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Our Dark Past Love (Chapter 5)

Our Dark Past Love
Chapter 5

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Chapter 4

Sonakshi (POV)

I entered inside the house and was about to go to my room when Elena stopped me. “What happened Elena?”, I asked blinking my eyes to clear the blurred vision. “Di, what’s happening?”, she asked me. I gave her a questionable look and arched my eyebrows asking what. “Well, umm.. what’s happening between you and Dev sir?”, she asked. I looked at her confused as she continued, “He dropped you home and then both of you romancing in front of the car. What’s happening di?”, she asked curiously as I replied, “Elena, go sleep.” “Di, tell na what’s happening”, she demanded as I repeated, “Go, sleep.” “Di, please, please, please, tell me what’s happening between the two of you. Is it a relationsh..”, she was about to complete as I tightly slapped her.

She held on to her cheek tightly and looked at me shocked as I ran away to my room. I immediately closed the door and sat down leaning against the door. I covered my face as the tears slowly rolled down my cheeks. I couldn’t believe that I’d slapped Elena just a minute ago. “Di, please open the door”, Elena shouted from outside while crying. I kept quite and repented for slapping her. “Di, please open the door. I’m sorry di. I didn’t want to hurt you. I’m so sorry. Di, please open the door. Please di”, she said as I continued crying and repenting. “Fine then. I’m also sitting here and unless you open the door, I’m not going anywhere”, she said and sat down leaning against the door outside the room.

I slowly opened the door as Elena stood up with the tears rolling down her cheeks and a bright smile covering her face. She hugged me tightly and said, “I’m sorry di. I didn’t..”, she said as I pulled back and wiping her tears said, “Shh.. Don’t cry. I’m sorry. I was the one who was at fault.” “No di. I crossed my limits. I shouldn’t have asked you anything like that. I’m extremely sorry”, she replied as I pulled her into a hug and patted her back. We pulled back after a while as I kissed her forehead and greeted, “Good night!” “Good night di”, she greeted me back and walked away to her room with a bright smile spread across her face. I went to change and after a while, I laid down and soon felt asleep.

The next morning, I woke up as the sun rays hit my face. I sat up and clipping up my hair prepared coffee for the two of us. I took both the mugs and walked inside Elena’s room. “My sleeping beauty”, I thought and keeping the mugs on the table sat beside her. I patted her cheek and said, “Good morning! Get up now.” She wrapped her arms around my waist and said, “Two more minutes di, please!” “No. Get up right now”, I replied as she got up rubbing her eyes. “Di, why do you wake up early everyday? We’ve a holiday today”, she said. I let out a soft laugh and handing her the coffee drew the curtains. I settled down after a few minutes and we both started talking to each other while having our cup of coffee.

Later, I was working on my laptop when Elena came and switched off the laptop. I looked up at her and annoyingly said, “Elena, I am working.” “Di, what work are you doing? It’s a holiday today. Moreover, are you done arranging things for the party in the evening?”, she asked as I looked at her worriedly. “Dev Dixit” was the only thought that struck my mind thinking about the party. “Di, where are you lost?”, Elena asked snapping her fingers in front of my eyes. I shook my head and said, “Nothing. Come, let’s see what you’ve decided.” “I haven’t decided anything. I mean I’m not able to”, replied Elena worriedly as I smiled and both of us walked away to her room.

We entered the room as I found the bed covered with a heap of dresses. “Elena, what is this?”, I asked widening my eyes. “Exactly! I’m not able to select what to wear”, she replied as I patted my forehead. I picked up the dresses and started arranging her cupboard when she said, “Di, first tell me what to wear.” I picked up an elegant blue gown from the heap which had embroidery work all over along with a slit on the right side and said, “Get this ironed and you can wear this for the party.” She jumped from the bed and twirling me around screamed, “Di, you’re the best.” I smiled and said, “Okay, now leave me. I need to check some more mails.” “No way. I’m going to select an outfit for you first and then, you can do something else”, she replied. “There’s no need Elena”, I replied but, she ignored me and dragged me to my room.

Elena opened the cupboard and was going through the dresses while I was checking the mail contents on my phone. Suddenly, she took out a dress and squealed, “Di, this one. It’ll suit you really well.” I looked up and found Elena holding a black gown which had self embroidery work all over. “I’m not wearing this”, I replied teary eyed. “Why di? This is so beautiful”, she replied. “There are many other gowns. Select one among them”, I replied. “Please di?”, she requested blinking her eyes innocently like a kid. “How can I refuse if she does all this!”, I thought and replied, “Okay. But, for now you go and find matching accessories with your gown. I don’t want you to panic at the last minute.” She smiled and said, “I love you!” “I love you too”, I replied as she ran to her room to arrange everything.

I sat down on the bed and looked at the dress. “Even today I respect and give importance to the so-called relation we had between us. I wish you would’ve let me know once that everything was just a game, a game with my feelings”, I muttered as the tears rolled down my cheeks. “Di!”, shouted Elena from the corridor as I quickly wiped away the tears and as she entered I arched my eyebrows asking what. “Di, listen, I want you to meet someone today”, she said. “Who?”, I asked. “Patience di. It’s a surprise. You’ll surely like the surprise”, she said. “How can I not like a surprise given by you!”, I replied as she hugged me tightly and said, “I’m excited.” “What is so exciting!”, I thought and hugged Elena back. She pulled back after a while and said, “Okay, you arrange everything for yourself. I’m going to go the parlour in sometime.” “Okay”, I replied and she walked out of the room.

It was around 7:45 and I was roaming around in the house when Mr. Dixit called me. I picked up the call and in a `I’m not interested` tone said, “Hello!” “Ms. Bose, are you ready? I’m almost there”, he replied. “I am not. If you want me to come along then, keep waiting until I finish all my work”, I said and disconnected the call. “Mr. Dixit would never wait for anyone. I can go to the party all by myself now. Thank God!”, I thought and smiled to myself when suddenly the door bell rang. “It must be Elena”, I muttered. I was about to open the door when Elena called and told that she went to the party directly from the parlour and asked me not to wait for her. I wondered who it was and opening the door screamed, “YOU!!”


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