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No matter what I do it’s never good enough because I always end up hurting u (A devakshi ff) part 9

Hi guys, Rithika here,
As u all know my exams are on so I can’t post that regularly so sorry I’m back with part 9 Hope this epi is long enough

Let’s start…
Natasha observed Sona and Rithwick together when all they meet etc etc finally she finds out the exact timings and places they meet. Finally one day
Natasha : Hi Dev
Dev : I have no time I have to leave
Natasha smirks
Natasha : But Sona has no time for u she is in cafe coffee day with Rithwick
Dev just ignores her and leaves
Natasha : He ignored me but he’ll surely check
Natasha was right he did go and check and he saw Sona hugging Rithwick
Sona : Ur the best Rithwick
Dev sees this but he knew they were best friends so he went casually
Dev : Hi Sona hi Rithwick
Just then Rithwick gets a call and goes
Sona : Y ur so late
Dev : Nothing

Everyday would go like this Natasha putting a doubt in Dev’s mind for Sona till their wedding day so much doubt against Sona he couldn’t bear it anymore he came very late to the hall all the guest
Sona : Dev …….what happened….so late
Dev pushes Sona
Sona : Dev….wh…what r ….u doing
Tears came out of Sona’s eyes
Dev : Don’t touch me
Sona : First tell what happened…
Dev : What u mean what happened………all this time u were only acting to love me how can u Sona…..u know I love u the most right………..how…how can u do this
Everyone is in a shock especially Sona
Sona : Ho….how can u say this Dev ….it’s all a lie
She holds his shoulder and he pushes her again and leaves angrily. Sona locks herself and keeps crying in her room alone for so many days just crying one day Nandani goes to her room through the window and sees her lying unconscious on the floor
Nandani : Sona…… Sona tu teek toh hai…mein bhi kaisa sawal kar rahi hoon
She calls Rithwick
Rithwick : Bol kya hai…….what??? I’ll come
He reaches Sona’s house
Rithwick : Nandu Sona ko kya huwa
Nandani : Pata nahi woh kahi dino se andar akele bet rahi thi aaj mein khidki se ayi toh ye aise mili…….chal hospital chal te hein
Rithwick carries Sona to the hospital after few hours
Doctor : She fine now but tell has she faced any really sad thing or something like that
Rithwick and Nandani look at each other
Doctor : It’s ok u can tell me
They finally tell what happened

Doctor : Oh ok that’s y she has gone under depression do what so ever but do not remind her of this incident u can take her
Rithwick : Nandu u take Sona home I have some work
Rithwick reaches Dev’s office and barges in his cabin
Dev : Can’t u knock and enter
Rithwick : Oh I’m no mood to knock anyone’s door only because of u Sona is in that condition…….she has never been this sad in her whole life…for ur kind info Mr. Dev Dixit she does not love me her one and only love was u…….because of u she has gone under depression ……becau……Oh never mind this is enough for the day I’ll leave
He turns to leave but stops near the door
Rithwick : Even she does not love me I would never leave her in the situation u did
He leaves from there Dev feels really ashamed
Dev : Because of me Sona…….
He goes to Sona’s house he rings the bell Nandani opens the door and shuts it seeing Dev
Nandani : Get lost from here
Dev leaves sadly

Dev : I’ve done so much with u how can u forgive me

thanks for reading
Hope it was long enough
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