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Party love life~ belated happy birthday aami jaan~twinj os

Hello aami jaan ♥♥♥♥♥
Are you all must be thinking right why I am only telling hello to aami jaan areeeeeeeeeeeee……………… 😀
Because its specially for her…♥♥♥ because I was not able to wish her or was not able to do anything for her…and she did a lot for me…I am really I think I became selfish here….
Sorry aami seriously sorry………
Well aami lets start….♥
Belated happy birthday to u☻☻☻☻☻
Happy birthday to you…. Happy birthday to u….happy birthday too you……happy birthday to u….. ♥♥♥♥♥

May god bless you jaanu……….♥♥
So lets start…….
It is seen a beautiful mercedez stops in front of a pub two girls comes out of the car lets see who are they are yeh toh hamare twinkle or aami hain the guard takes there car and park it and they left from there for the party…..
The pub is beautifully decorated speacially for aami she is stunned to see that she asks twinkle that did she do this for her twinkle gave her a smile and told noo dear my hubby did it for you and obvious why wont we do this for you yr you are the reason for why we both met♥ they both share an eyelock…..thanks kunj said aami….anything for you aami my saali ji…..☻☻ twinkle smiles and they go there all the friends comes there uv mahi sayu di shruti paavu angu afa di luvi baby twinj bulbul saby di ridhima di ayu adyu they all were beautifully dressed….(yr sorry kuch ke names yaad aye hain soo I added abhi or time nhi hai naa)even I can say everybody from TU was there….
Our birthday girl was wearing





Our twinkle was wearing




Our kunj was wearing




They all were enjoying kunj was sitting there with his friends and gets into flashback
2 years back it was the same day it was aami’s birthday everyone was at pub
Kunj was there too with his friends to celebrate they all were enjoying when kunj eyes caught one girl dancing and enjoying a lot
She goes to the bartender and asks for a shot kunj was smiling seeing her and just smiling his friends noticed and decided not to disturb him as he didn’t had anyone in his life till now and for the first time he noticed any girl…..
Now the camera shows the girl….

Kabhi life up hai
Kabhi down down down down
Kabhi chitti milti
Kabhi kaali kabhi brown brown
(Kunj sees her taking shots one by one in one go….)
Dil pe na load le
Depression chod de
Daaru mein nimbu nichod
Nashe mein bandhe jhool ja

(here she squeezes the lemon in her drink and she goes to the DJ)
Do peg maar
Peg maar aur bhool ja
Do peg maar aur bhool ja
Do peg maar aur bhool ja
Do peg maar aur bhool ja
Bhool ja, bhool ja.. (x2)
(here the girl goes and swirls with her friends full on talli…..kunj is drinking but little and just staring her lady whom he has fallen in love with)
Do peg maar
Daaru gale mein utaar
Do peg maar daaru gale mein utaar
Hua jo corrupt ishqe da bio-data
Dilwale business mein pad gaya ghata (x2)
(they all are dancing and dancing and enjoying the night the girl is dancing with the beats )
Temper na loose kar
Ice cube use kar
Botal koi na khali chod
Nashe mein bandhe jhool ja
(the girl comes and picks up kunj and everyone from there places and dances with all of them)
Peg maar, peg maar aur bhool ja
Do peg maar aur bhool ja
Do peg maar aur bhool ja
Do peg maar aur bhool ja
Bhool ja, bhool ja.. (x2)

(she goes to aami and makes her dance as well they all enjoy a lot)
Chill maar tension bhool
Bhool Baby bhool
Daaru duniya mein dekh
Karti hai rule (x2)
(they all enjoy the whole party and now were going back when aami says twinkle stop)(sooo the girl is twinkle)
Chill chill maar..
Peg maar aur bhool ja

Kunj heard her name and says how cutee….♥♥♥♥♥
Twinkle where are you going home jaan ghar jaa rhi hun
Par we have our car right haan hai but I wanna go by walking naa…..no twinkle we are going by car no no no….it was of no use sooo aami agreed (as their home was on walking distance )she sat in the car and went away she knew twinkle wont agree……she sat in the car and tried going with twinkle only a bit away from here twinkle was walking and some goons bad eye her kunj was with twinkle as he saw her going alone he thought it wont be safe for her………
He went to her and said twinkle I guess should drop you
Noooooo who are you said twinkle
Twinkle I am kunj kunj sarna the great most handsome and dashng guy anyone would die for and you are he most prettiest girl I have ever seen (twinkle raised her eyebrowand got into thinking she was behaving not less than a baby) and some people are seeing you with bad eye please lets move from here noo kunj how do I know you are right person…

Twinkle lets move from here please said kunj…(kunj thought she is sooo cute but she have drunk much and wont listen to me) nooooo……..and she pushes him not much….
Kunj stops and sees her going…..some goons start following her kunj noticed this he was much angry on them now….twinkle was walking when those goons came and started commenting on her madam chalna hai kya we are free this night and all nonsense one bot started to come near twinkle she was protesting hard this was enough for kunj he came and hit them hard on their face and now they were all black and blue…(becharo ka hulliya bigadgaya)….

Na jiya zindagi ek pal bhi
Tujhse hoke juda sun zara
Bin tere mujhse naraaz tha dil
Tu mila hai toh hai keh raha
Main toh tere rang mein rang chuka hoon
Bas tera ban chuka hoon

Twinkle saw kunj and hugged him tightly kunj caressed her and stopped her from crying he cleared her tears and twinkle smiled back at him :D♥♥
He said siyappa queen twinkle gave a what wala look kunj said you are a siyappa queen she asked him toh stop but he said noo you are look you did such a big siyappa if they would have done something to you then what would have happened to me twinkle looked at him lovingly♥♥♥♥♥
Main toh tere dhang mein
Dhal chuki hoon
Bas teri bann chuki hoon
Mera mujhme kuch nahi
Sab tera, Sab tera..
Sab tera, Sab tera..
Phir dil ke raasto pe
Teri aahat jo hui
Har dhadkan jashn mein hai
Yeh inayat jo hui (x2)
They reached her home twinkle was all drunk she came to kunj and kissed his cheek and thanked him kunj was shocked and aami was there to receive twinkle on gate she smiled…☻☻
Sab tera, Sab tera..
Sab tera, Sab tera..
Jis pal tu saath mere
Uss pal mein zindagi hai
Tujhe paake paaya sab kuch
Koi khwaahish ab nahi hai (x2)
Main toh bas tujh se hi bana hoon
Tere dil mein bewaja hoon
Mera mujhmein kuch bhi nahi
Sab tera, Sab tera..
Sab tera, Sab tera..

She saw this and smiled and(thought milgaya finally twinkle ka jeewan sathi) waved a bye to kunj….kunj was going back when he saw twinkle phone he picked it up and kept it to return it her……..♥
Tum mile toh mil gaya yeh jahaan
Tum mile toh har pal hai naya
Tum mile toh sabse hai… faasla
Tum mile toh jaadu chaa gaya
Tum mile toh jeena aa gaya
Tum mile toh maine paaya… hai khuda

Next day twinkle wokeup and tried remebering last night she remembered a boy saving her and she hugging him he telling her petties girl in the world she kissing him and all she blushed hard…….♥♥♥♥♥
Tum mile toh mehki baarishen
Tum mile toh jaagi khwaahishen
Tum mile toh rangon ka hai silsila
Tum mile toh jaadu chaa gaya
Tum mile toh jeena aa gaya
Tum mile toh maine paaya hai khuda
Ta ra ra.. ta ra ri re… ta ra ra

Aami came to her room and said ohhhooo blushing and all haan twinkle hit her wih her pillow and said shutaap jaan voh bas I was thinking about something……….something or someone aahahaannn..♥ twinkle turned all red and ran to her bathroom…☻☻
She was thinking about kunj all the time…….
Tum mile toh mera dil gaya
Tum mile toh sab kuch mil gaya
Tum mile toh logon se kya vaasta
Tum mile toh jaadu chaa gaya
Tum mile toh jeena aa gaya
Tum mile toh maine paaya hai khuda
Now they were having breakfast and the door bell rang the servant rang open the door and there was kunj leela saw him and hapilly got up beta kunj tum ji auntiji paripona….auntyji nhi beta maa kaho twinkle looked on shocked maa you know him well yes beta yehi voh ldka hai whom I chose for you and tum dono milne ko bhi tayaar nhi the ek dusre ko ☻☻♥
Twinkle eyes shined and she came running to kunj and hugged him and said I love you kunj ♥♥♥you know I was thinking about you every second and now I realised that I love you
I love you too twinkle♥♥ kunj said with the brightest smile one could have yo know twinkle I feel for you at the only first sight but was afraid to tell you..☻☻
vaise maa who told you that I am in love with kunj sarna the great kunj smiled listening her leela pointed towards aami twinkle ran to aami and hugged her tightly and thanked her…♥a lot for kunj….
And then twinj were married….♥☻ and they are now happily married couple…..
Flashback over
And now again kunj comes back to present when twinkle pecks him on lips and thanks him♥☻

Twinj were now having a baby of 2 years who was with leela at home☻
Twinj again dances on the song
Breakup song, breakup song
Karde dil ki feeling strong
Saade char minute long
Breakup song, breakup song
Break break breakup song
Break break breakup song
(twinj started to dance together again with the beats)
Angrezi chidiya ki khaatir
Desi dil mera todh diya
Maine chhod diya usse chhod diya
Uski kaali kartooton ne
Uska bhaanda phod diya
Maine chhod diya usse chhod diya
(twinkle aced on thes lines as said)
Dil pe patthar rakh ke
Munh pe makeup kar liya
Oh dil pe patthar rakh ke
Muh pe makeup kar liya
Mere saiyan ji se aaj
Maine breakup kar liya
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj
Maine breakup kar liya
Subah savere uth ke maine
Yeh sab kar liya
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj
Maine breakUp kar liya
(everybody was dancing with them)

Humko bin bataaye tune
Yeh kab kar liya?
Arre humko bin bataye tune
Yeh kab kar liya?
Tere saiyyan ji se kaahe
Tune break up kar liya
Tere saiyyan ji se kaahe
Tune breakup kar liya
Subah savere uth ke maine
Ye sab kar liya
Tere saiyaan ji se kaahe
Thune breakup kar liya
b b.. breakup song

(they all are swirling and twirling with the song)
Kuch din to rona dhona bumper kiya
Aur phir delete uska number kiya
Ansoo jo sookhe seedha parlour gayi
Parlour mein jaake shampoo jamkar kiya
College ki saheliyon se catch-up kar liya
Arre college ki saheliyon se catch-up kar liya
Jinko mill na paayi unko whatsapp kar diya
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj maine breakup kar liya
Subah savere uth ke maine yeh sab kar liya
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj maine breakup kar liya
(everyone jumps and do los of masti all have shots and aami cuts the cake)

Kalti hua jo saiyyan stupid tera
Jeevit hua hai phir se cupid tera
Baasi relationship ka label hata
Duniya ko tu hai available bata
Mere soye armaano ko wake up kar diya
Arre mere soye armaano ko wake up kar diya
Ke tere saiyan ji se
Thune breakup kar liya
kunj takes twinkle to side and says her meri sayiaan ji hum aapko humse kbhi door nhi jaane denge and both smiles at eachother and gets into a romantic kiss which lasts for long and lond and sooo their happy life……..♥♥
hey jaanu I don’t know you lykd it or not but
happy birthday again hope it was upto expectations….☻☻♥♥
love you all♥♥♥



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