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Precious (Shivaay and Anika) Episode 26

Hey people ? thanks for all the love you guys have showered on me… here goes the last episode of Precious. The link for the previous one is given below:

Episode 26: Precious


I loved the cake! The chocolate cake was the best part. Who wouldn’t love some of that after the best day ever? I wondered aloud how he knew I liked it and his answer was simple, “You always make chocolate cake when you make it on your own.” I raised a brow at that and he explained, “You’ve done that twice till now. Once when our cakes got switched, and the second time when you made it for me and then threw me into the pool!” Wow! He remembered that!
Anyways, the fairytale was coming to an end now and we went back to the Oberoi Mansion. It suddenly struck me. I was literally going to my future home where my future in-laws lived! That called for a panic attack and I looked helplessly at Billuji.

“Billuji, can we just go to my home first?” I asked in an almost shaking voice. He stopped the car and became anxious about whether I was alright and what was wrong. I told him, “How will I face them? Pinky aunty is going to be my mother in-law! And OmRu are going to be my brothers in-law! And they already know how crazy I can be! Which means my first impression on them is already ruined! And they know how rudely I behave with you! They won’t like me to be their daughter in-law! What do I do? Billuji!” I cried. He put his hand to his forehead, putting up with my antics. I shook his hand lightly, calling him out again, “Billuji, tell me!”

He snapped then. “Okay. Firstly, what’s with this ‘in-laws’ chant? That’s the same home and the same family you’ve always known. Secondly, what are you getting so hyped up about? You have to meet them anyways, right? And thirdly… When exactly are you going to stop with the ‘Billuji’?” he almost shouted by the end.
“Where am I stuck? I can’t believe it! I’m going to get married to a mad guy!” I wailed. He started the car then and I continued. “You are not even listening to me! I asked you for one thing. But you wouldn’t even do that for me! I’ll just jump out of the car”, I threatened, hoping that blackmailing would work on him. But he passively replied, “The car is moving so fast that you’ll end up getting hurt if you jump off. I’ll have to take you to the hospital and you’ll have to meet them there. Same scenario. So no use. Anything else you want to try?”
“You are kidnapping me! I’ll report you to the police”, I tried again. “I’ll buy them off. That’s so easy. By the way, am I really kidnapping you? This is my first time kidnapping someone, so I don’t really know. This isn’t even as thrilling as it’s supposed to be!” he remarked casually.

I was incredulous at his out of the world answers! I buried my head in my hands, divided in my emotions. I peeked up at him sideways and he turned his head immediately. I saw his lips twitch a little and accused him of enjoying himself in my quandary. He just feigned irritation and observed, “Look what a mess you are!” He shook his head at my hopeless situation and suddenly stopped the car. A tiny streak of hope clouded my mind as I looked up at him happily, “You changed your mind?”
He finally allowed himself a crooked smile, and said, “Anika, we’re home.” I looked around and realized that we had arrived at the Oberoi Mansion. I covered my left fist with my right hand and widened my eyes at him, my eyebrows seeming to touch my hairline. He came around to my side of the car and opened the door for me. I mustered up as much courage as I could and walked with him till the entrance, holding my hands behind me. He pulled my hands away from each other and held my left hand front and center with the ring shining too brightly now. It might just be my imagination anyways. I shook my head at him, prying at his hold on me. I somehow wanted to run away and hide in an attic right now!

He gave me a strict look while OmRu walked to us with huge grins glowing on their faces. “Congratulations Anika didi!” Rudra almost sang. Om nudged him saying, “It’s not didi anymore. She’s your bhabhi now. Congratulations Anika” he shook my hand warmly. This was exactly what I had feared. But Rudra gave me a pleasant surprise, whining in his own cute way. “She is my didi first and my bhabhi secondly. Right, didi?” I smiled warmly at him and agreed wholeheartedly. “Of course, I’m your didi first.” I looked pointedly at Billuji who just rolled his eyes at me. This exchange didn’t go unnoticed by Om and he was thrown, “Don’t tell me you guys were fighting again!” Dadi saved us before either of us had a chance to blame the other one.
“My kid came home, finally!” she walked to us. Since Billuji and I were standing together, I couldn’t be sure but it looked like she was saying that to me. Billuji beat me to it this time, smiling and affirming her words. “Yes Dadi. I finally made it home!” Dadi came closer and slapped him lightly saying, “Who’s talking to you, Billu? I’m talking about my child Anika.” I hugged her tight as I sang, “Dadi, you’re the best!” Billuji acted totally shaken up and huffed that everyone had ditched him for me. Pinky aunty, Jahnvi aunty, Shakti uncle, Tej uncle and Priyanka welcomed me into their family heartily. I saw Billuji make a quick call amidst this family moment and I got worried if everything was alright. But it was soon forgotten as the drama king cracked up that no one congratulated him or even asked him how he had managed to stay alive while being alone with a ‘walking talking disaster’!

He got loads of scolding for that and finally everyone had a group hug. The aunties asked me to have a family dinner with them tonight and I worried about Sahil being alone at home. It seemed that an angel was hovering above me today, as all my wildest dreams were coming true out of the blue. Sahil came in escorted by a few men whom I recognized as the ones stationed around my house. I ran to him and filled him in on the events of the day. He was so happy for me that he gave me a tight hug and kissed both my cheeks. I saw Shivaay standing afar and watching all this with an unfathomable expression and a slight smile on his face. Of course he turned away as soon as i looked at him.
I realized that my miraculous angel was that man leaning on the pillar whose ring I was wearing on my finger, who had imprinted on my heart and mind his name forever. Although I don’t believe in luck, I felt like the luckiest person on Earth today. I hope this dreamy miracle never changes.

I had no idea what my life was going to be like now. I had never known this love in my life. But now that I knew it, I guessed every day was going to be like a roller coaster, with unending surprises. I wasn’t a Cinderella or Snow white or Jasmine or any of those fairytale characters. I was just a normal girl fighting my way through life. My life was turned around, not today, but the day we faced off at the temple. Both of us had made a choice that day, without knowing where it’ll lead us. We were lucky that we had loved each other all along, even though without even realizing it. I am happy now. And I knew there are people who love me back for being me. I love them too.
I looked forward to unconditionally, irrevocably and madly falling in love with my Shivaay every day, loving him more every day, being more loved by him every day.

So. This is it guys. I thought I’ll give a really long farewell speech to all of you. But frankly, I don’t even know where to begin. I made so many friends here and had such a beautiful experience interacting with all of you. I’ll definitely keep up my promise of a sequel to Precious. But I don’t know how long that’ll be. I still can’t believe that this is actually the last time I’m staying up late to write for you guys. I have no idea what I’ll do from tomorrow onwards! ? ?
Anyways, I began with Anika’s first person narrative in the prologue and the first episode. So, I’m ending it with her too. I know you guys will really kill me if I say anything negative ? but if there was anything that wasn’t right or something missing in my ff, feel free to comment about it or send me a private message anytime you like. I’ll continue reading the ffs of my fellow writers but I may not be able to comment always. As I’m writing this, I suddenly got an idea of writing an epilogue if you guys want, of course. So let me know about it. I might literally start with the waterworks if I keep this up any longer. Love you all… missing you guys already! Remember me till our next meeting ? ?
Take care guys, and keep smiling. And this might be coming from a total fan girl, but don’t hate Shivaay too much ? ?
Bye Bye…

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