand, carefully placed on her lap. I continued without thinking. “But you saved us every time. So she decided to hurt you as well. But I don’t know how she came to know that I’ll be the one hurting if she did anything to you!” As soon as the words were out of my mouth I realized what I had said. Her eyes grew wider and the bow shaped lips parted a little.
‘What are you saying, Shivaay? Control yourself!’ I said to myself averting my eyes. When I turned back to her, she was looking the other way too, lips pursed and cheeks coloured like a pink rose in full bloom. ‘It’s such a beautiful colour!’ I thought to myself. Hardly seconds had passed since my awkward slip of tongue, and yet I had noticed so much about her! I quickly continued to avoid any embarrassing situation between us. “I don’t get how the ACP fits into all this. But I guess he collected proof against her for his own safety. It could be that Swetlana was the one to get Gayathri killed. That could also be the reason for the ACP’s distrust.”
“But why would she get Gayathri killed if they were working together? Anyways, how do we stop her? Can’t we kidnap them for some time, get them to say the truth and then hand them over to the police. Your connections with the commissioner could help, as it’s an ACP we’re trying to kidnap here!”
“Wow! You’re so violent!” I teased her, trying to lighten the atmosphere. She rolled her eyes at me, and I couldn’t help but smile!
“That’s not a bad plan actually. But it’s easier said than done. My men are already working on finding her, but it will take time. And they are keeping an eye on the ACP. We have nothing to do but wait.”
“Or we can find the woman in the CCTV footage and question her. I’m sure she’ll know something important.”
“Detective Anika, I don’t think it’ll help. She must be paid for keeping a watch on you and reporting to them. Just like the girl in the CD. She may not actually know anything”, I explained. Her uneasiness at not being able to do anything productive was evident.
“Stop jumping into action for protecting others all the time. And don’t worry yourself. We just have to wait now. And you still need rest” I said, patting her injured hand lightly. She smiled and nodded as I pulled my hand away with some difficulty.
Just then Khanna called and reported the best news I had heard in a while. I cut the call with an ‘okay’ and smiled softly at Anika as I said, “Seems like our wish is granted! We found her.”
“Really?” she asked, skeptical but happy about the news. I nodded and held out my hand. “Shall we, partner?” I asked brightly. She held my hand warmly, just like earlier, and I pulled her with me.

Sorry guys for giving only Shivaay’s point of view today. The next episode will be totally action packed with a few surprises as well. So drop in your comments below and stay tuned for super awesome SSO in a fully heroic form and super cool Anika in her best sleuth form. Are you as excited as I am? Do let me know! 🙂

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