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Our angels- Shraman os

Happy Birthday Riyo Di! Cant belive it! My 1st os! I mean finally bt this is nt the 1, remember that1, fr which I gave 2 promos, haha wohi wala, nahi hai :P. Bakbak band pakpak suru (I mean pakana suru)

Scene 1
Shravan’s POV
the mrng ws beautiful.
Birds were chirping.
Sun was shining brightly.
We were hugging.
That couldnt b express with wrds,
how we were feeling.
Last ni8 my fairy gave me the most wonderful gift of my life. The ni8 we were celebrating aftr we got the beautiful news. I love my angel. What she gave me no1 cld give me that. My baby. The news brought so much happiness, then how much happiness will we get aftr the baby cms. I slowly moved my hand frm her tummy as I ws sleeping holding hr tummy. I got up slowly cz I dont wanna disturb hr sleep. I stood up frm bed nd got ready. I didnt wanted to disturb hr sleep bt I had to bcz today we have to share this news with family. “Sumo” I said slowly. She opened hr eyes slowly, “what” she asked me innocently. “Sumo, we have to tell family that u r preg”. “oh, sry. I frgt” she said with hr swt voice. She got up nd went to freshen up. I ws feeling vry bad to disturb hr. I think I souldnt have disturb hr nw. Bt anyways nw we have to tell our families. The main prt. Sumo came out nd we walked outside our room.


Scene 2
Sumo’s POV
we came downstairs. We were late than we always come. “Suman dear, r u ok” Maa asked me. “yeah, Maa” I replied. “then y r u late dear?” she asked me. “Maa, we wanna tell smethng to all” I said. “Maa, u r going to become grandma soo” Shravan said instanly. At 1st every1 looked at each other nd then at us. Aftr few sec of silence, they gave a huge smile nd every1 came to say congrats to us. They were very happy. I cld see their happiness clearly on their face. Watching the happiness, I became more happy. We had to share this news with Nanu also. We invited them to MM fr dinner. Maa, Kamini chachi nd Vandy bhabi worked together nd did the arragments, even I wanted to wrk bt no1 allowed me. I was a lil sad bt their care healed the sadness. Finally it ws ni8

Scene 3
Shravan’s POV
Tiwari family reached our home. We were vry happy nd excited to share the news. Every1 gathered at hall. Nanu asked the reason fr calling them suddenly. That time I changed the topic. Then when we were having some casual convo I said, “Nanu, we r becoming grt grandpa”. Nanu became surprised nd vry happy. He hugged Sumo nd blessed us with heart. Tiwari family became vry happy nd left aftr having dinner. The days passed like this. Aftr the wait of nine mnths our two angels were born. Yeah they were twin. We named them Riya nd Priya. They r our heart. We r a sml, happy nd complete family nw.

Scene 4
the two angels were playing happily. Shravan held me nd was nt leaving me. He asked fr a kiss on cheek as our angels were playing behind. I insisted him to let me go bt he said to give kiss nd b free. As I was abt to kiss him our angels came. “Mummy, Papa what r u doing?” our angel Riya asked. “Riyangel, Mummy ws giving me kissy” Shravan said. “evn we want kissy” said our anthr angel Priya. “Mummy will surely give u two kissy, my Priyangel” I replied. Then I gave kiss to my three angels. Shravan picked them in his arm. We had a family hug.

The end

I knw it ws vry boring bt I dont knw hw a os sld b so pls forgive me. I am vry sry all. On my b’day my exams started so cldnt cmnt. I really read them nd loved them. Thank u all nd again A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIYA DI.

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