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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raghav taking Naina to the sky cab. She says I m scared of heights, the cab is open. He says you made me free of injection phobia, you also get free of your fears. She chants Ram’s name. He says its air, you just feel it, you won’t get to see such sight, fly like this. She smiles and feels the air. Kal ho na ho……plays………… She enjoys. He shows her the ice mountains and says we reached to the top, nothing happened, I told you your height phobia will go. She says I had fun, if mum was here, she would have ask me why am I in fear. He shows her the beautiful sights. She smiles and says its beautiful. She plays with snow. Raghav smiles seeing her. He says the real fun is still left, come and see.

Veer is with a Austrian

girl. Rajeev is at office and talks to Chanchal on phone. He asks are you sure, work got less, shall I come home. She says yes. He says okay, I will tell Veer and come. He goes and looks for Veer. He spots Veer with the girl and shouts Veer, whats happening, who is this girl. Veer gets shocked seeing him.

Naina and Raghav walk on the tall bridge and like the sights. Chanchal meets Pam and Sudha. She compliments Pam by her sugary talks. Sudha asks are you the one from girl’s family, who talks in loud tone. Chanchal says yes, I m Chanchal, many people know me. Pam says I m sure you won’t even get waitress job, I have seen you somewhere. Chanchal says I know rich people. Pam asks do they know you. Chanchal says I mean I saw them in magazines, I met you in parlor, I burnt your hair. Sudha smiles. Pam asks what, my hair took lots of time to grow back. Chanchal says you could apply castor oil, I lost the job. Pam says you deserved it. Chanchal says I will do your free haircut and colouring. Sudha says yes, she is Veer’s aunty, you can do that. Chanchal says I will make curls for free too, I will leave now, will meet later. She goes.

Naina sees the ice and asks Raghav am I dreaming, there is lots of ice. She signs her to sit on the ice throne. She stumbled. He worries for her. She signs she is fine. He signs her to smile and takes her pics. She checks pics and smiles. He says I told you, no need to be scared, such ice art can’t be seen anywhere. She thanks him. A lady sells snacks and goes. Naina and Raghav have that Austrian special snacks. She asks about Veer. He says I think he is in meeting, I will call her. Rajeev asks whats happening, you have to pay for this. Veer asks him to listen once. Rajeev says I will tell this to Naina. Veer says I don’t want to marry Naina, I did not cheat anyone, Dadi wants me to marry Naina, you say anything to Naina. Rajeev says this is too much and leaves. Raghav says I will get Veer and come, you see the other things here. He leaves.

Veer says this had to happen sometime, its good its happening today. He drinks and leaves with that girl. Raghav comes office and finds out Veer is not in his office. He asks a man. The man says Veer is in his private lodge. Raghav goes there and finds Veer working. He sees the girl’s sandal and looks around. Veer asks how did you come here, what are you finding. Raghav asks were you with any girl, Naina is a nice girl, you can’t do this with her. Veer asks what. Raghav shows the sandal and asks whose sandal is this. Veer lies about the company product. Raghav asks were you busy in work. Veer says yes, did you think I was with some girl. Raghav says Naina was waiting for you. Veer says yes, but I m sure you managed, you came here to accuse me, where did you leave Naina.

Raghav says she is in ice palace. Veer says go to her, she is alone, I will call her and say sorry. Rajeev has hidden the girl on Veer’s saying. Veer sends the girl. Rajeev says you got saved because of me, I saw Raghav coming. FB shows Rajeev telling Chanchal that he has to tell Naina. Chanchal asks are you mad, Naina is marrying in rich Mehra family. He says this is wrong. She says its fine if you want to tell everyone, the marriage will break, you will lose new job too, cool down and think about us, our baby. Rajeev sees Raghav coming. FB ends. Veer asks Rajeev why did you do this favor. Rajeev says don’t worry, marry my sister, small things happen, you owe this one to me, remember. They shake hands. Rajeev leaves.

Naina talks to a couple and clicks their pic. She says life is strange, one who is unknown to you gets linked to you that you get a new home in foreign land, he takes care of you so well, you realize that stranger has become your sole support. Raghav comes to her and asks Naina to come. Raghav drops her home. Naina is sad. He thinks why did she get serious, maybe because Veer did not come. He tries to cheer her up and asks how was the ice palace, send pics to mummy, she will be surprised. She nods. He says I will leave. They see each other. Kal ho na ho……plays………..

Veer tells Sudha about Rajeev and Chanchal, they are greedy. Sudha asks him to be careful. Raghav hears them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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