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Playful love Story episode 16

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FB continues

@ Amal prakesh room

shona bring tea and gets shocked to him drinking & smoking.He turns & looks lustly towards the little innocent soul.

Amal(smiles evily): shona come here

Shona panics & goes near him.He made her sit beside him & caress her shoulder.Amal call someone

Amal(smirks): hello Sam did u see the shona’s photo

Sam: yes boss i saw she looking beautiful in this small age

Amal(laughs evily): sam Our customer is ready to take her ?

sam(laughs): yes how can they deny a new fresh & young item? They give 5lakh for her

Amal: Sam give them 1 lakh back

sam(confused): y boss we r only selling her y we to give money

Amal( smirks evily): becoz i am going to taste her.I am their first customer.

sam(laughs evily): i didn’t except this boss enjoy with ur case no 235

Amal: Today night i will bring shona there hmmm cut the call dammit

shona(crying): what r u doing leave me (struggles to free)

Amal(smirks evily):not so soon shona

FB broke
“🔊Lungi dance lungi dance lungi dance” sanskar phone.

swara(irrutated): what the hell can’t u switch off ur phone.Always this lungi dance what a ringtone duffer

sanskar: swara shup up

sanskar takes his phone in his pant.Swara qucikly took his phone from hand & attend.

swara(lit irrutated):Hello who is this

Same customer care girl: This is customer care.R u mr sanskar maheshwari

swara: hello miss customer care my voice is like man

cc: mam my name is not customer care my name is soumiya.can you give the phone to Mr sanskar maheshwari

swara(attitude): miss semiya

cc: mam soumiya

swara: opps soumiya i am Mrs sanskar maheshwari

cc(shocked + panic): ur his wife(stammers)

swara(confused): ya why

cc cut the call.

customer care(sighs reliefly): oh my god i am saved

swara : hello hello(confused) what happened y she cuting call

sanskar(laughs): she is afraid of u.but she don’t know that u afraid of cockroach

swara pouts.

thapki(angry): sanskar stop it bihaan u continue

FB starts
Shona did not understand & don’t what to do now.She starHe about to unzip her frock.But a loud shout “”””Bade papa””””.
Amal turns & shocked to varun with teared eye + angry.Amal shocked.

Varun(angry): bade papa i heard everything how dare u to take my shona from me Don’t think she is alone i am there for her

Varun goes near.suddenly amal takes a gun from drawer & points at shona’s head.
Varun shocked

varun(shouts): bade papa plz leave her

Amal(laughs evily):No my son i will not.My son varun i will give u luxurious life.(shouts)Now move

varun(teared eye): no badepapa luxurious life will not give happiness i already experienced.My father is a richest men in chattishgar.But i am servant of that house.One day my life changed i lost my relations but happiness came to me that happiness is My shona.She is very precious to me.

Shona cries harder.

Amal(angry): hey u stupid guy u don’t have mind money plays major in life huh whatever now leave

Shona(sobbing): varun save me plz

Varun: shona i don’t cry baba ur varun is there(signs her something)

Shona bites amal’s hand.Amal screams & lose his grip.Shona run to varun.Amal try to harm them.Varun took near by vase & throw it on his head.Amal screams & fell down.He shouted “””Guards catch them”””.His goons runs behind to catch themShovar runs hand in hand outside.Both run & run & run.

15 years leap

Shona’s pov
“” saree suits you well”” varun said today.He also looking stunning in tuxedo.This is the 1st time he is wearing tuxedo.He usually wears kurta and nehru jacket.Today I am really happiest peeson in the world.Today My dreamday.I am sitting in my dream place.I am in my graduation.Yess today is my graduatin day.I am going to be doctor finally.I was on cloud nine.15 years back i thought i have no one is there for me after my family died.Then my Magician came to my life & did a magic that changed my life totaly.Really He has some magic.That magician is my varun.Today i am going to become doctor it is becoz of my varun.When we both escaped from amal prakash goon.We run & run.There is no shelter for us. and we..

“shona”a voice voice..

screen freezes


shovar romance special

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