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He had feelings, he loved me. He really did. There’s no doubt in that. I always thought this and I respected him so much for the love he gave me. I know this comes out of nowhere but I have to say this. His face, was attractive, not in a way you think but it had that kind of power to just make heads turn over. His face was so much interesting. Really it was. I often observed him when he wouldn’t notice and I tried so hard to know what was going on inside that head of his. What was he thinking? Was he thinking about me?
There are happy memories too. There are always some, aren’t they?
Time has drowned it all.

One fine sunny day, we planned to go swimming. He didn’t know how to swim. He was afraid to go to the deeper part and the story behind his fear made me roll with laughter. Can you believe it, the tall, charming Mr. Malhotra was afraid to go the deeper part because he feared that sharks would come out of nowhere and eat him up!
God that was hilarious, like hilarious with six-‘a’s.

So anyway, we jumped in the pool. Oops,mistake! I jumped in the pool, he carefully stepped down the stairs leading to the blue cold water.
So once inside the pool, I decided to teach him how to swim. Actually I wanted to him to kick this silly fear out of his mind. So here is how it happened:
I knew that he already knew the movements so I just wanted him to stretch in water and start swimming. So I waited for him to start. He does.

And you have to really clap for the distance he covered. He covers barely one inch because he stretches and thinks to start but he is already ‘drowning’ according to him. So I just looked towards him with a bored look on my face as he moves his hand and legs frantically and well, kinda maniacally.
” Ahh save me! Save me! I am drowning. Somebody save me!’ He shouted and I couldn’t help but think how could a man as tall as him drown in a depth of merely four feet.
I was just lost in finding the logic only when he moved towards me with great force. I couldn’t defend myself and his bare torso touch my body and his hand held mine. He was still shouting.
I came back to my senses and hit him on the head. ” Stupid, how can you drown in four feet? I am standing and I know so can you.”

He didn’t listen to me and with great efforts managed to reach the boundary.
There was so much fun. No barriers of trust. No silly fights. No possessiveness or obsessiveness.

Just the real us. No pretending. No hiding. Just us as we wanted it.
I wish we could go back to being that way. Oblivious of the world and forming a world of our own where there would be no complications and no persuasion. Just the cool water and our calm selves. But time huh. This time has an old enmity with me. It just isn’t ready to allow me to jump into its depths and go back to the beautiful memories. Time has drowned it all.

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