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Our Dark Past Love (Chapter 6)

Our Dark Past Love
Chapter 6

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Dev (POV)

She opened the door and screamed, “YOU!” I covered my ears and later replied, “Yes.” She rolled her eyes and asked, “What are you here for?” I walked inside as she moved back. I closed the door and pushed her against the wall while my hands tightened their grip around her shoulder. “Don’t you know?”, I asked. “I wouldn’t have asked if I did”, she replied. “Frankly, I didn’t want to disturb you but, since, you weren’t ready so, I thought of coming inside and waiting”, I replied and smiled at her wickedly. She made a disgusted face and said, “It’s paining.” I looked at her confused as she pushed me behind and said, “You can never get rid of your habit of hurting people.”

I looked at her painfully as she walked away inside. “I regret my past Sona”, I muttered but, there wasn’t anyone to listen to my repentance and complaints. “It wasn’t only you who wanted to move further ahead with the relationship”, I thought and walked inside. I settled down on a single seater while Sona came with a glass of water and offered it to me. I took it and she was about to walk out of the room when I said, “You still care for me.” She let out a faint laugh and turned around. “I really wonder how you can still be in all these misconceptions. I gave you the water just as an act of courtesy and anyone other than you would’ve been there, I would’ve done the same”, she said and left the room in a matter of few seconds.

I breathed in and waited for Sona in the hall. After almost half an hour, she came down wearing a black embroidered gown matched up with minimal make-up and jewellery along with heels. She had left her hair open and curled a few of them which fell on her cheek making her look drop dead gorgeous. “I am a lucky man”, I thought but, reality struck me again making me realising she wasn’t mine.

I slowly walked towards her while she was busy adjusting her bracelet. I adjusted it and she looked up shocked. She quickly stepped back realising the little proximity we had between us but, I wasn’t in my senses. I walked towards her and finally she was stuck by the wall. “Mr. Dixit”, she stammered as I tucked the hair strands falling on her face behind her ear. “You look beautiful”, I whispered. She did blush at my remark but, to cover it up she said, “Mr. Dixit, we’re late.” She moved away and was about to go away when I held on to her wrist and tightened the grip. I pulled her towards myself as her hands rested on my chest and she looked at me expressionless.

“So, Ms. Bose, don’t you love me?”, I asked. “N .. No”, she stammered. “Oh really? What about this dress then?”, I asked. She looked down at her dress and questioned, “What about it Mr. Dixit?” I let out a soft giggle and said, “I know you remember everything. Don’t act as if you forgot that I gifted you this gown on our first..” Sona interrupted me and said, “Mr. Dixit, let me make myself clear. This dress has nothing to do with our past. It did carry a lot of importance in my life once but, now it means nothing to me.” “Well, why are you wearing it then?”, I asked. “Because Elena chose it”, she replied and freeing her hand walked towards the door. “Elena didn’t keep it safely, right?”, I asked. She turned around and folding her arms across her chest said, “Mr. Dixit, this dress belongs to me and it’s completely my decision if I keep it safely with me or not. Anyways, I am a person who doesn’t let go off things or people so easily.”

I looked at her hurt but, she had her own valid complaints and her anger on me was justified. “But, couldn’t I be given another chance?”, I thought. Suddenly, Sona screamed and I quickly ran to her help. She was about to fall down but, I held on to her waist tightly supporting her. “Are you okay?”, I asked rather worriedly. “Hmm..”, was all she replied. “Why do you use these when you can’t handle them?”, I asked. She stood up straight and pushed me away. “Mr. Dixit, first look at yourself. Were you able to handle everything perfectly?”, she said. I stood there hurt while she walked out of the room.

I couldn’t possibly have done anything but, try my best to convince her and get her back in my life. Things do change over time and everything had really changed over all these years. “I wish I would’ve got atleast one chance from your side to rectify my mistake Sona. I could’ve possibly changed the existence of this rude and arrogant attitude of yours”, I thought but, will my thoughts ever change the reality. “Dev beta, we reached”, said driver Kaka bringing me back to reality. I smiled and said, “Thank you Kaka!”

I got down from the car and opened the door for Sona. She came out and stood next to me as I forwarded my hand to let her entwine hers with mine. She ignored it and walked forward when I whispered, “Even your reputation matters here. Doesn’t it seem awkward that you’re entering inside with me and we’re behaving like strangers?” She rolled her eyes as I forwarded my hand allowing her to entwine hers with mine and both of us entered the party.


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