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Precious (Shivaay and Anika) Episode 18

Hi guys 🙂 The link to the previous episode is given below.
This episode is written with Shivaay’s point of view only. You’ll have to wait more for Anika’s point of view.

Episode 18: Precious



The whole process took longer than expected. But in the end, we had won. Again. In short I had bought their company for one rupee only. They should have been thankful to me for taking up their debt, but of course they weren’t. The profits would be a long way from now, but the objective I had for marrying Tia was accomplished without any wedding at all! I was so happy now! As soon as the analysts and managers had done their work, I rushed out to search for her. Did she leave already? She must have, since it was so late. The usual bustle that I had become so used to was nonexistent tonight. I looked around the places I thought she would be in, but she was nowhere to be seen. Dejected I went to Dadi’s room to check in on her.

There she was, dozing off while massaging Dadi’s legs. I leaned against the door, lost in the momentary beauty. A few strands of her hair were dancing in the light breeze. Her lips were moving a little. Talking in her sleep! How typically Anika! The lights were not too dim, which made me wonder how Dadi had fallen asleep with the lights turned on. As I watched, I saw her fall to her side. I caught her head just in time, and grabbing a nearby pillow, I slowly placed her head on it. The bow shaped lips parted a little and I felt drawn towards her like a piece of iron in magnetic field. I corrected my thought. We were more like the Earth and the Sun. She held me in an orbit around her. But the Sun didn’t exist for the Earth alone, right? The warmth and the light were important for the Earth, but if they got any closer, it could only cause destruction. I made myself move away, but her lips started moving again, and I couldn’t resist leaning in to listen.

“SSO… My Billuji… SSO… My Billuji…”
It was the second time I had heard her say it. I moved away again, but my eyes wouldn’t leave her. I noticed a movement, and immediately I was on my guard. Dadi woke up, and seemed confused at first. “Billu?” she called out. I quickly motioned her to keep it low. She was disoriented at first, but she soon understood the situation. We went out to the corridor and I asked Dadi, “She hasn’t left? It’s so late…”
“You asked her to wait, right? Did you want her to go away?” Dadi seemed to be in a fun mood.
“Dadi, I bought the Kapoors’ company. Although the debts are there, it wouldn’t be too bad for us. At least the employees won’t have to worry.”
“Good. So, you got lots of blessings before getting married, right?” Dadi’s mischievous eyes said more than the words meant.
“Dadi, how come you slept with the lights on?” I tried changing the topic, but the look in Dadi’s eyes told me she wasn’t going to let it go so easily. Still, she humored me for the time being.

“Anika was massaging my legs, and I felt so much better that I didn’t know when I fell asleep. She said she had to wait, so we talked for a while. I even spoke with Sahil today. He’s such a sweet kid. It made me yearn for my great grandchildren!” she winked as she said the last part. The topic of children undeniably brought up the topic of marriage, and I told Dadi that I had called off the wedding. She didn’t seem too sad or shocked about it, so I asked her, “Dadi, do you want me to get married now?”

She replied a little earnestly, “If you love her, you should marry her.” My eyes mechanically went to the curled up figure inside. Dadi placed a hand above my elbow, willing me to understand. “Billu, I know you don’t believe in love, but you have known happiness, right? The person who brings you happiness and comfort when you need it the most, that’s the right person for you. And as for understanding, that’s the name of knowing each other’s silences, more than the words, unlike what you think. I don’t see how she disqualifies in any of the qualities I want in your life partner!”
I didn’t expect her to be so direct, as she always asked us to decide for ourselves. But today, she had asked me to consider my happiness, more than the beliefs I held dear to my head. And I couldn’t argue with her on that. Anika had brought to me a whole new world I had no idea about. Happiness, sadness, anger, annoyance, and the other feelings which were new to me, like the magnet one. The list went on.
“Dadi, I don’t even know her surname. I don’t know what kind of family she has. Moreover, our status doesn’t match. How can I even think of marrying a girl like her?” I listed all the reasons I could think of to stay away from her. But it was Dadi! She could read my eyes like an open book.

“You don’t really believe that, do you?” She was right. I didn’t believe that anymore. Not since the Swetlana case. When I had almost lost everything I had held onto, she was there to reassure me. Dadi became impatient with my pondering.
“Billu, you don’t have to marry her name, or her blood. You have to marry her. And that’s considering that she says ‘yes’! Anyways, all this has never done any good to you. All these years you have struggled to achieve success. And now that you’re successful, do you feel complete? I want you to be able to enjoy your life to the fullest and be happy. And I know you are always happy around her. So just take the night off, think about it, and then decide. Okay?”

I nodded quietly and then we went back in. Dadi patted my hand and closed her eyes once, to reassure me that it was okay. Something woke her up then and she looked around her as if prepared to defend herself from any attack. How many hardships had she fought in her life to make her so distrusting?
“Let’s go.” I refrained from holding her hand and pulling her with me this time. The ride was punctuated by her questions, and the absence of my answers.
When we were halfway to her place, I asked her, “Do you want to go somewhere with me? There’s this place I like to visit at times. It’s not too far from here.” She looked into my eyes for a long moment, and I hoped she could see how much I wanted her to say ‘yes’. And she did. I felt so light all of a sudden. We reached and she climbed out of the car before I could open her door like a gentleman. She was awed by the beautiful view as I was blown away by the view in front of me.
We moved towards the dark lake, walking on the gravel path. “I come here at times when I can’t think, or when I’m too conflicted about something.”
“You must be missing Tia. Did she come here with you?” The girl was impossible! Here I was, sharing with her the one place almost no one knew about, and she was still stuck with Tia!

“She doesn’t even know about this place. Even OmRu have come here like two or three times only.” Now she understood my train of thought. When she went quit for a while, I prompted, “What do you think?”
“It’s the kind of place where you can believe in magic… It’s beautiful!” She looked like a fairy herself, one of the magical things she talked about. The moonlight turned her skin into a light blue shade. It wasn’t too dark as there were some twinkling lights, but she seemed to light up the place. My Sun!
“Yes. Beautiful”, I agreed at the view I had.

To be continued…

How was it guys? I know it’s not all of what was promised in the last precap and I meant to make it longer today, but I don’t really have a lot of time on my hands right now. Sorry! 🙂 don’t forget to drop in your comments 😉

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