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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Naina to keep shagun, as she wants to thank Naina for teaching her children a lesson. Naina says your words are enough, no need for money. Dadi says keep it, else I will get annoyed. Naina takes the money and goes. Dadi says where do we get such girls in today’s times. Raghav says true Dadi, I know Naina, she is a nice girl, she loves her mum and lot and worked hard to get funds for her mum’s treatment, she came here to marry her fiance and got cheated, she has no money to go back and working as waitress to arrange ticket fare. Dadi silently leaves as she is annoyed with Raghav.

Rajeev gets worried and tells Chanchal that Naina flopped the plan, its not my mistake, please forgive me, Naina got to know of Mehras, who helped Maa for treatment.

Chanchal smiles and says this family is very rich, see how I make them dance on my fingers, wait and watch.

The doctor thanks Dadi for her donation and gives flowers. Dadi says donation by my name, who did this. She sees Naina and smiles. She goes to Naina and says I m seeing this for the first time, you have spent blessing on small kids, and earned good deeds for me also. Naina says I could not say no to you as you are elder, but sorry I did not keep money, everyone has needs, charity is like thinking for others than our needs, everyone earns money, but everyone does not give money, I learnt charity from your house. Dadi cries and says my husband also used to think this, so he started Mehra trust. Naina says you are lucky, many people would have got life by your help, spending on others gives happiness and peace forever. Dadi says atleast keep the flowers. Naina says sure and hugs Dadi. Raghav smiles.

Rajeev says what, I can’t give two bottles of blood. Nurse says we have to give two units to your wife and you have to donate blood to replace those units. Rajeev says I m unwell and can’t give blood. Raghav comes and asks whats the matter. Rajeev says my wife needs blood and they have to give same units back to blood bank. Raghav says its fine, I will donate blood. Rajeev says take four bottles of blood from him, maybe my wife will need more.

Asha is worried for Naina. Zeenu gives idea to contact Chanchal on video call. Raghav gets scared seeing needle and prays. Naina comes and looks on. Naina jokes and laughs. He says you… She says don’t tell me you are scared of a small needle. Raghav says no, I was just donating blood. Naina says it looked like someone asked you to donate kidney. He says fine, I m scared of needle. She says you encouraged me and scared of needle, sorry, its funny. He says anything can happen by needle. She says you will get heart attack by fear, I will donate blood, go. He says no, I have to face fear, its good to donate blood for others, I learnt from you to get lifelong peace by helping others. Naina makes him busy in talk, by asking about vanishing birds. Nurse injects the needle. Raghav sees that and understands Naina’s trick. Naina laughs.

Chanchal gets angry seeing Asha’s call. She answers the call and says I will make you a video call. She asks Rajeev is there anyone in Mehra family to get Naina married. Rajeev asks her to take rest, why will they make Naina their bahu. She says I think Dadi is impressed by Naina, after Naina ended the case, Naina is mother teresa types, get Dadi here, I will do helpless acting and get money from Dadi. He says right, I will get her.

He goes to Dadi. Dadi asks how is your wife. He says she is bearing pain, we don’t have elders to support, if you bless her once, she will feel good. Dadi says yes sure. Zeenu makes the video call. Chanchal smiles and keeps phone to show she is in hospital. Asha asks where are you Chanchal, call Naina. Chanchal shows hospital. Asha asks what happened. Chanchal says I don’t have anyone here, I met with an accident. Asha worries. Dadi comes there. Chanchal sees Dadi coming and turns to other side. She tells how Lord is testing her. Dadi looks on.

Chanchal tells Asha about Naina’s engagement breaking. Asha says I know, Amit married a foreigner for citizenship. Chanchal asks what, you knew it, we are there for Naina, I can send my kidney and get Naina married, we are poor but have to fulfill responsibility. Asha cries and says Naina is so good, everyone praises her, but she has such fate. Chanchal asks her not to worry. She sees Dadi and asks when did you come. Dadi takes the call and talks to Asha on video call. She says Naina is one in a million. Asha asks who are you. Chanchal says she is the one by whose car, my accident happened. Dadi says yes, its written in fate that we meet Naina. Asha says she would have won your heart, but lost to fate. Dadi says Naina is the best.

Asha says I have sent Naina there for marriage, but her fate, her relation broke, she is alone, I m sitting here. Dadi says you can bless us to make Naina our house bahu. Chanchal gets shocked and smiles. Asha gets shocked and asks what did you see, Naina your bahu, you know her engagement broke. Dadi says breaking and joining is life’s rule, its good I can talk to you face to face, its that guy’s loss if he could not see Naina’s qualities, from today Naina is my bahu Naina Mehra. Asha and Zeenu get glad. Asha thanks her and cries. She hugs Zeenu.

Veer comes for dining and throws food. He says Dadi can’t force me, I m not a kid. Dadi says you will marry Naina, its decided now, don’t be adamant. Raghav looks on.

Raghav asks Naina whats the tension. She cries and says you are my friend, I know you love your family, I can’t marry Veer, I m sorry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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