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Hello everyone… Extremely sorry for being late… This one is very long but important… The flashbacks end here…but I can’t guarantee you that they won’t be back…thank you so much…nd there’s one thing I want to say- I know u ppl have been waiting for them to unite or their love story to start…but the plot of the story is greater than that…I mean…it was never meant to be a typical love story..I hope u understand what I mean to say ..!
Thank you so much for bearing till now..nd giving ur love nd support..
Here I bring to you..



Now type two people, there’s something interesting for you I think. Now we have reached the ending. I have tried and justified both the sides and I can’t do more.
Is it the end?
Now misunderstandings were more than ever before, talks were so less as they never had been, we were grown apart even though we didn’t want it. At least I didn’t.
He found my talks boring. I mean not that he didn’t ever listen to me. Its just that, he just listened to the part he wanted to hear. I had told him certain times already that let’s finish this relationship drama but he would always persuade me not to. Over the months, the urge from my side grew even more. I wanted that same Shravan Malhotra whom I met back. I wanted my friend back. I never friend zoned him if you think that. Its just that friendship doesn’t have this commitment and complications. There, love doesn’t complicate things. Instead it provides beauty to it.
So, one day I once again told him, ” Let’s finish this up.” And I expected the same answer and persuading.
” Okay.” And the bomb dropped. I didn’t expect that coming. I took him for granted. Anyway just as he was turning to go I said, ” Wait!”
I stood in front of him and forwarded my hand. He shook it and went away leaving me shaking with the effect of the current his touch had on me.
Yes, this was it. Nothing sympathetic but real. This is what happened. We finally let go. And more than me what mattered was that ‘ he finally let go.’

But the story doesn’t end here. What I hadn’t expected from him was that he would let go of everything, even our friendship. I wanted this relationship drama to end. I didn’t want to loose my friend, in fact my best friend. The next day when I met him, he was behaving strangely with me and when I ask him the reason, he says,” That’s what you wanted right? You wanted everything to end.”
” Everything didn’t include our friendship Shravan.” I tried explaining him. But all I know is that, I never could. Maybe he was just to annoyed, just too tired and he had had enough. I was deeply shocked and shook up. See, I told I didn’t know what would happen when this would end. And the unexpected happened. Everything changed overnight. I lost him. It has been almost 8 months. And in these 8 months, I have taken many desperate measures to get him back, not the man who loved me but the man who was my friend. He didn’t listen to me even once. At times he pretended to listen just to get rid of me. I have tried and tried but he paid no heed to me. If you were thinking he got cancer and is dead or something, its not so. Here we aren’t in a world of movies, this is real. This is reality. He has been there always and his is a face which both haunts and calms me. I still didn’t tell him how much he mattered to me. Would everything change if I would? If you are thinking yes, then I am sorry to say but you are wrong. There would just be slight correction in the sentence and nothing much. Things would ‘temporarily’ change because in a relationship like ours, we are meant to grow apart because we will never get the love we expect from each other.
So yeah, 8 months and countless tries but nothing. If you expect him to be depressed or something, I don’t think so he is showing it. Because as for the world, he has had two relationships in the past two months ( one of which is still going on). He has moved on and he has surprised me by doing so. I am happy that I didn’t make him another Adi but somewhere deep down, it pains. It pains to see someone else with my share of love. But I know that I was right. I was right in not telling him. Many of you may disagree but if you can, then understand as I always say, ‘ my side of the story’.

You know, ‘When two types of love battle so that one of them can prevail, there are only 5% chances that there would be adjustments. But mostly, there would be destruction.’ And we both were not the kind of people who made adjustments. He was not.

I do not hate him and I know even he doesn’t hate me. We both respect each other and the respect would never go.
Do you recall me telling that I had a diary?
And I threw it. Well it wasn’t a diary, it had everything of our relationship. I threw it when once, he was just not ready to listen to me even though I kept calling him. He dismissed me with his hand. I felt so damn angry that I directly went to the dustbin and threw my diary. That dismissal was a push. It was needed. I wanted to get rid of the diary. And he helped me again.
And if it matters to you, let me tell you, that the next time I talked to him about that incident, he said ” Sorry.” He said he didn’t mean to. I must say, it had the innocence I craved for but the bitter memories that I hated.

So, hello everyone. I am Suman Kashyap and this is my story. I am haunted by the man whom I love. I let go of the man of my dreams only to find him wandering back there.

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