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Only those who care about u can hear u when ur quiet (OS on DevAkshi) Part 1

Hi there people,
I’m Bharti hope u all remember me I’m the writer of love is limitless. I’m back with an OS. Hope u all enjoy it and like it and silent readers comment.
Let’s start….

The story starts with a girl(Sonakshi) taking blessings from her mom(Asha)
Asha : Beta hope u get a job in ur favourite company
Elena : Haan tu kabse is interview ke liye tadap rahi hai(Yes from when u’re dying to do this interview)
Sona : Yeh baat toh sahi hai(Yes ur right)
Sona leaves for the company
Sona : My dream Ishwari textiles
She enters the company and enters Dev’s cabin
Tina : Ma’am where r u going
Sona : Today is my interview with Mr. Dev Dixit
Tina : Ok u may enter
In Dev’s cabin
Dev : Hmmm………U have very good qualifications Ms. Bose
Sona : Thank u sir
Dev : So u’ll get the job of junior designer
Sona : Thanks u sir
Dev : U can leave now and for work tomorrow
She runs to home in happiness
Sona : Ma ma ma
Asha : Kya hua(What happened)
Sona : Ma I got the job
Asha : Wah beta tujhe toh job milna tha akhir beti kiski hai(Wow dear u had to get a job after all whose daughter u are)
Elena : Ma yeh puchiye behn kiski hai(mom ask her whose sister is she)
They all laugh. Next day Dev calls Sona
Dev : Ms. Bose I need u to get a driver for me and it’s an order
Sona : But sir
Dev cuts the phone
Sona : Obhodro from where do I get a driver……..Idea
Sona reaches Dev’s house
Dev : Where is the driver
Sona : First sit
Sona sit’s in the drivers seat
Dev : Y r u sitting here
Sona : Because I will drive a car and I won’t get any driver in such a short notice
Dev : Ok but drive slowly


Sona starts after driving for sometime she stops
Dev : Y did u stop
Sona : I’m getting sleep and want tea, or I will make an accident
Dev : Fine
She gets down but forgets to apply hand break while drinking tea she sees the car moving backwards and gets shocked and Dev sees her puzzled then a noise comes and everybody turns towards the noise and Dev and Sona see the car fallen in the jungle down the mountains
Dev : U didn’t apply hand breaks
Sona : I know how to park a car but maybe forgot to apply hand breaks
Dev : Shayad shayad abhi bhi shauck hai ki shayad hand breaks lagana bhul gayi(Maybe maybe now also u have a doubt that u forgot to apply the hand breaks)
Sona : Sorry
Dev : By saying sorry the car will come back. Now call somebody from office for help
Sona : I can’t because the mobile is in the car
Dev gets angry
Dev : Now come we’ll go in the jungle and find the car
After 2-3 hours they find the car and it fixed

So this was the first part
Comment please good or bad but I want the silent readers to comment this time

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