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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Dadi shouting Raghav. Raghav gets shocked. Dadi asks whats happening. Balraj scolds Raghav and asks since when is this happening. Raghav says no, I was just talking to Sanjana, I m saying truth. Sanjana scolds him and says I thought I can trust you, why did you take me to outhouse. Balraj tells Raghav has kept Sanjana’s anklet and photos, since when is he eyeing Sanjana. Uncle slaps Raghav and says Sanjana is our guest. Dadi says enough. Pam says don’t know what would have happened with Sanjana if we did not go there. Pam and Sanjana recall how they planned all this, after hearing Sudha. Pam messaged Sanjana that Dadi is coming, blame everything on Raghav. Pam asks Balraj to beat Raghav, what shall I tell her mom and dad, everyone got Raghav on head, see he


is doing this. Raghav says no, I m saying truth, I did not do this.

Pam asks where shall we get justice. Balraj asks Dadi to say something. Dadi goes and gets Dada ji’s stick. She beats Raghav and asks did you do this to return our love, did we get you here for this day, get lost, I will send you to jail, get out, you are no one for us. Raghav cries and leaves.

Sanjana has hangover. Pam gets medicine for her. Sanjana says she does not remember who spiked my drink, how did you Sudha is getting Dadi. Pam says she knows Sudha doing drama, I vowed to get Raghav beaten up by same stick of Dada ji. Naina tells Chanchal that she got 150 euros in first shift, I will arrange ticket soon. Chanchal says I can’t believe this, John is good, I will ask for a good job after delivery. Naina says you take care of baby, Rajeev will earn.

Naina goes to cook. Chanchal asks her not to carry money in purse, thieves are professional here, keep money in my locker. Naina agrees and says tell me when my ticket cost gets arranged. Chanchal says I would have sold my gold bangles if I had, shall we celebrate. Naina says yes, I will make sweets. Chanchal asks her to get chocolate icecream for baby. Naina says I will get it, and asks for money. Chanchal says don’t see this money, else ticket fare will not be arranged, get icecream from change. Naina says you are right and hugs Chanchal.

Dadi is sad and goes to Raghav’s room. Raghav walks to her. He apologizes and holds her hand. She cries and leaves. Chanchal sees the money and is happy. She screams seeing Rajeev. He asks what is it, neighbors will think I beat my wife. She argues. She says I have a golden hen, Naina is getting money for me, Naina is multi purpose girl, you say anything today, I m so happy. He asks really. She says yes. He hides and says I lost my job. She laughs and says you are so sweet, I m happy, come. He goes to her. She asks him to see baby, baby is kicking me instead you, baby is screaming you are useless and how will you raise him, you are a loser. He says I will do what you say, but just legal thing. She laughs and asks him to loot.

Raghav walks on the road and sits crying. He sees his mum’s pic and says why does this happen, that everyone leave me, you left me, Papa too, but I did not cry, I miss you, Dadi accepted me, I thought I got you in Dadi, today Dadi left me, I have no one to call mine. He cries and walks on road. Naina is walking behind him. She sees speeding car proceeding towards him. She shouts watch and pulls her. She says you…. He says I saved you from fake suicide that day.

She says we collide on every corner of the road. He says we are still stranger after meeting so many times. His hand aches. She asks what happened. He says nothing. She says show me and checks his hand by removing the gloves. She says your wrist is swollen, it maybe internal injury. He says yes, its internal wound. She asks do you have any enemies. He says they were dear till now, I m saying nonsense. She says I learnt helping Indians by you, you are not okay, don’t argue, come.

She says my mum has kept all the things in my bag, even medicines. He gets sad. Asha goes to buy sweets and argues with the shopkeeper. She says its not easy to convince Samdhan. He asks him to send sweets to Amit’s house. He says even this madam has sent sweets to her. Asha meets the lady and says I m sending sweets to Amit’s mum, Naina is going to marry him, they love each other. Lady says how can this happen, I heard Amit married a foreigner, so we came to buy shagun sweets, marriage happened abroad, they said they will keep functions here. Asha gets a shock and goes. She feels unwell.

Naina applies balm to Raghav’s hand and talks of Asha. She says i have no icecream and asks him to have chewing gum. His hand is hurt. She feeds him. Tere naam……plays……… Naina looks at him.

Raghav says we are strangers, but our ways match. He introduces himself as Raghav Mehra. She gets shocked. He asks what happened why did your face turn pale.

Update Credit to: Amena

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