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@leaf 15


@shivaay’s room
after anika leavs
shivaay: aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
he gets up to see what was under him and gets shocked seeing a spring beneath him.
haahaaa haahaaa
he sees towards the person who is laughing 😆 and finds anika there.
anika: haahaaa haahaaa.
shivaay gets angry 😠 but she doesn’t stops laughing 😆. and before shivaay could reach her she runs away, leaving a smiling 😊 shivaay back.

@in hall
dadi, anika, jhanvi and pinky are sitting in the hall discussing about shivaay’s weeding, when shivaay comes and sits there as pinky has called him.
om and ishu come in while ishu is laughing 😆 remembering constable’s face and om is smiling 😊 all the way.
ishu goes and hugs dadi and then anika and greets rest.
anika: tu aaj itni khirr khirr kis khushi mai kar rahi hai.
(why are you laughing 😆 so much today.)
om: anika don’t ask what she did today.
dadi: kun aisa kya kiya isna.
(why what did she do?)
om narrates the entire incident to everyone and they all start laughing 😆, except our billu ji.

pinky: oh my mata, ishaana aaj toh tuna us hawaldaar ki oh my mata hi kar di.
(oh my mata, ishaana today you did oh my mata of that constable.)
om: seriously chotima aapko aaisa lagta hai ki ishaana nai jo kiya vo sahi tha.
(seriously chotima you think what ishaana did was right.)
ishu: oh mr. serious singh oberoi, life ko na itna seriously nahi laita.you should live life king 👑 size and that to on your own terms and conditions.
(oh mr. serious singh oberoi, you should not take life so seriously. you should live life king 👑 size and that to on your own terms and conditions.)
ani : om issa chod yeh toh ek number ki dramabaaz hai.
(om leave her she is a big drama queen 👑.)
ani: ishu toh yahan kun aayi hai.

(ishu why did you come here.)
ishu making a puppy face says
ishu: kya mai aapni di se milna ka liya nahi aa sakti, kun dadi?
(can’t i come to meet my di. then she asks dadi.)
dadi: kun nahi puttar.
(why not dear.)
ishu: dekha di. (did you see di.)
anika hits her head slightly and says : drama queen 👑.
om is all the while smiling 😊 at ishu’s cuteness which is noticed by shivaay.

@outside the college 🏫
karan comes to pick up soums put he bumps into priyanka by mistake.
karan: sorry.
he says it without looking at her and both bend down to pick up priyanka’s books 📚.
then both get up and priyanka clearly sees his face and both together shout: ttuumm (yyoouu)
{{i think so chilana inki family 👪 problem hai😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 }}
priyanka: aap yahan kya kar raha hai? (what areyou doing here?)
she asks a bit 😠 angrily.
karan replies in the same way: none of your business miss.
karan begins to go but then he realises that he doesn’t know where is soums class, so he turns back to priyanka and now with a requesting voice he says
karan : excuse me miss.
priyanka turns to face him.
priyanka: yes.
karan: actually can you tell me where is third year commerce class .
priyanka: second floor, fifth room from right.
karan: thank you 😊.
both begin to go when karan turns again and says
karan: excuse me.
priyanka: yes.
karan: sorry , actually that day i was too rude, so please forgive me for that.
priyanka: it’s ok, no problem 😊. actually in one way you were right as well.
karan: thank you 😊 and bye.
priyanka: bye 🙋.
after this both move to their respective destinations.

karan reaches ground and finds soums there so he goes towards her.
rudra is standing at a distance from soums with his gang around him.
all the girls are just awestruck seeing karan and they are continuously starring him. as karan is looking perfect in his three piece suit , with glares on his eyes 👀 and he is moving with utmost elegance and looking damn handsome in his look and just too classy.
karan reaches soums who was busy in completing her notes and was waiting for someone as every now and then she was seeing here and there.
karan sits beside her and all the girls are shocked seeing this and especially rudra began to see them with ut most attention.
karan speaks to soums

karan: waiting for your boyfriend.
soums who didn’t notice karan gets shocked hearing his voice and looks at him who is passing a smile 😊 to her and after a few minutes she says
soums: yes, mr. singhaniya.
karan: oh, so where is he.
soums: why ? do you want to take his class.
karan: no just want to check whether he is capable of my princess 👸 or not.
soums: oh pls , stop it hann.
just then rumi comes there and soums returns her the register back.
karan: let’s go princess 👸, if you are done.
soums: sure.
bye rumi.
rumi: bye 🙋 soumya.
then karan and soums leave and rumi goes to rudra.
rudra: who was he rumi.
rumi: don’t know, may be her boyfriend, he was calling her princess 👸.
rudra begins to burn hearing to what rumi said and leaves from there asap.

@oberoi estate
om’s room cum work area
ishu is seeing all his artworks kept their very keenly when riddhima comes there and sees ishu. ishu notice’s riddhima and says
ishu: hi 🙋 riddhima, waiting for om.
riddhima: hi ishaana, well where is om.
ishu: he went out and would be coming in a while 😊.
om enters and greets riddhima by side hugging her.
om: so guys what’s going on.
ishu: planning to kidnap you.
om: bad joke ishaana.
ishu laughs a bit and says
ishu: sorry.

om: so how come you are here riddhima, anything special.
riddhima: no nothing much om, just like that thought to meet you in person.
after a while tej enters om’s room.
om: what are you doing here mr. oberoi.
tej: om if you will say dad sometime nothing wrong will happen.
ishu was about to leave the place silently but om stops her.
om: no need to leave ishaana.
ishu stays back silently but is not comfortable being there as she doesn’t want to interfere in their family 👪 matters.
om: pls mr. oberoi come to the point.
tej: sign these papers.

om: what are these about.
tej: i have thought of starting an ngo, these papers are regarding that, as i want you to handle it.
om: oh really mr. oberoi. i don’t believe you.
om takes the papers from him and gives them to riddhima and asks her to check them.
riddhima: they are perfectly fine om, you can sign them.
om signs the papers without reading himself and gives them to tej.
ishu felt bad seeing this.

after a while ani and ishu leave to their house, where they discuss about their day with their siblings and then retire to bed.


@next day
anika come to do the preparations and ishu comes to meet om, who has genuinely refused to go out with ishu after that constable incident, so he had called her to his place to show his painting and sculptures , so that she doesn’t forces him to take her out.

dadi: billu mera ek kaam kar.
(do my work billu.)
shivaay: ji dadi.
dadi: go with anika to mishra ji’s shop and finalise the cards for engagement.
shivaay: but why with anika.
dadi: vahi toh cards select karagi aur nahi toh tu karaga.
(she will only select the cards or would you select them.)
shivaay having no option left asks anika to accompany him.
anika agrees and goes with him.

shivaay and anika are going and anika is feeling really bored so she switches on the radio.

@another car 🚗.
a car is seen following shivaay’s car 🚗.

@shivaay’s car 🚗
shivaay tries applying break when he realises that breaks are not working.
anika sees him and asks
anika: billu ji aap gaadi ka saath kushti kun laad raha hain.
(billu ji why are you playing wrestling with car.)
shivaay in a serious tone.
shivaay: anika car breaks are failed.
anika: ohh…… (then suddenly she realises what he said , so she shouts.) kya? (what?)

shivaay: relax anika.
anika: relax kahan ka relax kaisa relax kis ka relax. aap ka dimaag toh thik hai, app mujhe kaha raha ho ki gaadi ka break fail hai aur chahata ho ki mai relax karo. aap pagal toh nahi ho gaya billu ji.( relax what kind of relax which type of relax at one side you are saying that breaks are failed and on other side you are asking me to relax. are you mad 😠 billu ji.)
shivaay: stop panicking anika.

*pre recap:
what will happen to shivaay and anika???

thank you 😊
lot’s of love ❤ and good wishes.
keep smiling 😊
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