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Our Dark Past Love (Chapter 8)

Our Dark Past Love
Chapter 8

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Chapter 7
* * * * *
Dev entered his class and saw his squad standing in front of him with their arms folded across their chest and an angry look on their faces. “What’s wrong?”, Dev asked knowing everything was wrong. “You!”, a guy shouted from the squad and everyone started throwing paper balls at Dev. He crossed his arms in the air in front to protect himself from the balls. “Tell me what happened first”, he said when two boys started beating him up. “Arey? Tell me what happened first guys”, he repeated when the boys stood up and helped Dev also get up. He looked at everyone and found them glaring at him.

“Rahul, you tell me”, Dev said but, he ignored him. “Pranav?”, he questioned but, he was into his phone and acted as if nothing had happened. “Guys, stop staring at and ignoring me. If you want me to help you all out, then open up and tell me what’s the issue”, he said. “I’ll tell you”, said a girl from behind who was dressed up in a black short dress. Dev heard her voice and quickly turned around to face her sweating profusely.

She walked upto him and while caressing his face asked, “Why are you sweating so much, baby?” Dev held on to her hand and stepping back replied, “Nisha, I’m perfectly alright.” “No, you aren’t Dev. Look, you’re sweating so much. Let me wipe your face”, she said and took out a handkerchief to clear the sweat off his face. Dev quickly took a paper ball lying on the table beside and wiping the sweat said, “I’ll do it for myself. Don’t worry.”

“Nisha”, someone called her from outside while she replied, “Wait. I’ll come in 5 minutes.” “Nisha, you go. Rahul or Pranav will tell me what happened. Your friend might need you urgently”, Dev said. “Are you sure?”, Nisha asked stepping towards him and he quickly replied, “Yes.” “Call me if you need me”, she said. “Ya but, right now your friend needs you more”, he replied. She passed him a flying kiss and quickly walked out to talk to her friend. Dev heaved a sigh of relief and turned around towards his friends while all of them burst out laughing. Rahul walked towards Dev and mimicking Nisha caressed his face. “Why are you sweating so much, baby?”, he asked while Dev jerked his hand away and the entire squad burst out laughing.

“Okay, so now tell me what exactly happened”, Dev said controlling his laughter. The room was quickly surrounded with silence. After a few seconds, Rahul threw a chalk at Dev and said, “Only because of you we’ve to arrange the cultural fest this year.” “What?”, Dev yelled and added, “What are the third year students doing?” “We don’t know. You talk to the Dean later. Now, let’s get on with this headache”, replied a girl looking at a sheet of paper. “Neha, what’s that in your hand?”, Dev asked pointing at the paper she was looking into. “See, I’ve made a list of where everyone has to go and only the six of us are left. Misha and I are going to the fourth year building to find the students interested to participate. Kabir and Rahul are going to the old building for the third year and you and Pranav go to the new block for the first year students. All the others are asking our batch and few other batches”, Neha completed assigning everyone their roles for the day. “Okay”, everyone replied lazily and walked in the directions they were asked to.

Dev and Pranav walked inside the new block when Dev said, “Pranav, let’s get rid off this quickly. I’m going in one class, you go to another. That way we’d be completing this faster. Okay?” Pranav nodded his head and walked in an opposite direction when Dev called out for him and he turned around. “Don’t start flirting, please!”, he requested. Pranav passed him a grin conveying that there was no chance that could happen. Dev nodded his head being disappointed and walked inside one of the classes.

“Okay, good morning everyone!”, he greeted everyone in the class while everyone sat up straight to listen what he was saying expecting it to be a ragging session. “So, as most of you might be knowing that we’ve a cultural fest coming up so, we would like to know the names of the ones interested”, he said and the ones interested asked him to pen down their names. “Even me”, a girl shouted sitting on one of the middle benches. “Who?”, Dev asked looking up while a girl stood up laughing and talking to her friends. “Khushi, Anaya, guys!!”, she said while Dev asked, “Name, please?” She looked at him while Dev locked his gaze with hers and was mesmerized by her beauty. He looked into her deep brown eyes which reflected the innocence, friendliness inside her. “Sonakshi Bose”, she muttered looking away. Dev came back to his senses and quickly penned down her name. “Anyone else?”, he asked before leaving and getting no replies he left the room.

“Sonakshi Bose. Interesting”, he muttered and smiled to himself. He walked towards the next class but, he was shocked by seeing the sight in front of him. He patted his forehead and walked towards that direction when someone tugged at his shirt. He turned around to look at the person while a faint smile covered his face.

* * * * *

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