Episode 15

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ragini realises her love and tells to karan and a man came to chennai and finally lucky call convo….


This moring is going to be good in some life and bad for some as like that here also our karan is getting up with pain in his heart and determination in his mind…and on the other side our raglu gets up with a glow in their face and swara with a fear and here laksh is going to start his work today….as like wise many of them are of many thinkings they all get ready and went to the collage….there is a big surprise is waiting for them….as the morning classes over swaraglu & ralakan sat in the clg canteen and karan starts….

Karan – lucky….that i….i…i m really sorry because i dont know why i beat u yesterday…may be i think i m a possesive person who can’t see their frnds with other persons….because my frnds are my life na…

Saying this his eyes became wet and rv clutches his hands to make him calm…then lucky continues….

Lucky – no bro its ok i can understand…

By saying this lucky standsup and karan asked…

Karan – what’s up ????

Lucky – i think u r not thinking me as ur friend…(lucky was expecting karan to tell that we r frnds )

But NO karan answer shocked lucky…..

Karan – yes lucky we r not frnds….

All r looking at him in a shock especially ragini and rv…..

Karan – kya tum log muje aise kyu dekh rahi ho??? I mean to say that me and lucky are not friends because frm now he is my brother…..

By saying this karan stood up and hugs lucky…then there is no boundaries for ragini’s happiness then she said

Rag- wowwwww how cute na now everything is solved….( interrupted by karan )

Karan – excuse me ms.KHANNA by the way i m not cute ok…

Ragu – its RAGINI for u

Lucky – and ya now also onething is left to solve….

All gave a confused look to lucky…..then lucky went near shalu who is sat beside swara and said

Lucky – shalu u please sit on another chair…

Shalu nods and all take their place and lucky sat beside swara and said

Lucky – swara i need to say u something……

By saying this he takes her hand in his . Swaragan was shocked by his sudden act.then lucky continues….

Lucky – swaraa…vo sab sach batao !!! Cant u remember me ?????

Swara was still in confusion and here ragini was burning in jealousy…..then swara nods in no. Then lucky continues

Lucky – shona !!!! look at my eyes….

Swara was shocked to listen the word SHONA

ragini – shona ?????

Shalu – yaaru andha shona??? ( who is shona ???? )

Lucky – shhhhh guys shutup

Karan – lucky….

Lucky – bro please….shona u look here….look at my eyes…cant u see anything ???

Swara was silent…lucky continues….

Lucky – areee baba!!!! tum bachpan se ye dunraha tha par abhi bhi nahi milgayi apko !!!! ( u searching this frm our chilhood but now also u cant find it na ??? ) (* sry if hindi sentence is wrong*)

Swara was still confused but a little curve appeares on her lips….then suddenly her eyes widened because lucky pinches her hands very hardly

swara – ahhhhhhh ( shouts in pain )

Lucky was smiling like anything and here the whole gang was silently listening them….and swara said after shouting

Swara – u bl**dy HITLER….see what i m going to do now

By saying this swara pinches on his legs very hardly …he was shouting in pain….whole members are staring at them then ragu came to them frees him frm swara and lucky said

Lucky – thank u sweety….

Raganlu – sweeety ????.

Swara – haan he usually call his frnds like this only.

Ragu – how do u know this ????.

Swara – haan he is my cousin ???

Shalu – cousin???…then why cant u identify him then ????

Lucky – we met 10 years back bcz we shifted to kolkata

Raglu – ohhhh

Karan – ok iska matlab swara ko cosin bhi hai….

Lucky – haan bro u know what she had 2 more cousins also there one is mad and another one mad on swara…..

Raganluvi- whatttt ?????

Lucky – haan ek hamara brother shravan and dhusra mr.sanskar swara ki diwani and her fiance…..

Swara – lucky that is past.he was my fiance but not now i hate him lucky keep that in ur mind and haan then if u take this topic again then u ll regret it lucky….

By saying this swara angrily leaves frm there….

Lucky and the whole gang was really shocked then karan said

Karan – ye swara ko kya hogaya

Lucky – i ll found it

Rag – lucky i need to talk to u

Lucky nods and kavilu starts to leave frm there then ragu

Ragu – guys stay here this is about swara only….

All nods and sits then lucky said

Lucky – tell me na sweety what is the matter ?????

Ragu – haan lucky do know about sanskar’s character

Lucky – but why r u asking about him

Ragu – haan lucky i know everything about swara’s past….

Lucky – past…. means?????

Karan – lucky dont u know about swasan’s matter ???

Lucky – ya they planned to engaged but i dont know why swara is now reacting this…..

Ragan sees him with narrowed eyes then lucky said

Lucky – yaar sach me muje kuch nahi patha…..!!!!!

Karan – lucky dont lie……

Lucky – yaar trust me i saying truth…..

Ragu – ok listen……

Ragini tells him everything…..

Lucky – ragini tum kya bolrahe hu…..yarrr whats all this i dont know about all this……ok ragini did u know the reason behind it…..

Ragu – no lucky….i asked her many times but it all went vein…ya lucky u r her cousin na….then u can ask her the reason behind it…..

Shalu – yes lucky but before that say about sanskar we can atleast guess something after knowing about him na….

Lucky just nods and the bell rings . all looks at the direction of the bell then karan said

Karan – guys there is nothing is going to be lose if u miss one class….lucky u say

Lucky – haan karan vo…vo actually i dont like him basically…..

Raganvilu – whattttttt …….¿¿¿¿

Lucky – haan vo…when my is in mumbai, me,swara,shravu,shanthu,uttara and sanky were used to play together. U know what sanky is naughty and he is the pet for all family members because of his naughtiness even swara also choose him over me….*pout

Karan – areey yaar…..*hits his head

Rv – yaar he is acts like a kid….

Ragu – lucky this not a time for doing jokes…..

Lucky – ok fine i m telling…..


PRECAP : reason…….

I m really really sry frends i know i m too late and ya u all know i m having exams still i have my physics exam 2mrw and i also know this all are starts bashing after reading this ok….ok all are accepted…then i ll try to post regularly frm 2mrw i swear *wink…..

Take care…..

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