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No matter what I do it’s never good enough because I always end up hurting u (A devakshi ff) part 8

Hi guys, Rithika here,
I hope I’m not late..
Let’s start..
Dev : Do I love her…….maybe yes because I always think about her……I really don’t know…….or maybe yes
Dev gets excited
Dev : I’m coming my lady love to tell u how much I love u
Next night as Sona is about to leave for Mumbai
Sona : Han ma mein aa rahi hoon kal subha pohuch jaaongi
Asha : Mumbai pohuchte hi phone karana
Sona : Ok bye

She cuts the call and gets Nandani’s call just then
Nandani : Hi So tu sach mein ja rahi toh cafe coffee day aa mein tujse milna chati hoon
Sona : Ok aa rahi hoon
She cuts the call and on the other side
Nandani : All the best Dev!
Dev : Thanks Nandani
Nandani : Call me Nandu
Dev : Ok Nandu
They laugh. In the cafe Sona enters and is shocked to see it so dark
Sona : Nandu where r u…….Nand……
Just then Dev appears
Sona : Dev u here
Dev : I love u
Sona got happy but..


Sona : (thinks)Control Sona control remember what Mr. Obhodro said”I can do anything for my mom” kahi yeh bhi koi natak hai toh
Sona : Please stop Dev I need to go
Dev : U can’t make fun of my love like this
Sona : Dev this is no time for joking I’ll miss my flight
Sona leaves but Dev pulled her towards him
Dev : I know u love me too just accept it
Sona could no longer control and hugged him tightly
Sona : I love u too
He hugs her back
Dev : Y did u take long to tell u know if u would have gone to mumbai what would I do
Sona : Miss me what else
She laughs
Dev : Sona please
They both sit in one corner of the cafe and start talking openly but Sona’s phone ring
Sona : It is the call from the Mumbai hospital
She picks it up
Sona : Ok fine……it’s ok
Dev : What happened
Sona : Job cancel

Dev : Ok so what will u tell aunty and Nandu
Sona : That u pulled my hand and made me sit beside u
Dev : Perfect!
They both laugh. Sona calls Asha
Sona : Ma job cancel ho gaya
Asha : Toh Mumbai
Sona : Sorry ma mein phir kabhi aongi
Asha : Ok
She cuts the call and Dev hugs her from behind
Sona : Leave me Dev
Dev : What r plans for today
Sona : Umm going to my home and sleeping
Dev frowns. Few weeks pass Dev gets a relation from a very big house the Gujrals but rejects because he loves Sona and Natasha gets offended so she plans evil things for Sona
I know this is very short sorry but it’s cz of exams
Thanks for reading
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