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Precious (Shivaay and Anika) Episode 17

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Episode 17: Precious


I waited impatiently, walking across my room like a pendulum and sitting in turns. As soon as I knew about it, I was shocked for a minute before my blood pressure started increasing. I got a cup of cold coffee instead of my regular espresso to keep my cool, but it didn’t work. “How much longer will I have to wait?” I yelled into the Bluetooth. Although I was facing away from the door, I sensed her again. Khanna’s answer did nothing to calm me, but her mere presence stopped me from murdering the innocent phone. I acted as if I had no idea that she was there, but when she didn’t come in I called her out. “What is it, Anika?” She walked with hesitant steps and stopped a few steps away from me. “You seem to be angry. I can come later if you want”, she said softly. I took a deep breath and asked, “Can it wait?” She nodded but it didn’t seem like she was sure about it. I raised my eyebrows at her, asking what it was.
“Umm… what’s wrong?” Her concern was heartwarming. But I didn’t want her in the middle of this now. “It’s nothing you need to worry about”, I replied as coolly as possible. She seemed a little hurt by my answer, but I decided to ignore that gnawing feeling. With the anger still simmering in my head, I coldly asked, “Is that all? You may leave now.” She left without a word and I got back to thinking about the facts I had been told.
After some time, she came. Her casual way of walking infuriated me more, and I turned away, looking at my phone purposefully.

“Hey Shivaay baby! Is everything okay? Why did you want to see me suddenly?” I turned to face her, with anger pouring out of every cell in my body. “I just thought there might be something you wanted me to know. Maybe now would be a good time to say it.” The sarcasm was thinly veiled, but she looked like the idol of innocence. She tried the loving fiancée act and I decided to see how far she thought she could go with this. “Shivaay baby, is it just me or are you actually in a romantic mood?”
“What do you think?” I asked, while removing her hand from the lapel of my coat. I was kinda afraid that I might kill her if she came anywhere near me. “I think something’s wrong. What is it baby?” she asked with a face full of fake concern. Well, she should be concerned, for herself. “How dare you?” I roared, unable to hold it in any longer. Now I saw the reaction I was waiting to see. She was terrified at my anger. “Wha… Shivaay baby… What have I done?” she stammered.
“Stop it, Tia! I don’t want to hurt you. So just tell me the truth and let me deal with the ones involved.” My rage knew no bounds. But I think Tia was either blind or dumb to carry on with her act. I could see it in her eyes that she knew what I was talking about. But she just wouldn’t admit to it. I pulled out my mobile and showed her the scanned copies of the documents and the pictures proving how our rivals had been bribing our own officials to bring in illegal substances to trap us. This was similar to what had happened all those years ago, when Sabrina had misunderstood the situation, and ended up risking her life for it. Also,their connection with the Kapoors seemed to be a close one.

I had gotten the situation completely wrong at first. I thought that the Kapoors were in some sort of economic trouble, which wouldn’t be too surprising as most of the well-known corporations were going through it. When I discussed this matter with Bade Papa and Dad, and after some more research, I came to know that their establishments seemed influential only on the outside. Their debt ratio was sky high and it was rumored that they would soon be going into first stage bankruptcy, if not for the Oberois. That wasn’t all. Mr. Kapoor was a friend of our rivals, but he had kept this fact hidden, so that we would agree to the alliance, which we had. I also found out from Swetlana that they were in it together. After having secured their own company, they were going to ruin us.
That was a lot to take in, but I still found a way out of this problem.

Tia’s truth was out, and she finally figured it out. So she resorted to pleading. “I’m so sorry, Shivaay baby. We just didn’t have any other option. You can understand our position, right?” Didn’t she know me well enough to grasp that this would definitely not work on me?
“You did not keep your end of the deal. We had decided that we’ll be honest with each other on matters concerning our families. Now, the deal is off. And I’ll talk about your company to your father directly. So, call him here for me, will you?” I said through my teeth. She was surprised by that but then she nodded and went out.
I’m not going to let this go so easily.


I had heard him shout, and I was having an anxiety attack since then. I went up to Om’s room. He was working and I wondered if I should be disturbing him. He turned to find a brush on the table, and saw me standing at the door. He invited me in and sat down across me, all ears. “I am not exactly sure about all this, but I just had to tell someone”, I gushed. Om, being the patient type, nodded an encouragement and I showed him the Facebook album I had come across earlier today. It was an album of Tia with another guy on a beach. The weird thing was that there were only the two of them and there were a few pics which suggested intimacy between the two of them. “Look at the date, isn’t that when Tia was in London for shopping? And then I had also seen Tia glued to someone’s neck…” Om was shocked but he brought himself to say, “How did you find this?”
“Rudra asked me to hit like for a few of his pics, and I found it while browsing. Tia was tagged in it”, I explained.
“Did you tell Shivaay about this?” he pulled himself together with effort.
“I wanted to, but he was angry. So I decided not to tell him. Om, what do we do? If I’m wrong about this then Billuji will eat me for dinner!”
“You’re right. I think we should find out more about this.” Before we could think of anything, the devil we were talking about appeared.

“Here you are!” Billuji breathed. He pulled my hand again and turned back to see a perplexed Om watching us with an open mouth. “I’ll be right back”, I called out to him. I didn’t see him grin.
“Billuji, where are you going?” I griped like a kid. He came to a sudden stop and I finally noticed that we were in his room again. I tried not to remember his behavior the last time we were here today. I knocked on his head and his brows puckered in response. “Any problem up here?” I asked sarcastically. He pulled my hand down and said in a very serious tone. “How do you feel about me, Anika?”
I was totally blown away by the blue force of his eyes that he had unleashed on me. “Ho… How do I… what? What do you mean?”
“Well, you have until tonight to think about that. Don’t leave early today. I have a very important meeting at home today. And I’ll go to drop you after that, because we’ll need to talk. And if you leave before that, I’ll come to your place and the situation will become very awkward for you. So think well.” What kind of an explanation was that? He closed my open mouth with his index finger and then smoothed my hair tenderly. Who would believe that it was the same guy who treated me so coldly some time back? He started leaving, but then he turned back to say something really shocking.
“Just put the wedding preparations on hold until I tell you go ahead with it, okay?” He didn’t wait for my answer and I watched him walk away having brewed up a storm in my head and heart. “What’s going on in that head of yours, Billuji?”

PRECAP: Shivaay handles the situation with Tia’s family. Shivaay and Anika talk about something in a beautiful place. Shivaay’s shocked about something said by Anika.

Keep guessing about the new twist, guys. And keep smiling 🙂
Bye Bye…

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