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Hi ? guys I know aap log boohat gusa Mai ho aur aap sab na mujhe kal daant bhi Diya tha????? par koi baat nahi. I think so I deserved that but I even think if you guys are satisfied with today’s epi then I even deserve good and lengthy comments guys so don’t forget to put forward your views. Mai zyaada baak baak nahi karungi. So here we go.

@LEAF 22

Three of the girls have encircled Pragya and none of the Oberoi’s have seen them.
All the three O BRO’S are busy in themselves only.
Pragya turns towards dadi and says
Pragya: Ma these are my daughters.
Three of them turn towards dadi while BG MUSIC ? PLAYS (do not miss the song)
Shaam dhale tak changa tha
Shaadi ghar satranga tha
Ho shaam dhale tak changa tha
Shaadi ghar satranga tha
Phir daru ki imported botal ka dhakan khul gaya
Ki raita phail gaya
Ki raita phail gaya

Phir daru ki imported botal ka dhakan khul gaya
Ki raitaa phailgaya (hoye..)
Ki raitaa phailgaya (hoye..)
Ki raitaa phail gaya phail gaya
Raita phail gaya
Hungama ho gaya..
Hungama ho gaya..
Dadi and the Oberoi elders see them while three of them turn towards the Oberoi’s by joining their hands as they were to greet them Namaste.
But as they turn All the three girls get shocked seeing the Oberoi’s. The O BRO’S finding this unwanted silence see in the direction of their family who are standing numb like statues. Then they shift their gaze in synchronization with each other and look at the direction by seeing which their family had applied a pause button to themselves. As their gaze goes to the three angles standing there they all get shocked beyond words and within split seconds they are on their feet following the same synchrony with their mouths and eyes wide open as if they had witnessed their worst nightmare come true (the situation is like that even after ending all the seven hograsess Voldemort came back alive.). Feeling some one’s gaze all the three girls turn towards the O BRO’S who are staring at them as if they get chance they would gulp these three beauties in a go without even giving it a second thought. As soon as S SISOO’S see the O BRO’S their eyes ? pop out of their respective socket’s, the view in front of them makes their heart ♥ beat to stop for split seconds.
After few seconds of the stare and scare game the first one to recover from the shock or I should say the 440V ka jhatka was our billu ji. Shivaay gets back to his senses and giving a highly angry ? look does his famous hair move and gives a death stare to Anika before moving his gaze to others. On seeing this the first three words that came out of Anika’s mouth were
Anika: Phail Gaya Raita.
Ki raitaa phailgaya (hoye..)
Ki raitaa phailgaya (hoye..)
Ki raita phail gaya
Ki raita phail gaya
Ki raitaa phail gaya phail gaya
Raita phail gaya..
And she was highly nervous seeing Shivaay’s reaction towards the big mystery revelation.
Next was our poet Omkara who seemed a bit hurt and he ignored Ishu’s horrified expressions and moved his gaze to others and looked every where his eyes ? could see except for Ishu or S SISOO’S and his this move was enough to make Ishu feel guilty who actually became a bit teary eyed but she managed to hide them and she moved her gaze towards the floor as if in search of European mummies.
The last one was the lady killer Rudy who was glaring Soums with utmost anger and disappointment it was then when Karan came near Soums to get her out of her trances. On seeing Karan Rudra became more angry ? but then something striked to his peanut sized brain and he remembered Pragya introducing him as his son and S SISOO’S as her daughter and then he added 2+2=4 and the realisation hit him hard that Karan is Soums brother and not any friend or boyfriend and this was it, at one side he was hell angry ? on Soums and on another side he was hell scared ? of Karan what if in any case he opens up the incident that took place at college few days back but him being scared ? overpowered his anger and he began to tremble a bit and hided himself as much as he could behind Om who was like ‘yeh laadka pagal toh nahi Ho Gaya.’
But this all left Soums thinking ? about Rudra’s reaction on knowing the truth.
And moreover by now all the S SISOO’S were looking at floor just because they had refused to meet the gaze of the three brothers.
Ki raita fail gaya (hoye)
Ki raita fail gaya (hoye)
Ki raita phail gaya
Ki raita phail gaya
Ki raitaa phail gaya phail gaya
Raita phail gaya..
Hungama ho gaya..
This all incident took place for approximately two minutes and then dadi spoke.
Dadi: Aare Anika puttar tum Saab.
As she was also confused ? seeing them there.
Pragya who wasn’t able to understand anything and was equally confused ? asks
Pragya: What happened ma.
Dadi: Pragya, Anika toh billu Ki weeding planar hai. (Pragya, Anika is billu’s weeding planar.)
Abhigya and Karan understand the matter somewhat and Pragya says
Pragya: Ma yeh meri batiyaan bhi hai. (Ma they are my daughters as well.)
Dadi: Aare itna dinno Sa hamari bacchiya hamara ghar mai thi aur huma pata hi nahi chala. (For so many days our daughter’s were in our house only and we didn’t get to know even.)
Anika: Sorry dadi pls forgive us.
Ishu and Soums too join: Sorry dadi.
Ani Ishu Soums together holding their ear and with puppy face : Pls forgive us.
All smile ? at their innocence and dadi hugs them and says it’s ok.
Three of them look at the three brothers who do not respond to their gaze at all.
Karan: Ma I think so it’s time we should start with the aarti.
Pragya and Abhi nod in yes and then all are escorted to the back towards the pandal while the three girls sneek out and take their brother and Abeer along.
Karan: What happened princess’s.
Ani: Raita phail Gaya Bhaiyu.
Karan: What?
Abeer: But I have right now checked the food section every thing was al right especially the raita (mixture of curd and some finely chopped vegetables.) it was perfectly kept in a bowl.

Ani hits her forehead with her palm while Ishu asks him to shut his mouth. Abeer obliges sensing the seriousness in her tone.
Karna: Now will you guys tell me why have you brought us here.
AniIshSoums begin to narrate the entire incident.
After hearing
Karan: You girls should apologize to them .
Ishu: But how they are not even seeing us.
Abeer: After the aarti you guys try to talk with them in person or otherwise we will do something don’t worry ? but let us move towards pandal before they all get mad ? finding us here and there.
All nod in ok and move towards pandal while all the three girls are in deep thoughts.

It is beautiful and set for the aarti with lord Ganpati ji’s idol in the centre of the pandal decorated by flowers ? while the pillars are decorated with both flowers ?and lights. {To all the IB viewers you can imagine it to be similar to the one shown in IB’S second & third episode during Oberoi’s maha aarti}
Pandit ji asks the person who has to perform the aarti should come forward and perform the aarti.
All the four S KIDS come forward and move towards the beautifully decorated huge idol of the lord.
Karan was the first one to take the big and beautifully decorated aarti plate (idk what it is called so sorry) followed by Anika, Ishu and Soums.
Ani and Ishu are to his left while Soums is at his right. Three of them hold it and begin to perform the aarti.
While all the people at the back join their hands.
Deva Shree Ganesha..(x16)
Jwaala si jalti hai aankhon mein jiske bhi
Dil mein tera naam hai
Parwaah hi kya uska aarambh kaisa hai
aur kaisa parinaam hai
Dharti ambar sitaare hai
Uski nazarein utaarein
Darr bhi uss se dara re
Jiski rakhwaliya re
Karta saaya tera
Deva Shree Ganesha..(x8)
Teri bhakti to vardaan hai
Jo kamaaye woh dhanwaan hai
Bin kinare ki kashti hai woh
Deva, Tujhse jo anjaan hai
Yun tto mooshak sawaari teri
Sab pe hai pehredaari teri
Paap ki aandhiyaan laakh ho
Kabhi jyoti na haari teri
Apni taqdeer ka woh, khud sikander huaa re
Bhool ke yeh jahaan re
Jis kisi ne yahaan re
Saath paaya tera..
Deva Shree Ganesha..(x4)
Ho teri dhooli ka teeka kiye
Deva jo bhakt tera jiye
Usey amrit ka hai moh kya
Hans ke vish ka woh pyaala piye
Teri mahima ki chhaaya tale
Kaal ke rath ka pahiyaa chale
Ek chingaari pratishodh se
Khadi ravaan ki lanka jale
Shatruo’n ki qataarein ik akele se haare
Kann bhi parbat huaa re
Shlok bann ke jahaan re
naam aaya tera hey!
Deva shree ganesha..(x8)
They all end the aarti singing:
Ganpati Bappa Moreya
Ganpati Bappa Moreya

After the aarti everyone begins to settle down and talk with each other.

Shivaay is busy with some of his clients(Mr. Mehta) and they are having discussion on stalks.
Anika sees him and comes there
Anika: Hello Mr. Mehta how are you?
Mr. Mehta: Hello Miss. Singhaniya I am good. Nice meeting you.
Anika: Same here Mr. Mehta I hope so you are comfortable here.
Mr. Mehta: Yes Miss. Singhaniya it’s really kind of you.
Shivaay is getting highly irritated by Anika’s interference but he is controlling himself.
Anika: If you don’t mind ? Mr. Mehta may I borrow Mr. Oberoi for sometime.
Mr. Mehta: Ya sure.
Anika: Thank you Mr. Mehta.
As Shivaay is left with no other option he goes from there and Anika follows him but he totally ignores her and gets highly irked seeing Anika follow him as she is just coming behind him, if he moves left she moves left, if he moves right she moves right.
Shivaay in anger turns towards Anika and shouts at her
He high lights MISS. SINGHANIYA with lots of annoyance.
She drags him to a corner and says
Anika: I know that I have hurt you billu ji by hiding my identity but I am really sorry I never realised at that time that this will turn out to be so serious and bad.
Shivaay rudely: When did you ever think about anything before doing it Anika.
Anika: Pls billu ji I am sorry.
Shivaay in super anger: Oh please Anika don’t even think of apologizing because I am not going to forgive you. You call yourself my friend and this is what you do in friendship, you lie to your friends. You are………..
He stops and bangs his fist ? on the wall very hard and Anika moves a little back as she gets really scared ? seeing him in sooooo much anger.
Shivaay leaves the place in anger doing his signature step.

Om is seen talking to someone when a waiter comes
Waiter: Sir your grandmother is calling you.
Om: Ok, where is she.
Waiter directs him.
He goes towards a bit isolated corridor.
Suddenly a hand drags him inside the room. Om gets shocked and sees the person who did this to him and gets shocked + angry ? seeing the person in front of him as the person is none other than Ishu.
Ishu: Pls don’t get angry ? Om, I didn’t mean to hide anything from you and hurt you.
Om in a bit angry ? tone says: Oh really but you have hurt me really badly Ishu.
Ishu: I know that but…

Om cuts her in anger: But what Ishu, you know when Riddhima left me you asked me to celebrate a “BREAK UP PARTY ?” and pls will you tell me now that what I should do now, should I celebrate your lie Ishu. You knew it Ishu that I hate only one thing in life and that is ‘LIE’ but still you lied to me and that to not once but every day.
Ishu even gets a bit angry ? as he pointed at her friendship which was always pure.
Ishu also in anger shouts back: I didn’t lie to you Om I have just hidden the fact that I am a Singhaniya and I don’t think so that it is such a big deal.
Om says holding her shoulders tightly from both his hands
Om: Oh really Ishaana, it might not be a big deal for you but it is a big deal for me.
Saying this he leaves a highly upset Ishu back and goes to Shivaay who is equally devastated on learning the truth.

Rudra was taking out something from car ? when Soums come searching from him and finds him there. Rudra is blabbering in anger to himself.
Rudra: Yeh sumo khud KO kya samhaj ti hai, baadi aayi pehlwan khain Ki.
(What the hell this sumo thinks of herself.)
Soums get angry ? hearing this and lashes back at Rudra instead.
Soums: Oh Mr. Peanut sized brain, what the hell are you blabbering with yourself.
Hearing Soums, Rudra turn towards her and in angry ? tone says
Rudra: It’s none of your business Miss. Fatso, oh sorry sorry I mean Miss. Singhaniya.

He says with sarcasm and she understood it and cooling herself she speaks
Soums: Look Rudra I am really sorry I didn’t want to hide anything from you.
Rudra being really very serious holds Soums from shoulder and pinning her to the car ? speaks

Rudra: Soumya Maina dosti zaaror zabardasti se Ki thi tum Sai magar dosti zaaroor Ki thi. Aur doston Mai na jhoot Ki koi jagah nahi hoti par hamari doosti toh jhoot par hi based hai na. I thought Ki tum meri ek aachi doost toh ban hi Sakti Ho na but I was absolutely wrong, you don’t deserve my friendship at all. I hate you Soumya, I just hate you. Tuma Kisi Ki bhi feelings Ki koi value nahi hai na. Tum laga Ki ek joker hai baas rehna do issa, he won’t have any feelings (All the while Soums is shaking her head in negative while Rudra begins to get teary eyed due to anger.) let him be.
Soums: No Rudra it’s nothing like that I consider you to be a really good friend of mine, pls don’t say all this pls.
Rudra: Shut up Soumya, just shut up.
He leaves her in anger and goes from there leaving a heartbroken and crying ? Soums back.

S SISOO’S to convince O BRO’S in their way.


I hope so guys you liked it pls do tell me weather I was able to bring all the emotions out properly or not.


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