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Our Dark Past Love (Chapter 7)

Our Dark Past Love
Chapter 7

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Okay, before you all start reading this I’m telling you all that this chapter is a long update so, be ready with your popcorn, snacks and everything you need. Moreover, this chapter is a mix of two voices so, be carfeul.

* * * * *
Sonakshi (POV)

I had been searching for Elena all the while who had managed to disappear from the parlour. I wondered how she would’ve come here because the car was parked in the garage itself. “This girl really troubles me”, I thought and continued searching for her when someone pulled me aside. I was going to scream when the person covered my mouth and shifted his hands to my waist for tightening his grip on to the hold

“Dev”, was all I muttered to myself. I knew his touch and he was there to trouble me again. “Why on earth is everyone troubling me!”, I thought and slowly opened my eyes to find him grinning at me. He caressed my face and said, “I wonder how do you manage to look beautiful always!” I tried removing his hands with a disgusted look on my face but, he was least bothered. He tightened his grip and asked, “Pretty, will you accompany me to the dance floor?” I narrowed my gaze at him and wondered what had got into him that he was behaving so flirty and cheesy. I rolled my eyes and said, “Of course …” Before I could complete, he kissed my left cheek leaving me shocked and dragged me to the dance floor.

He held me by my waist and pulled me closer as the music started, it was a slow one. I looked at him unbelievably and after a fraction of seconds looked away. He loosened his grip on my waist as I feared he’ll let me go off again. I quickly wrapped my hands around his neck rather hesitantly but, I was scared to lose him. He passed me a satisfied smile and positioned his hands on my waist again. I looked at him and was lost in his deep brown eyes when he turned me around holding a finger of mine and quickly pulled me closer. My hands rested on his shoulder while his on my waist. I wanted to stay with him and hold on to him tighter as to never let him go away. But, that wasn’t what my mind wanted me to do. “Shall I listen to my mind or heart?”, I thought looking into his eyes which carried various emotions. He lifted me up and slowly brought me down. The entire while I was struggling to chose between what my mind preferred and heart. He made me stand and slowly pulled me closer to continue with the dance but, my mind took over my heart.

“Just stay away”, I mumbled and pushed him away. He looked at me shocked as I ran away from the dance floor towards the washroom. I locked myself inside the washroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked at the mirror and a faint smile covered my face but, soon it faded away. It wasn’t so easy for me to forget my past and that’s what always scares me from getting close to him. I walked close to the mirror while the tears rolled down my cheeks. “Sona, you can’t be so weak. Come-on. When he didn’t care once for you, why do you care? You need to stay strong and not let him make you fall weak”, I thought and gently wiped away the tears.

I applied a bit of foundation and making myself presentable enough went outside not allowing anyone to notice my absence. I walked towards the crowd and found out that the dance was over. I heaved a sigh of relief and walked towards the crowd when someone entwined their hand with mine. I looked up to find Dev standing beside me. I tried freeing my hand from his grip but, every time it only led to him tightening the grip with a gentle touch. He was talking to the guests as if nothing happened and everyone was staring at us noticing the proximity between us. I let out a faint laugh withing myself and thought, “How can you even think that Mr. Dixit would care about what you feel? Did he ever care that today he will?” I plastered a smile across my face and talked to everyone forgetting everything.

After a while Mr. Dixit was busy talking to an employee when I quietly freed my hand from his grip and walked away to talk to the other employees. I called the waiter and helped myself with a soft drink. I was talking to the employees when Mr. Dixit came and stood beside. I was about to go away when someone tapped on my shoulder from behind. I turned around and found Elena standing behind me looking completely gorgeous. “Di, I want you to meet someone”, she said. “I’ll meet them later after the party. Not now. By the way, you look absolutely gorgeous”, I replied. “Thank you!”, she replied passing me a gentle smile and added, “Di, please! Now itself.” “Elena, not now. Let the party get over”, I replied but, she dragged me away with Mr. Dixit following us. “Why was he following us? It was between us, the two sisters. God! Can someone please give him some sense to not interfere in one’s personal matters”, I thought looking at him and looked away after a fraction of seconds.

“Di, meet him”, Elena said and tapped on a guy’s shoulder who was dressed up in a jet black suit. “Excuse me”, he said excusing himself and turned around to face us while Elena said, “Vicky, meet di.” “Di, this is Vicky. Do you remember I told you that I met him in London? He came back to India just a few days before and I couldn’t make both of you meet each other because of some or the other reason. He’s Dev sir’s brother”, she added as me and Vicky looked at each other shocked. “Bhabhi?”, Vicky muttered. “Di. Not bhabhi”, Elena replied. I turned around to go away when Vicky repeated, “Bhabhi?” “I’m not your bhabhi anymore”, I replied and quickly walked out of the venue.

• • • • • • • • • • •
Vicky (POV)

“Bhai, what’s happening?”, I asked but, he ignored me. “I’ll get on with you later”, he replied and walked away to talk to others before I could question him anything else. “Vicky, why are you calling my sister bhabhi? She’s my di”, Elena said. “Don’t you know bhai and di were in a relationship in their college?”, I asked while she looked at me widening her eyes. I snapped in front of her eyes and asked, “Don’t you?” She nodded her nodded saying no and said, “Please tell me how they got together. I want to know how everything happened.” “It’s a long story. We’ll talk about it later”, I replied and before she could request me once more I walked to away to help myself with the dinner.

It was around 10:30 when everyone had left. I had assured Bhai to take care of everything here and he could go home and take rest for a while. “I’m not your bhabhi anymore”, were the only words pondering in my mind. “What did bhabhi mean by that? Aren’t bhai and bhabhi together now?”, I thought when someone shook me making me come back to reality. I looked around and found Elena standing beside me with her arms folded across her chest.

“Why didn’t you go back home yet. Come, I’ll leave you”, I said and was about to take out the keys from the pocket when Elena held my hand. I arched at my eyebrows asking what while she said, “No need. I told di that I would be staying at Arushi’s house for the weekend.” “Okay, let me drop you there atleast”, I replied and freeing my hand took out the car keys.

She gave me a fed up look and asked, “Are you dumb? I am going to stay with you for the weekend.” I looked at her with widened eyes and within a fraction of seconds pulled her closer to me. “Baby, you’re too naughty. You want to have our first night before our wedding itself? I don’t have a problem though but,..”, I said while she gave me a hopeless look. “Shut up. Leave me”, she said while I tightened my grip and said, “We can’t go at home. Shall I book a honeymoon suite?” She pushed me away and while blushing said, “Shut up. Book a hotel room because you’re going to tell me Dev Sir’s, sorry Jiju and di’s love story.” “Elena, you’re going home right now”, I said but, she snatched away the car keys from my hand and replied, “Book the hotel room.”

“Elena, you’re going home right now”, I said chasing her trying to snatch the car keys from her. “No way. We aren’t meeting for a year if you’re not telling me their love story”, she replied turning around to face me. “Emotional blackmailing”, I muttered while she let out a soft laugh and both of us walked towards the parking lot. We settled ourselves in the car and I booked a hotel room for the two of us. “Tell me”, demanded Elena while driving and I kept my phone aside.

“Bhai was an all rounder right from the beginning. He always participated in all the events conducted by his school as well as his college. Even though this has nothing to do with the beginning of their story, I’m just telling you so that you don’t have a problem in understanding things later”, I said and looked at Elena who replied, “Continue.”

“One day, Bhai was late for his classes and as soon as he entered the college he rushed towards the building. He was in a hurry and didn’t bother to notice anything that was around him. Suddenly, he bumped into a girl and both of them fell down with him on top of the girl. They looked at each other for a few seconds and before Bhai could get up, the girl pushed him on the ground and stood up. “Can’t you see and walk?”, she asked dusting off her jeans. Bhai quickly stood up and replied, “I’m in a hurry.” He quickly ran away before the girl could say anything. “Mr. Obhodro”, she muttered to herself and walked away in the opposite direction.”

* * * * *

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